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TICKET. TICKET. TICKET. TICKET. GIS Client. 망. MIS 서버 (SSM 8000). GIS 서버. Router. Router. AP 서버. HUB. Router. PC 가 여러대일 경우. NT Server. PC. UNIX Server. Juke Box. 망 연결시. Catalyst. MDF. Stack 형 HUB. C7505 Router. FRAD. IBM. SYS3000. 망. 펜마우스. Remote. Bridge.

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  2. GIS Client 망 MIS 서버 (SSM 8000) GIS 서버 Router Router AP 서버 HUB Router PC가 여러대일 경우 NT Server PC UNIX Server Juke Box 망 연결시

  3. Catalyst

  4. MDF Stack형 HUB C7505 Router FRAD IBM SYS3000 망 펜마우스 Remote Bridge PC가 여러대일 경우 PC NT Server UNIX Server 납땜 인두 망 연결시 HUB 방화벽 Router CD-ROM Juke Box 인공위성 인공위성 안테나 ROUTER DSU IBM 9672 FrameRelay Switch Prostack 16 S/H Outlet PBX IDF ATM Switch ANNEX

  5. X DSU Remote Bridge SEQUENT S5000/SE30 S2000/290 S5000/SE70 ANNEX S2000/790 S2000/490 ELS 모템

  6. Mainframe 개방형 시스템 (좌측 부터 Sequent NUMA-Q 2000, S5000 SE80, S2000 S/290) EMC 대용량 디스크 스토리지 제품명 : Symmetrix G/W IBM NT 서버 HP 9000 T600 CISCO 2501 S/H AH2400

  7. 계좌이체 FEP-A FEP-B 정보제공 계좌투표 현금투표 EMC 디스크 운영 및 관리용 단말 방화벽 N(A)MS

  8. Catalyst SEQUENT 대형Router 중형Router 스위치 PC MDF 외부망 스택형허브 Server

  9. Cisco Product Icons Cisco Icons Hub Route Processor Router Hub Interface Processor Silicon Switch Processor Catalyst Workgroup Switch Bridge PC RouterCard CiscoWorks Communicationserver CDDI/FDDI Concentrator LAN Extender(Cisco 1000) ATMSwitch Protocoltranslator Workgroup Director Router withSilicon Switching Crescendo AS5100 Slide Reference Number 2 Miscellaneous Icons/3 Phone Telecommuter TV camera Networkclouds End User Satellite Firewall Lock

  10. CCBU/NABU Icons Admin. Workstation Branch Office Admin. Workstation Network Interface Controller Peripheral Gateway Database Automatic Call Distributor Fax e-mail Server Home Office VPN Voice Response Unit Web Server LNP Reporting Voice Mail Small PBX Telephone IP Phone Network Cloud Agent Agent(s)

  11. IBM Icons WAN Icons MUX Concentrator Switch cloud Cluster controller/3174 Mainframe Front End Processor (FEP) Mainframewith FEP Mini computer Miscellaneous Icons/2 Miscellanceous Icons/1 File server Workstation Hitachi NEC SX-3 Laser printer Terminal servers Personal computer Relational database Fujitsu VP series Macintosh Thinking machines'connection machine Modem box Modem Convex (55-70) Terminal Super computer Laptop SiemensS series Ultra's hub Alliant(48-96)

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