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Devolution in Action: GM PowerPoint Presentation
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Devolution in Action: GM

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Devolution in Action: GM

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Devolution in Action: GM

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  1. Devolution in Action: GM Robin Lawler Chief Executive Northwards Housing

  2. Greater Manchester Strategy: Stronger Together Updated and re-positioned 2013 reflects the economic challenges we now face greater focus on public service reform agenda stronger on delivery and implementation stronger on delivery and implementation Originally developed in 2009 • informed by the Manchester Independent Economic Review’s (MIER) evidence base • aligned all partners behind priorities • strategic framework for policy and decision making • pitch to Government

  3. Stronger Together: priorities

  4. GM Growth and Reform Plan • A plan that brings together the two policy themes of growth and reform • Seeking a new relationship with Government to enable GM authorities undertake their place-shaping role to: - create high quality places that will attract and retain more productive people and businesses; and - reform the way that public services are delivered to improve outcomes for our people • Devolution of significant additional functional and fiscal responsibilities

  5. Evolving governance arrangements • An appointed Interim Mayor, as an 11th member of the CA, in place – June 2015 – Tony Lloyd (former Manchester Central MP/PCC) • Legislation to create the role of a directly elected Mayor • First elections in May 2017 – Andy Burnham elected • Chair of the GMCA and Cabinet – different from London • 10 Leaders with portfolio responsibilities allocated by the Mayor • Devolution of some new responsibilities is possible without legislation and will be passed to the GMCA immediately e.g. Housing Investment Fund • Others dependent on the implementation of the city region Mayoral model (e.g. GM Spatial Framework) • On public service issues the GMCA members and the Mayor will each have one vote • The directly elected Mayor required to consult the GMCA Cabinet on strategies and spending plans – a two thirds majority can reject

  6. Why Devolution? • Devolution on its own is meaningless • Devolved powers are a means to an end, not an end in itself • Clear high level vision, aim and purpose that can be bought into by communities and politicians • GM geography and its history of collaboration is a massive benefit in being able to share a common purpose • Stable and strong political leadership supported by visionary executive leadership

  7. GM Housing Providers • 86 housing providers in GM • Social housing stock in GM – 250,000 homes with £1bn pa turnover • 25 HPs are active in GMHP • 25k jobs (direct and indirect) • 3 ALMOs – 2 full district (Bury & Stockport) • - 1 partial (Northwards in MCR) • Wigan – 1 LA directly managed housing stock • GM Housing Providers group been operating for 3 years • Unified and unifying voice for providers • Memorandum of Understanding- signed off in May 2016 by Partners and endorsed by GM Public Services Reform Board

  8. Memorandum Of Understanding • Comprehensive Ask & Offer Document • Twin Focus: - on Growth & Housing Supply - on Public Service Reform • PSR covers: health; complex dependency; crime & policing; employment & training; poverty; low carbon & place • MOU facilitates continuing dialogue with GMCA about future function & form of social housing •

  9. Place-Based Working • GMHP setting clear & measurable outputs • Quantifying impacts sector already does and can deliver • 3 levels of place: • Neighbourhood • Localities (boroughs & districts) • GM • Place-Based Pilots in Wigan (Platt Bridge) & Tameside (Hyde) – others in 8 LAs

  10. Opportunities from Devo • Devolved budgets to GMCA- particularly health • New commissioning arrangements • Greater Collaboration- scale up • Improved Efficiency and greater VfM • Aligning (not pooling) resources • Collaborative vehicles- MCR Athena • Collaborative Bidding- NEDO, Employee Ownership of Skills, Motiv8 (Lottery), Apprentice Levy • GM Leaders Programme • Place-based is what HPs do!

  11. Challenges of Devo • Understanding Devo Agenda • principles are fine • devil is in detail • different expectations • Speaking with unified voice • Working at right level in GM with right people • Maintaining district/LA working whilst supporting GM programmes – some HPs operate across GM & NW • Austerity- LA funding cuts; £1bn. Health efficiencies; rent reduction; welfare reform; enforced sales?

  12. Collaboration with GMCA • HP representation on: • Public Service Reform Board • Housing & Planning Commission • Low Carbon Hub Board • Work & Skills Board • Influencing GM Health Plan, 10 Locality Plans & development of 10 local care organisations • GMHP Delivery- MCR Athena

  13. How are Housing Providers working with GMCA on Health & Care Devolution? • GM Wide: • Through Public Service Reform Board • Encouraging new commissioning models • Engaging with Association of Commissioning Groups • Shaping Strategic Health Plan • LA Level: • Members of some Health and Well-being Boards • Involved in developing Local Care Organisations • Shaping 10 CCG Locality Plans • Local initiatives (HOOP, hospital discharge, Independent Living Service)

  14. How are Housing Providers working with GMCA on Health & Care Devolution? • Neighbourhood focus: • Developing 12 health and care hubs in Manchester • Self health promotion – community engagement • Supported housing – existing and new model • Working with community and voluntary sector

  15. 3 Health & Care Priorities • We tried to explain the range of relevant services Housing providers are involved in • But conversation became too diffuse • Therefore concentrating on 3 shared priorities: - Housing Options for Older People • Hospital Discharge and Preventing Readmission • Warm Homes

  16. Housing Options for Older People (HOOP) • Pilot scheme in north Manchester jointly funded by north Manchester CCG & HRA • Partnership with Elderly Accommodation Council’s First Stop service • Dedicated worker managed by Northwards • Pilot funded for second year – estimated to deliver £1m health & care savings in Year 1 • In negotiation to extend HOOP to Manchester Central and South CCGs • Aim is to develop a GM –wide HOOP service

  17. Hospital Discharge • Recognition that unsuitable/unsafe homes prevent or delay hospital discharge • And that A&E is often “default” health service, particularly for vulnerable people and new communities • Seeking to improve coordination between hospitals, community health, care and housing • Need for interim housing solutions (intermediate care)

  18. Hospital Discharge • 3 schemes in GM where housing staff co-located with hospital discharge schemes – HAs plan to place staff in hospitals • Seeking to extend model across all hospitals in GM

  19. Warm Homes • Fuel poverty is a major issue and contributor to poor health in GM - 20% homes are in fuel poverty • Social Housing sector is well generally served by landlords – investment & advice • Major incidence is in private rented sector and for low income home owners particularly in older terraced housing • Successful Warm Homes scheme in Oldham where pump primed by LA and local housing partnership with payment by results from CCG • Seeking to develop GM Warm Homes model as operating framework which can be adapted and governed locally • Contribution to GM’s low carbon aspirations – 48% carbon reduction by 2020 • Role of equity release?

  20. Questions?