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How Big is YOUR Brave?

There is no doubt bravery is needed to lead and succeed . <br><br>For centuries bravery has been a crucible of leadership and a fundamental principle for battle of any type and kind. <br><br>But, what does BRAVE look like? <br><br>How does BRAVE act and behave? <br><br>And most importantly how big can YOUR BRAVE be? <br><br>This presentation seeks to answer these questions by putting these elusive concepts of leadership and learning in place to deliver better results faster for you and to those you seek to lead and serve.

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How Big is YOUR Brave?

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  1. GOALS 3

  2. I MATTER (I am enough.) \

  3. Hello My Name is_________ AND My Genius is __________.

  4. Routine

  5. CQ“Courage Quotient”

  6. Fear an opportunity to CRUSH IT!

  7. Genius Hour

  8. What breaks your HEART about the world? ACT ON THAT!

  9. Heartbreak Mapping

  10. 65 countries - 122,000 classrooms $24,000 Sponsor 7 children Can you believe a class of 23 students are building a library in a country across the world? 39

  11. 42


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