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A Career in System Administration

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A Career in System Administration
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A Career in System Administration

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  1. A Career in System Administration A.J. Adade 6-Nov-14

  2. Why Sys Admin? • We live in a world today that is driven by technology. • Computers have become an essential component of everyday life. Today computers are used for a variety of reasons at home, work, and school. • The greater majority of computer users do not possess the knowledge base and skills required to handle the inevitable problems that will occur with computer use. This has led to the need for specialists that offer guidance and support of computer systems and networks (Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2004-2005 Edition). • I would like to become one of the specialists by pursuing a career as a Systems Administrator.

  3. Why? Cont. • I chose systems administration for research because it seemed to be the IT career that best fit my personality, interests, and desires for professional challenges, diversity, and growth. • I consider my self to be a problem solver, and it is my personality type to be an extravert, intuitive thinker (www.personalitytype.com).

  4. Duties of a Network Administrator? • Installing hardware/software required for productivity • Configuring and maintaining the network of workstations and servers. • Troubleshooting user workstations.

  5. As an entry level system administrator your duties are likely to include providing support to workstations and laptops currently running applications on the network. Usual work week might consist of 40 hours a week, but may include being on call or weekend work if the employer requires computer support over extended hours. Also, you may provide support including configuration, installation, maintenance, minor repairs, replacing peripherals and physical cabling 100-Base-T and RJ-45 for purposes of using a patch panel to direct network or voice traffic to workstation locations. Entry Level Position

  6. Advantages & Disadvantages

  7. Possible Career Path • For me a possible career path is to finish my associate degree and find a job as a computer support specialist to gain some relevant work experience. • While working in the field I will continue my education by pursuing my bachelor’s degree and getting some certifications under my belt.

  8. Possible Career Path Cont. • After completion of my bachelor’s I will seek a position as an entry level system administrator. • Hopefully I can find a job with a company or firm that operates on a large enough scale that allows me to progress into their management hierarchy at an accelerated pace. • Once I have worked in a managerial position for some time, I will attain a master’s degree in project management. I will then pursue a position as a project manager.

  9. Possible Career Path Cont. • After managing a few major projects I would then use my relevant work experience and education to pursue a position as a systems architect, either by way of a major corporation or self-employment.

  10. Conclusion After what I have learned about system administration I feel that I am very well suited for the career, yet vastly under qualified. I need much more education and experience with networking and Information Technology in general. Nonetheless, a technically challenging profession that pays its entry people as much as $50,000 per year is an interesting one. I think that my desire for new challenges well suites this career. In order to attain my professional goal it is an absolute necessity for me to continue my education and attain specialization through certification. Overall, I am very intrigued by system administration and the career possibilities associated with system administration. System administration appears to be a fine way for me to make a living, loving what I do.