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projection of psychiatry services by the year 2000 l.
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Projection of Psychiatry services By the year 2000 PowerPoint Presentation
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Projection of Psychiatry services By the year 2000

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Projection of Psychiatry services By the year 2000
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Projection of Psychiatry services By the year 2000

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  1. Projection of Psychiatry services By the year 2000 Project Objectives Continue to offer psychiatric services within • The Primary Health Care Services (PHC) • Community medicine • School Health. • Ensure the availability of psychiatric care for the elderly • Ensure the availability of psychiatric care for the mentally retarded individuals • Ensure the availability of psychiatric care to juvenile delinquents • Ensure the availability of psychiatric care for the Drugs and Alcohol dependent individuals. • Ensure psychiatric treatment for individuals with chronic mental illness in the specialized centers.

  2. LegislationThe current state of mental health legislation in the country • 1 - Federal law no 28 (1981) mental health act “ Detention and treatment of the mentally ill” • 2 - Federal law no 6 (1986) Control of Narcotic substance and the like-substances Amended Federal law no 14 (1995)“Federal law for illicit drug and psychotropic drugs” • 3 – Federal law no 4 (1983) Pharmaceutical professions and institutions • 4 – Federal law no 43 ( 1993) “Organization of reform institution” • 5 – UAE National formally of drugs

  3. Ministerial Decrees • 1 - Ministerial Decree no 28 (1986) Establishment of drug dependency units • 2 - Ministerial Decree no 30,(1987) By laws of drug dependency unit • 3 - Ministerial Decree no 502,(1988) Amendment of federal law no 4 (1983)Pharmaceutical profession and institution • 4 - Ministerial Decree no 90 (1993) Amendment of federal law no 6 (1986)Control of narcotic substance and the like substance • 5 - Ministerial Decree no 180 (1993) Reformation of central mental health Committee in Ministry of Health • 6 - Ministerial Decree no 1938 ( 1998) New Central Mental Health Committee

  4. Projection of Psychiatry services By the year 2000In collaboration with WHO Experts 1998

  5. Targeted Populations • The general population attending • The psychiatric hospitals • PHC centers • School Health clinics • Special populations including:- • The elderly. • The mentally handicapped. • The juvenile delinquents. • The addicts. • The chronically mentally ill.

  6. The role of the Ministry of Health in promoting current psychiatric departments • The Ministerial Decree N.1444 - formatting The Central Mental Health Committee(CMHC) Re-formed by the Ministerial Decree N.10 (1997) • A Sub-Committee to introduce regulations, rules and by-laws for psychiatric hospitals • The Ministerial Decree N.1826 (1998) - Establishment of Central Psychiatric Register at Abu Dhabi New Psychiatry Hospital • Ministerial Decree to set up a Technical Committee to revise job description for Mental Health Personnel.

  7. The Strategy, activitiesand necessary procedures * Activate the role of general practitioners in the treatment of minor psychiatric disorder in PHC centers. * Activate and reinforce the role of the central committee for mental Health * Increase the human resources of medical and paramedical Specialties. * Carry out a Continuous Medical Education program * Approval of the job descriptions for the workers in the mental healthfield

  8. The Strategy, activitiesand necessary procedure(Continue) • Coordinate and cooperate with the various agencies for the care of special needs groups: particularly with • The Ministry of labor and social Affairs • The Ministry of interior • The Ministry of Education • The Ministry of Justice • The Ministry of Information and culture

  9. Psychiatric services and the cooperation with the Ministries of Justice and Interior • The Ministerial Decree N.1090.(1998) dealing with the by - Laws and regulations of the Drugs-Dependency Units in UAE (Federal laws N.28 (1981) and N.6 (1986) dealing with Narcotics and Narcotic - like substances) • The Ministerial Decree N.1350 (1994) to establish a Technical Committee for Psychiatric Assessment of mentally ill offenders in accordance with the Federal law N.43 (1993) for Organization the Reform Institutions. • The Ministerial Decree N.274 (1998) a Forensic Psychiatry Appeal Committee for re-evaluation of Psychiatric Medical Board Reports

  10. The collaboration with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education in the field of Psychiatry • Set up Psychiatric o.P. clinics to examine school children in coordination with school health doctors and social workers. Also, in October 1999, a child psychiatric clinic and day center unit were opened at the New Psychiatry Hospital. • Psychiatric training course from 21Jan –2 Feb 97 according to WHO program for training general practitioners, school health doctors and nurses • Reviewing the Ministry of Education curricula dealing with medical and psychiatric topics I.e. Substance abuse……….etc • A CME course (Early Detection of Psychiatric Disorders in Children) for school psychologists , social workers and nurses working in Abu Dhabi, AL-Ain , Dubai, Sharja

  11. Mental Health Services within the Primary Health Care Program • Conducting psychiatric training course on 21-31 December 1996 for Primary Health doctors. • Conducting Psychiatric O.P. clinics at Al Rawda and Al Madina Primary Health centers • Postgraduate Training Program in ( Psychiatry in Family Medicine ) for Arab Board candidate in general practice . • Post-graduate Training Course for Arab Board in Psychiatry

  12. Continuous Medical Education • Ministry of Health has given accreditation to Abu Dhabi Psychiatry Hospital as a training center for Arab Board examination in Psychiatry • The New Psychiatry Hospital has been committed to the training program for all Hospital personnel ,including doctors, psychologists, social workers and nurses as well as organizing scientific lectures , seminars and Public Awareness Programs in the hospital. • At the request of the General Secretary of the Arab Council for Medical Specialization , The Arab Board exam in psychiatry was held at the Abu Dhabi Psychiatry Hospital form 2 - 4 Oct.1999 with the participation of external examiners from Arab Countries ,Great Britain and America .

  13. United Arab Emirates Ministry of healthPsychiatric services DR Zain Omara Consultant psychiatrist M.B; D.P.M. ( London) M.R.C. Psyche(UK) Mental Health Advisor, Director, Psychiatry Hospital Abu Dhabi