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  1. Sentences Are you ready to dive deep and swim into sentences? Kristina Grimes Sharon Elementary-3rd Grade

  2. Sentences have two parts… • subject-who or what the sentence is about * find the verb and ask yourself who or what

  3. John runs down the street. • What is the verb? • Who or what is doing the verb? • That is your subject!

  4. Try to find the subjects. • My mom cooked dinner last night. • Elizabeth went shopping last weekend. • We spilled popcorn on the floor. • Our babysitter arrived late. • My friends and I are hungry.

  5. Now what about the predicate? • The predicate tells you what the subject is or what the subject does * Usually includes the verb and all of its helpers.

  6. John runs down the street. • You know the subject is John, so what did John do or what is her like? • This is your predicate!

  7. Find the predicate in these sentences. • I watched television last night. • Uncle Bob asked for directions. • My cats scratched up the sofa. • My sister and I went bowling and skating last night. • She is the principal of Sharon Elementary School.

  8. Our whole class won the competition. • What is the subject? • Ok, now ask yourself what is this sentence MAINLY about? • class-this is called the simple subject

  9. Identify the simple subjects. • My little brother ate my cake! • Samantha went to play outside. • Those two cats are beautiful! • My new television broke yesterday.

  10. Can you identify the verb? • John runs down the street. *Runs is the verb. We call this the simple predicate! *Only the verb*

  11. What is the simple predicate? • My cat ran across the room! • She is playing outside. • A piece of chocolate candy would taste great! • My little brother ate my cake!

  12. What if there is more than one subject? • We call it a compound subject. • John and Judy run down the street. • Who runs down the street? • The compound subject is John and Judy.

  13. Find the subject. Is it a compound subject? • Jake is in third grade. • Bella and Cortese are my two cats. • Cats, dogs, and mice live here in Georgia. • Tiffany needs bacon, cheese, and eggs for breakfast.

  14. Oh no Ms. Grimes, what if there is more than one verb? :-0 • It’s ok; if there is more than one verb, we call it a compound predicate. • I like to read and write stories. • What do I like to do? • This sentence has a compound predicate!

  15. Which sentence contains a compound predicate? • My mom and I like to shop together. • The horse leaps and runs perfectly! • Can I drive home today? • Ms. Dawdy and I went to the movies and ate popcorn.

  16. Ok…we are almost done. • A compound sentence is created when 2 complete sentences are put together with • ,and • ,but • ,or in the middle of the two.

  17. Watch this… • Take these two sentences: • I like the color red. • My mom likes the color yellow. • Let’s combine them: • I like the color red, butmy mom likes the color yellow.

  18. Look at this… • Do you like Mexican food? • Do you like Chinese food? • Do you like Mexican food, or do you like Chinese food?

  19. Is it a simple or compound sentence? • Alex played football, and Maria went shopping. • He cut the string, but the balloon wouldn’t go any higher. • I love to eat fruits on a summer afternoon. • Fruit are very juicy, but they can be messy. • Mary, John, and Max went to the store.

  20. Now you are a sentence expert! Any questions?

  21. Want extra practice? • • • •