new horizon english book 2 unit 1 symbols of culture n.
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New Horizon English Book 2 Unit 1 Symbols of Culture PowerPoint Presentation
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New Horizon English Book 2 Unit 1 Symbols of Culture

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New Horizon English Book 2 Unit 1 Symbols of Culture - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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New Horizon English Book 2 Unit 1 Symbols of Culture. Content. Leading-in Exploring Reading through Background information Studying through Understanding questions Assignments Reading More Questions Practical writing. Leading in. Buildings can be symbols of culture.

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  • Leading-in
  • Exploring
  • Reading through
  • Background information
  • Studying through
  • Understanding questions
  • Assignments
  • Reading More
  • Questions
  • Practical writing

Leading in

  • Buildings can be symbols of culture.
  • Look at these pictures:
  • What are they?
  • Can they remind you of something?
words for reference
Words for reference
  • McDonald’s
  • the Imperial Palace
  • Forbidden City
  • Disneyland
  • The Eight-power Allied Forces
  • Dynasty
  • Emperor
  • Fast food
  • McDonald’s is the world’s leading fast food service retailer. So far, it has more than 30,000 restaurants in 119 countries serving 46 million customers each day.
  • Nowadays, not only McDonald’s but also some other fast food restaurants are getting more and more popular.
  • Why is it so?
discussion questions
Discussion questions
  • 1. What’s your favorite fast food restaurant?
  • McDonald’s
  • KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken)
  • Pizza Hut
  • 2. Why do you like to go to KFC & McDonald’s?

fast, save time, food is great, cheap, foreign feeling, environment

reading through
Reading through
  • Background information
  • The first McDonald’s restaurant was a drive-in venture opened by Richard"Dick" McDonald (February 16, 1909 - July 14, 1998) and Maurice "Mac" McDonald (died in 1971) in 1940 which only sold hamburgers and French fries.
In 1954, Ray Kroc, partnered with the brothers, and within a few years turned their small restaurant into a huge franchise (特许经营企业)that would later become the McDonald's Corporation.

New McDonald’s

Although Kroc turned McDonald's into a global giant, its guiding principles remained largely unchanged from those the McDonald brothers had devised in 1948.
  • The world’s largest McDonald’s is in Vinita, Oklahoma.
studying through
Studying through
  • Language points:


1. French fries = fries 炸薯条

2. southern a.南方的

south n.南方

3. golden (referring to color)金色的

gold (referring to quality)金质的 

4. danger n.危险

dangerous a. 危险的

5. destroy: 毁坏

damage: 损坏

6. location n.位置

locate vt.位于

7. drive-thru: drive through

8. afford: v.(通常与can, be able



9. amountn.数量

vi.(amount to)达到

10. hamburger n.汉堡包


1. tear down 拆毁

2. in danger of 处于危险之中

3. agree with 意见一致,同意

4. line of thinking/thought 思路、想法

5. afford to do 花得起

6. close down (使)停业

7. have nothing to do with


8. make sense 有道理

9. stop…from 阻止

10. even so 尽管如此

11. take away 带走;拿走;拆毁

understanding questions
Understanding questions
  • 1. Where was the oldest McDonald’s located?
  • 2. What will the McDonald’s do to the first McDonald’s? Why?
  • 3. Why do many people don’t like this idea?
answers to the questions
Answers to the questions

1. It is located in the southern

California city of Downey.

2. They will tear down the oldest McDonald’s, because they think that it was damaged in an earthquake, that the restaurant is losing money and there is no room for a drive-thru window, or for seating inside.

3. If they destroy the restaurant, they will destroy people’s memories. It can be repaired.

  • Read the text aloud after class.
  • Recite the last paragraph of the text.
  • Prepare the question:

What part do you agree with, the McDonald’s or the people who are against them?

  • Finish the exercises.
reading more
Reading more
  • Before reading the text, get

familiar with these words and



theme n.主题

purchasen. & vt.购买

capital n.首都


provide 提供




by-product 副产品

opposev.反对 (oppose to)



treatment 对待,待遇

murdern. & vt.谋杀


positive a.肯定的,积极的




rush out: 赶紧出去

make a trip/trips to: 旅游

anything but: 根本不

more than a little: 非常

of the worst kind: 最糟糕的

at work: 在起作用

be opposed to: 反对

in detail: 详细地

sort of: 有一点

play out: 演出

long before: 早在…以前

be quick to do something: 很快做(某事)

Difficult points:
  • The company deepened its

claim on American culture:

The company increased its influence on America.

  • The world of Disney is becoming anything but small.

The influence of Disney is becoming far from small.

  • At the end of this road lies cultural uniformity of the worst kind.

If people continue doing so, the world’s culture will lose its varieties.


1. What rare thing did the

Walt Disney Company do last


2. In what ways are people influenced by Disney?

3. According to Professor Bloom, what will happen if people continue to be influenced by Disney in such a way?

4. According to the text, what’s wrong with Disney films?

5. What is the main idea of the text?

answers to questions
Answers to questions

1. It admitted that their plan to build another park in Virginia failed.

2. People eat Disney food, love to see Disney films and visit Disneyland and Disney World.

3. People will find themselves in the same culture all over-Disney’s culture.

4. Some films are not true to the history.

5. Disney is the symbol of American culture, though some people don’t like it.

practical writing
Practical Writing
  • Invitation letters
writing suggestions
Writing Suggestions
  • Though there are different forms of an invitation, there are common things of them. When you write an invitation, please notice the following points.
  • 1. Who invites?
  • 2. Who is invited?
  • 3. To what occasion?
  • 3. Date
  • 4. Time
  • 5. Place
finish this invitation card based on the information given below in chinese
Finish this invitation card based on the information given below in Chinese.
  • 谨定于1月18日(星期五)晚7时在建国路120号402室举行晚宴。恭请张先生和夫人光临。
  •                 孙志伟

Mr. Sun Zhiwei

Requests the pleasure of


company at ____________

on __________, the _____ of _____

at _______o’clock _______

at _______________________