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Describing Characters

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Describing Characters
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Describing Characters

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  1. Describing Characters Words to Know and Use

  2. humble modest or meek in spirit or manner : not proud or bold Synonyms: demure, lowly, meek, modest, retiring, unassuming, unpretentious

  3. brave feeling or displaying no fear Synonym: courageous, heroic,

  4. courageous feeling or showing no fear Synonym: brave

  5. serious 1. acting thoughtful or quiet 2. not joking or funny Synonyms: earnest, solemn

  6. funny causing or intended to cause laughter Related words: silly, goofy

  7. studious Liking to study; ex: a studiouschildAdetermined purpose; made a studious effort to obey the rules

  8. intelligent • Someone who is very smart; an intelligentstudent • A person making good choices; Tom made an intelligentdecision. Synonyms: intelligent, clever, alert, quick-witted

  9. honest Free from lying or trickery Synonyms: truthful, genuine, trustworthy,

  10. mischievous 1: harming or intended to do harm; mischievous gossip2: causing or tending to cause minor injury or annoyance; a mischievouspuppy

  11. friendly showing kindly interest and goodwill

  12. demanding To ask or call for with authority:claim as one's Synonyms: bossy, domineering

  13. bossy A person who likes to order people around. Synonym: domineering

  14. gentle Not harsh, stern or rough Synonyms: soft, mild, docile

  15. loving To hold dear, to treat with love and care Synonym: cherish

  16. proud Having or displaying excessive self-esteem. When a person has a high opinion of themselves.

  17. humorous Full of fun, expressing humor Synonyms: funny

  18. adventurous Ready to take risks or to deal with the new and unknown Synonym: daring

  19. wild Being out of control Synonyms: uncontrolled

  20. sad Not happy Synonyms: depressed

  21. hardworking Willing to work extremely hard Synonyms: industrious, diligent

  22. messy Not neat Synonyms: untidy, cluttered,

  23. resourceful To be able to deal well with new or difficult situations

  24. timid Feeling or showing a lack of courage or self-confidence Synonym: shy

  25. neat Being orderly and clean Synonym: tidy

  26. stubborn Hard to convince, persuade, or move , also having a firm idea or purpose Synonyms: determined, obstinate

  27. shy Easily frightened or not feeling comfortable around people : not wanting or able to call attention to oneself Synonym: timid

  28. joyful Feeling, causing, or showing joy and happiness

  29. loyal Faithfulness to the government, to a person, or to a cause or ideal

  30. bold Willing to meet danger or take risks. Showing a daring spirit. Standing out in a very noticeable way. Synonyms: daring, conspicuous, impudent, saucy

  31. cooperative Willing to cooperate

  32. gullible Easily deceived or cheated

  33. daring To have enough courage : be bold enough to challenge to perform an action especially as a proof of courage. To face boldly. Synonym: bold,

  34. lovable Having qualities that tend to make one loved

  35. handsome Looking good Synonyms: beautiful, elegant, good-looking

  36. dainty Small and delicately made, sweet like a tiny, tasty pastry Synonyms: petite, tiny

  37. ambitious An eager desire for social standing, fame, or power. The desire to achieve or succeed at a particular goal.

  38. caring To feel interest or concern. To give care to others. Synonyms: mothering, nurturing

  39. busy Involved in action : actively at work Synonyms: industrious, diligent

  40. quiet The quality or state of being silent Synonym: calm, still, silent

  41. carefree Free from care Synonyms: lighthearted

  42. lazy Not willing to act or work. Moving slowly Synonyms: indolent, sluggish

  43. curious Eager to learn or attracting attention by being strange or unusual Synonyms: inquisitive, prying

  44. selfish Taking care of oneself without thought for others Synonyms: self-centered

  45. patriotic Having or showing patriotism Synonym: loyalist

  46. witty Talented for making clever and usually amusing remarks Synonyms: Intelligent, clever, sharp, amusing

  47. unselfish Not selfish. Giving to others. Synonyms: generous

  48. fun-loving Enjoying a good time Synonyms: cheerful, amusing

  49. fighter Someone who fights or fights for something Synonyms: ruffian or advocate

  50. generous Free in giving or sharing Synonym: bounteous, charitable, openhanded, unselfish, unsparing