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Elaborating Sentences PowerPoint Presentation
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Elaborating Sentences

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Elaborating Sentences - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Elaborating Sentences
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  1. Elaborating Sentences In English only the noun or the verb can be elaborated or modified.

  2. ELLA 2002 Question Write a factual recount about how people lived in York from the time of the Romans. Sentence 1 The city of York in northern England is rich in culture and history. Sentence 2 Throughout the years numerouspeoples and civilizationshave left their mark on the colourful tapestryof this town.

  3. Sentence 3 Not much has changed in many of the buildings’ designsfrom the middle ages. Sentence 4 Gothic churches and oldbridgesconstantly remind a visitor or residentof Medieval England Sentence 5 Most of the traditional buildings have been renovated in a similar style and converted into museums or theatres.

  4. School Certificate 2006 – Geography (Exemplary Sample) Question Refer to a geographical issue that you have investigated through fieldwork. a) Identify the purpose of the fieldwork investigation (1 mark) Sentence 1 To determine what factors are leading to the degradation of the coastal area and what management programs could be/are in place to combat this.

  5. b) Identify TWO specific groups and outline the actions that they could take to respond to this issue. (4 marks) Sentence 2 Community groups such as Coastcarework to raise public awarenessof coastal degradation through days such as Clean Up the Beach Day. Sentence 3 They can also lobby local councilsfor changes, and do voluntary work to pick up rubbish, or plant vegetationto stabilise the dune system and provide a habitatfor native wildlife.

  6. HSC 2001 - PhysicsBand 5/6 Question 26 (8 marks) In the context of semiconductors, explain the concept of electrons and holes. Sentence 1 In semiconductors, when the material is excited (with [sic] heat or light/radiation),someelectrons from the valence bandmayjumpto the conduction band, allowing them to movebetween atomsand conduct electricity.

  7. Sentence 2 When an electron jumps up, it leaves behind a positive holein the valence band. Sentence 3 These kinds ofholes can also allow electricity to be conducted, because the holesmoving in one way one [are] equivalent to electronsmoving in the other.

  8. HSC 2002 - Business ServicesBand 5/6 • Question 18 part C (6 marks) • Recommend strategies that can be implemented to prevent health risks in the office environment. • Sentence 1 • Encourage an OH&S committee to be establishedto • monitor potential hazardous sitesand prevent the • possibilities of breaching OH&Sby ensuringthat OH&S • procedures are obeyedand utilised.

  9. Sentence 2 This can greatly assist in minimising injuriesin the workplace. Sentence 3 Also inform employees to alert employers or OH&S staffof any observationsof hazardous or potentially dangerous situations