ticket training tuesdays linking ticket holders to ssa jobs l.
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Ticket Training Tuesdays LINKING TICKET-HOLDERS TO SSA JOBS PowerPoint Presentation
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Ticket Training Tuesdays LINKING TICKET-HOLDERS TO SSA JOBS - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ticket Training Tuesdays LINKING TICKET-HOLDERS TO SSA JOBS Reference Guide for Employment Networks and State Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies Welcome Thank you for joining us for the EN Ticket Training Tuesday Series. We look forward to working together. Agenda

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ticket training tuesdays linking ticket holders to ssa jobs


Reference Guide for Employment Networks and State Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies



Thank you for joining us for the EN Ticket Training Tuesday Series.

We look forward to working together.

  • SSA Federal Hiring Initiative
  • Schedule “A” Hiring Authority
  • Steps to Link Ticket-holders to SSA Jobs
ssa federal hiring initiative
SSA Federal Hiring Initiative
  • SSA announces large numbers of job opportunities from early spring through late summer each year.
  • ENs and VRs have an opportunity to assist Ticket-holders by preparing now for upcoming opportunities
    • Resumes in Federal-format for online submission
    • Interview preparation
    • Using USAJOBS.com and other resources
ssa careers
SSA Careers
  • Public Contact Careers
    • Disability examiner, claim representative, benefit authorizer, service and bilingual jobs
  • Information Technology Careers
  • Legal Careers
  • Additional Career Areas
    • Analyst, human resources, staff assistant, auditor, actuary, economist, researcher, statistician, student jobs
benefits of ssa jobs
Benefits of SSA Jobs
  • SSA - rated #1 place to work for people with disabilities.
  • SSA - top ten Best Places to Work in Federal government.
  • SSA provides many benefits for people with disabilities.
  • SSA - ranked #1 agency to work for by Information Technology employees in August 2007 Federal Computer Week survey.
schedule a hiring authority
Schedule “A” Hiring Authority
  • Ticket-holders may apply for non-competitive appoint-ment through the Schedule “A” 5CFR213.3102(u) hiring authority: www.socialsecurity.gov/careers
  • Ticket-holders have already met the requirements for Schedule “A” hiring authority:
    • Proof of Disability
    • Proof of Job Readiness
  • www.opm.gov/disability/appointment_disabilities.asp
  • Selective Placement Coordinators and Special Emphasis Managers help recruit, hire, and accommodate people with disabilities
step i identify qualified ticket holders
STEP I: Identify Qualified Ticket-holders
  • Identify qualified Ticket-holders for SSA job opportunities (may require some college background)
  • Use USAJOBS Hiring Toolkit to determine Ticket-holders’ skills and competencies

- Career Opportunities: www.usajobs.opm.gov/careers/index.asp

- Career Interest Areas: http://career.usajobs.opm.gov/cig/areas.asp

- Interest Questionnaire:



Step II: Search SSA Careers Website and USAJOBS.com for Job Announcements to Match Ticket-holders’ Competencies

  • www.socialsecurity.gov/careers
  • www.usajobs.gov
socialsecurity gov careers
  • Opportunities for Individuals with Disabilities
    • OPM Website: “Federal Employment of People with Disabilities”:www.opm.gov/disability/ appempl.asp
searching usajobs com
Searching USAJOBS.com*
  • www.usajobs.gov - “Search”
  • Create a Search Agent
    • Refine your Search
      • Specific jobs
      • Specific locations
      • Keywords

*USAJOBS.com same as USAJOBS.gov

job announcement overview
Job Announcement Overview
  • Job Announcement Number
  • Job Title
  • Salary Range
  • Series and Grade
  • Open Period
  • Position Information
  • Duty Location
  • Who May be Considered
job summary
Job Summary
  • Key Requirements
  • Duties
  • Qualifications and Evaluation
  • How You Will be Evaluated
  • How to Apply
  • Benefits and Other Information
  • Other Information (as needed)
step iii prepare resumes in federal format using usajobs resume builder
STEP III: Prepare Resumes in Federal Format Using USAJOBS Resume Builder
  • Firsttimers Tutorial: www.usajobs.gov/firsttimers.asp
  • Create a Personal Account and Profile
  • Create an Online Resume
        • Getting Started
        • Experience
        • Related Information
        • Finishing Up
helpful links
Helpful Links
  • Tips on Resume Writing
  • Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSAs)
sample cover letter
Sample Cover Letter


  • Name of Ticket-holder
  • Social Security Number
  • Schedule “A” hiring authority
  • Proof of Disability and Proof of Job Readiness
step iv activate ticket holders resume and submit application
STEP IV: Activate Ticket-holders’ Resume and Submit Application
  • Customize resume to meet requirements in Job Announcement
  • Make resume “searchable”
  • Activate resume and submit application through Application Manager
application manager
Application Manager
  • Online tool to navigate submission process
  • 7 Steps in submission process
    • Biographic Information
    • Eligibility Information
    • Other Information
    • Assessment Questionnaire
    • Upload Documents
    • Submit My Answers (Ready to Submit? Not Ready?)
    • View/Print My Answers
  • Always PRINTa copy for your files
confirmation of submission
Confirmation of Submission
  • Application Manger will confirm the submission of the application by sending you these details
    • Job Title
    • Job Announcement Number
    • Vacancy Identification Number (VIN)
    • USAJOBS Control Number
    • Submission Date and Time
    • Your Name
    • Your Application Manager User Name


  • What to Expect Next
Step V: Track Applications, Prepare Ticket-holders for Interviews, and Continue to Search for Job Openings

Track Applications through:

- Application Manager: https://ApplicationManager.org

- USAJOBS.com - “Application” under My USAJOBS

- Name and Contact listed in the “Detailed Version” of Job Announcement

prepare for interviews
Prepare for Interviews
  • SSA uses structured, competency-based questions during the interview process.
  • Focus on the Ticket-holder’s abilities and qualifications
  • Match Ticket-holder to competencies and requirements in the Job Announcement

prepare for interviews cont
Prepare for Interviews, cont.
  • Prepare Ticket-holder to ask and answer questions
  • EEOC Guidance for Pre-Employment Disability- Related Questions and Medical Examinations:


  • Interview Tips
follow up after interview
Follow Up After Interview
  • Establish Next Steps
  • Send a “Thank You”
  • Follow-up with Phone Call
  • Be Patient, Not Passive
continue to search for job openings
Continue to Search for Job Openings
  • Social Security Careers
  • www. USAJOBS.gov
optional forms
Optional Forms
  • Applying for a Federal Job” Optional Form 510
  • Optional Application for Federal Employment, OF Form 612


other resources
Other Resources
  • DisabilityInfo.gov
  • US Department of Labor: www.dol.gov/odep
    • Career Development for Persons with Disabilities
    • Essential Elements of an Effective Job Search
    • Writing and Formatting a Scannable Resume
    • Small Business and Self Employment for People with Disabilities
  • California State University, Northridge www.csun.edu/~sp20558/dis/sh.html
    • Job Seeking Skills for People with Disabilities
contact us
Contact Us

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