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Applications of Environmental Biotechnology By Anila Rani Pullagura PowerPoint Presentation
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Applications of Environmental Biotechnology By Anila Rani Pullagura

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Applications of Environmental Biotechnology By Anila Rani Pullagura - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The application of Biotechnology to solve the environmental problems in the environment and in the ecosystems is called Environmental Biotechnology. It is applied and it is used to study the natural environment.

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Applications of Environmental Biotechnology By Anila Rani Pullagura

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    2. WHAT IS ENVIRONMENTAL BIOTECHNOLOGY? According to the international Society for environmental Biotechnology the environmental Biotechnology is defined as an environment that helps to develop, efficiently use and regulate the biological systems and prevent the environment from pollution or from contamination of land, air and water have work efficiently to sustain an environment friendly Society.

    3. APPLICATION OF ENVIRONMENTAL BIOTECHNOLOGY There are 4 major different types of Applications of Environmental Biotechnology. They are as follows: Biomarker Bioenergy Bioremediation Biotransformation

    4. BIOMARKER • This type of Application of environmental Biotechnology gives response to a chemical that helps to measure the level of damage caused or the exposure of the toxic or the pollution effect caused. In other word, Biomarker can also be called as the Biological markers the major use of this applications helps to relate the connection between the oils and its sources.

    5. Bioenergy The collective purport of Biogas, biomass, fuels, and hydrogen are called the Bioenergy. The use of this application of Environment Biotechnology is in the industrial, domestic and space sectors. As per the recent need it is concluded that the need of clean energy out of these fuels and alternative ways of finding clean energy is the need of the hour.

    6. BIOREMEDIATION The process of cleaning up the hazardous substances into non-toxic compounds is called the Bioremediation process. This process is majorly used for any kind of technology clean up that uses the natural microorganisms.

    7. BIOTRANSFORMATION The changes that take place in the biology of the environment which are changes of the complex compound to simple non-toxic to toxic or the other way round is called the biotransformation process. It is used in the Manufacturing sector where toxic substances are converted to Bi-products.

    8. BENEFITS The major benefits of environmental biotechnology are it helps to keep our environment safe and clean for the use of the future generations. It helps the organisms and the engineers to find useful ways of getting adapted to the changes in the environment and keep the environment clean and green.

    9. ABOUT ANILA RANI PULLAGURA Mrs. Anila Rani Pullagura pioneered the domain of Biotechnology. She has done master degree and pursuing PhD in Biotechnology. She had 7 years teaching experience and 4 years research experience in the field of biotechnology, her areas of interest is Biochemical engineering, Design of bioreactors, Modification of purifying methods in downstream processing. She always participating in journals, conferences and seminars.  Conference/workshops attended : Anila Rani, P.Rajeswari, Mvidyashess Vidya, V.Rao,” impact of dissolved oxygen concentration on key parameters and production of recombinant proteins using fermentation process “ national conference on emerging trends in bioprocessing & simulation,ppTP16,2013.

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