midterm review and layout drawings n.
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Midterm Review and Layout Drawings PowerPoint Presentation
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Midterm Review and Layout Drawings

Midterm Review and Layout Drawings

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Midterm Review and Layout Drawings

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  1. Midterm Review and Layout Drawings Flying Sheep John Nevin Michelle Rivero Christian Yaeger John Nott Mark Berkobin

  2. Midterm Review

  3. Midterm Presentation Comments • Mockup was small and difficult to understand • Fewer hand gestures • A better explanation of the mechanism connecting the motorcycle and the jack would have been helpful

  4. Design Questions 1 Q: Wouldn’t it be easier to initially connect the bike to the jack on the side away from the kickstand? A: Yes, this idea has been incorporated into the design Q: How will the jack attach to the to the foot pegs and frame sliders? A: A tube will slide over the frame sliders. A half tube (00 – 180 0 counterclockwise) mates with the foot pegs.

  5. Design Questions 2 Q: Could you sit on the bike while attaching it to the jack? A: No, we checked and found that you would not be able to reach the jack Q: Will attachment points be adjustable by bike model? A: Yes, the system will be adjustable to the width of the bike, as well as the placement of the foot pegs and frame sliders.

  6. Design Questions 3 Q: How is the jack going to attach a motorcycle that is resting on a kickstand? A: The lifting plate sub assembly in going to be hinged to that it can rotate until its surface is perpendicular to the axis of the bike Q: Will the bike retain its tilted angle when jacked up? A: No, the jack will adjust the angle between the ground and the bike until the angle reaches 90o at maximum lifting height.

  7. Design Questions 4 Q: Are both sides of the bike secured before lifting? A: Yes, the tilted angle of the lifting plate allows both sides of the motorcycle to be secured before the bike is lifted off the ground. Q: What is the estimated cost of the final product A: Not sure yet, but approximately $120

  8. Layout Drawings

  9. Complete Assembly

  10. Base of Jack

  11. Tilt Mechanism (yellow)

  12. Horizontal Supports (orange)

  13. Horizontal Supports: Width Adjustment

  14. Vertical Supports

  15. Vertical Supports Internal Ratcheting Mechanism

  16. With Foot Pegs With Frame Sliders Bike Interface

  17. Questions?