art 127 graphic symbolism l.
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art 127 :: graphic symbolism

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art 127 :: graphic symbolism - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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art 127 :: graphic symbolism week 7 :: a :: in-class examples NMA logo studies :: today’s agenda today is a working day work on your nma logo designs in class :: midterm assignment due :: 10.18.05 New Media Arts Logo Design Project purpose/objective:

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in class examples
:: in-class examples
  • NMA logo studies
today s agenda
:: today’s agenda
  • today is a working day
    • work on your nma logo designs in class
midterm assignment
:: midterm assignment

due :: 10.18.05

  • New Media Arts Logo Design Project
    • purpose/objective:
      • Examine the process of creating simplified abstract symbols.
      • Design simplified abstract symbols.
      • Examine basic typographic characteristics and the use of letterforms in logo design.
      • Design logos and symbols using a combination of shape and letterform.
      • Examine and create symbol and logo design based on client need and identity.
      • Analyze and apply the visual elements of line, shape, value, color, texture, time, space, motion and the design principles of balance, rhythm, emphasis, contrast, variation, repetition, and unity to interface design assignments.
      • Analyze the scope of symbol and logo design in the contemporary world.
      • Complete the creative problem-solving process from the preliminary planning stage and exploration through revisions to the final product.
      • Experiment by taking risks through the process of exploration during the creative problem solving process.
      • Use various techniques and demonstrate skill with media and application.
      • Work effectively as a team member as well as achieving individual creative decisions.
      • Demonstrate strong group communication skills and the ability to speak clearly during critiques.
    • assignment: Using the department of New Media Arts as the client, design a logo that best represents the graphic identity of the New Media Arts program here at KCC. Start by defining the identity of the school and the program, then experiment with the use of different design elements that will form a set of visual icons that symbolize the program’s identity.
      • The Rules:
        • The logo must contain the following text:
          • “New Media Arts”
          • “Kapi’olani Community College”
          • “University of Hawai’I”
        • You must use the correct ‘okina symbol:
      • As a class we will first define the NMA program’s “identity” as a group and draft a creative brief. Then we will use our creative brief to make informed design decisions while developing our new logo.
    • format: Execute three final logo designs
      • sketches: black on it; use black marker on white paper; 8.5” x 11” paper will work fine)
      • final logo designs (3) in two formats: to be handed in digitally as both an illustrator file (.ai) and an image (.gif); document setup: CMYK, 8.5” x 11”)
post mortem
:: post mortem
  • How smoothly did today’s class run?
  • What slowed us down?
  • What did we skip over?
  • How can we be more efficient in the future?