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StoneBridge Maryland Heights. 2963 Doddridge Ave, Maryland Heights. When:. StoneBridge. Tuesday. I-270. Lindbergh. August 23. Midland Ave. Millwell Dr. 2011. Fee Fee Rd. Play Time:. Dorsett Road. Maryland Heights Govt. Ctr. 7:00. Bring:. Directions:

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  1. StoneBridge Maryland Heights 2963 Doddridge Ave, Maryland Heights When: StoneBridge Tuesday I-270 Lindbergh August 23 Midland Ave Millwell Dr 2011 Fee Fee Rd. Play Time: Dorsett Road Maryland Heights Govt. Ctr 7:00 Bring: • Directions: • WARNING: construction in the area north of the StoneBridge facility. • Map is not to scale. • Best and simplest access is traveling north on Millwell Drive from Dorsett Road. • Once on Millwell, heading north, stay on the same roadway. • Millwell changes names as it curves around first changing to “Eldon”, (on some maps also to “Hathaway”) and finally to Doddridge Ave. • Large subdivision-type marker entrance on the west side of Doddridge. Nicely landscaped, too. Stands & Chairs This is our first time playing here.

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