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Senior Capstone. MCS/HFP. What is Capstone. A Four-Part Project Paper Portfolio Product Presentation. How do I pick a project?. The High School Capstone Project is one of the most important assignments of your high school career. Select a topic that interests you!. Pre-planning.

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What is capstone
What is Capstone

  • A Four-Part Project





How do i pick a project
How do I pick a project?

  • The High School Capstone Project is one of the most important assignments of your high school career.

  • Select a topic that interests you!

Pre planning

  • Think about all the things you are interested in.

  • Think of things you would like to do, learn, understand, see, improve, create, or experience.

    You have One Week to get your ideas together!

Your project must
Your project must…

  • be a personal stretch and challenge

  • Take a minimum of 25 hours outside of class time to complete

  • be approved by your Capstone School Committee and by your parents

  • be an individual project - no group or collaborative projects

Sample topic
Sample Topic

  • Project Topic

    Harlem Renaissance

  • Paper Topic

    Impact of Harlem Renaissance on African American history

  • Products/Performances

    Oral interpretation performance of Langston Hughes’ poetry

Sample topic1
Sample Topic

  • Project Topic


  • Paper Topic

    Characteristics of southern Develop artifacts for a southern cuisine

  • Product

    Develop artifacts for a southern cuisine restaurant including advertisement, signage, menu, and sample dishes

Unacceptable projects
Unacceptable projects

  • No stretch or challenge: biography report, babysitting your niece, creating a family photo album

  • Group or collaborative projects

  • Illegal or immoral activities

Unacceptable projects1
Unacceptable projects

  • Partial work - If you say you are going to write a novel, you may not turn in only three chapters with a promise to finish the novel during your college years.

  • This product can not be judged in its incomplete form.

Research paper minimum requirements
Research Paper Minimum Requirements

  • Your paper must…

  • Be typed.

  • Be a at least 7-10 pages, excluding the title page or works cited page.

  • Have a cover page that identifies the title, student, English teacher, and date.

  • Use a minimum of ten resources; students encouraged to use Tennessee Electronic Library.

Your paper must
Your paper must…

  • Be properly formatted with one-inch margins, double spacing, and twelve-point Times New Roman font.

  • Use accurate MLA in-text citations and works cited page.

  • Use charts and graphs when appropriate, but no decorative clipart or drawings. This is a serious scholarly paper.

  • Be stapled in the upper left-hand corner.

Product performance minimum requirements
Product/Performance Minimum Requirements

  • Your product must:

  • Be a physical, tangible product or a videotape of your performance

  • Be an extension of your research

  • Be high quality and reflect time and effort as documented in your Project Log

  • Be a demonstration of your learning stretch

Your portfolio must include
Your portfolio must include…

  • Cover Page: word processed, to be inserted in front of the binder

  • Letter of Introduction to your Capstone Review Panel members

  • Table of Contents

  • Capstone Letter of Intent

  • Capstone Parental Permission Form

Your portfolio must include1
Your portfolio must include…

  • Capstone Project Approval Form

  • Capstone Research Documentation (Sources and Notes)

  • Capstone Research Paper - clean copy

  • Capstone Project Log (25 hour minimum)

  • Annotated Bibliography

  • Capstone Product or Performance Documentation (digital photographs, DVD, etc.)

Your portfolio must include2
Your portfolio must include…

  • Capstone Presentation Outline

  • Capstone Presentation Practice Feedback Form

  • Capstone Project Reflection Worksheet

  • Capstone Reflection

  • Capstone Portfolio Checklist

Presentation minimum requirements
Presentation Minimum Requirements

  • Your presentation must:

  • Be approximately15-20 minutes in length including a question and answer period.

  • Include your product to provide physical evidence of your accomplishments.

  • Address not only the project and the research, but challenge(s) along your project journey that led to your personal and academic growth.

How should i dress
How should I dress?

  • You should follow your teacher’s guidelines on dress for your Capstone presentation. Neatly styled hair and clean, pressed clothes are important. School uniforms are certainly appropriate.

When is capstone due
When is Capstone Due?


March 2014

How do i pace myself
How do I pace myself?

  • August: Narrow down topic

  • September: Gather Sources and Take Notes

  • October: Work on Outline and Begin paper

  • November: Work on Portfolio and Work on Draft

  • December: Finish Draft

  • January: Finish Paper, Finish on Portfolio, and Start on Presentation and Product

  • February: Finish Presentation and Product

  • March: Final Touches

Personal reflection
Personal Reflection

  • What changes will I need to make to my work/study habits in order to get through Capstone?

  • On what days will I have the most amount of time to devote to Capstone?