the cousins of destruction n.
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The Cousins of Destruction

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The Cousins of Destruction. Austin Taggatz [Brazil] & Raven Milner. THE QUESTION!!!!!. How would people react if we dressed up like WWE superstar Kane?. Abstract.

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the cousins of destruction

The Cousins of Destruction

Austin Taggatz [Brazil] & Raven Milner.

the question
  • How would people react if we dressed up like WWE superstar Kane?
  • Kane is a wrestler in the WWE, he is known as the big red machine for his size and strength. We got this idea because part of his act is that he’s horribly disfigured and has to wear a mask and people treat him differently because he wears the mask. We wanted to see if we wore a mask if people treated us differently!
  • We believed that some people would walk the other way if they saw someone dressed as Kane walking toward them, and we believed that some people would ask why we were wearing masks, or if someone was a hardcore wrestling fan they would say “Hey look its Kane junior.” (since we are not nearly as tall as Kane)
experimental procedure
Experimental Procedure
  • Our plan was to have Raven wear the Kane mask around Washburn High School on April 28th, 2011. Raven would wear it for the whole day while I took pictures and watch for peoples reactions and write down how they reacted. Then on April 29th, 2011 Raven didn't’t wear the mask at all and we wanted to see if we got any reactions at all by acting normally. We could easily repeat it and we could use other masks next time!
controlled variable
Controlled Variable
  • The controlled variable was Raven acting the way he usually does. He did nothing out of the ordinary and didn’t wear a mask.
experimental variable
Experimental Variable
  • Raven wore the mask and lowered his voice a little bit [while wearing the masks] and in the hallways would occasionally do Kane’s taunts that he does while wrestling.
  • Our hypothesis was wrong. We thought people would walk the other direction thinking Raven was a serial killer. That was proved wrong and people were actually interested in the mask. The thing that could of gone better was people actually tore the mask off and threw it across the room and one teacher took it away.
further research
Further Research
  • To further our research, we could wear different masks like: Phantom of the Opera, Darth Vader, Ghost, Grim Reaper, etc. We think this relates to animal behavior because we see peoples reactions to the mask, which resulted in reactions in fear, interest and laughter.