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Welcome to Biology!

Welcome to Biology!. Science Fact of the Day: The world's smallest rodent is Pygmy Jerboa - measuring only a couple of inches in length - and can run as fast as a horse. Pygmy Jerboa. About Me. I am Ms. Jones—your Biology teacher This is my 3rd year at Haltom (Go Buffs!!)

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Welcome to Biology!

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  1. Welcome to Biology!

  2. Science Fact of the Day:The world's smallest rodent is Pygmy Jerboa - measuring only a couple of inches in length - and can run as fast as a horse. Pygmy Jerboa

  3. About Me • I am Ms. Jones—your Biology teacher • This is my 3rd year at Haltom (Go Buffs!!) • I love science I was a chemistry major for 2 years at KU before I switched to psychology, which I got my degree in • I have a research endorsement from my university

  4. What I did this summer…

  5. Some Other Pictures

  6. Supplies for Class • The required 2’ binder (for all core classes) • Paper • Spiral –I got this • Pencil/pen • Highlighter • Kleenex • Paper towels

  7. Entering Class • Get all of your supplies (pencil, binder, etc.) • Sit in your assigned seat • Start your bellwork • Have your phone put away **This should be done BEFORE bell**

  8. Expectations • B –Be sure to receive permission to handle things that are not yours • U—Use materials appropriately • F—Follow directions the first time • F—Food and drink put away • S—Stay school appropriate

  9. Technology Expectations

  10. Consequences • 1st time—verbal warning • 2nd time—verbal warning or discussion with teacher in hall • 3rd time—15-30 min. teacher d-hall • 4th time—office referral • **Some things are 3rd/4th level offenses automatically. ***

  11. Exiting Class • Clean your area • Be in your assigned seat • Wait to be dismissed by teacher **7th period stack stools**

  12. HHS Bell Schedule 2013-2014

  13. Name Game • We’re going to go around the room and the 1st person will say their name and their favorite animal that starts with the same letter of their name. The next person will do the same and say the name/animal of the person before them. • Ex. Person 1: Emily Elephant • Person 2: Andrew Anaconda, Emily Elephant • Person 3: Marco Monkey, Andrew Anaconda, Emily Elephant

  14. Day 2

  15. Science Journal • Put your name, biology, and Ms. Jones on the front cover in sharpie • Number every page front and back (1-140) in pen on the top right corner

  16. Science Fact of the Day:The Atlantic Giant Squid's eye can be as large as 15.75 inches (40 centimeters) wide. It is the largest eye of any animal.

  17. Syllabus—look at sections on desk with meIf you want a copy let me know; otherwise it’s on my website 

  18. Restroom Policy • You may not leave the first 10 minutes or last 10 minutes of class • You may not leave during direct instruction • You may not leave during Buff Time • Otherwise, ask permission, sign the sheet, hand in your phone, and take the pass

  19. REDO POLICY * Any grade of 69 or belowMUSTbe redone within 5 school days (unless at end of 6 weeks)* The maximum possible grade will be an 80% *In order to qualify to re-do an assignment, you must demonstrate effort on your original work

  20. Tutorial Schedule

  21. Grading • 8 daily/3-4 test per six weeks • I’ll give you 9 daily and drop the lowest • HOMEWORK!!!! • Projects (test grade) • Tests will cover all information since previous test. ~10% of test questions will be frequently missed questions from prior tests • “130” questions

  22. EOC • You must pass the biology EOC to receive credit for this course • It is one of the required EOCs to pass for graduation!

  23. IDs • must be worn on a lanyard around the neck at all times while in the building • picture, name, school year and grade level must be visible without writings or stickers on that side of the ID

  24. Quiz Time • How many days do you have to make up absent work? • When can you start paying your $3 lab fee? • When can you go to the restroom? • When can you have your phone out? • Does charging your phone count as having it out? • Why is biology awesome? **last year’s students**

  25. Direct Instruction CHAMP

  26. Cornell Notes:

  27. What the heck are Cornell Notes, anyway? The Cornell note-taking system is a note-taking system devised in the 1950s by Walter Pauk, an education professor at Cornell University. Pauk advocated its use in his best-selling book How to Study in College. The Cornell method provides a systematic format for condensing and organizing notes.

  28. What the heck do Cornell Notes Look Like?

  29. They are broken down like this…

  30. Some Examples….

  31. And some More examples…

  32. Essential Question Name Date What yours will look like for this class Supporting Details Lists Definitions Bullet Points Supporting Questions Or Main Topics Summary/quick write. You are describing the lesson in your own words

  33. Some common note taking abbreviations(save yourself some time!!)

  34. Time to Practice! =-) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JiLb0I90pLQ&list=UUU0fdIYIYgSxez22SiA4FKA

  35. Cornell Notes • You will take notes in Cornel Style for this class (all homework videos) • To set up your page: follow the diagram on the board • It’s ok to write phrases, abbreviations, etc. • common abbreviations: (see pdf on website) • You can do the main idea first or second • We’ll do the summary in class the next day

  36. Two Truths and a Lie • On the index card I give you write 2 true statements and a lie (and your name) • In any order, don’t label them, try to be tricky • Once they’re in, we’ll try and guess your lie. 

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