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Parkmed is the Best Psychiarty Healthcare Center in side ecospace, Pritech Park, Bangalore.Parkmed is giving medical related to Cosmetology, Dental, Orthopedic, Gynecology, etc.

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positive psychology

Positive Psychology

Y Psychiatry is the branch of medicine focused on

the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental,

emotional and behavioral disorders.

Stress is mental tension caused by demanding,

taxing or burdensome circumstances. Stress doesn't just

affect our mental state and mood; it affects our physical

health as well. When we are very stressed, a hormone called

cortisol is released into our bloodstream, suppressing the

functioning of our immune, digestive and reproductive


psychosomatic disorders

Psychosomatic disorders

Unexplained Body Pain, Headache (Tension

headache, migraine) Psychological aspects of various

neurological disorders like epilepsy, paralysis. Anxiety

Disorders (OCD, Panic, Phobia, PTSD).

Ranging from minor mood swings to full fledged

depression or bipolar disorder.

Medical and psychological management of various

psychoactive substances like nicotine, alcohol, cannabis etc.

impulse control disorders

Impulse control disorders

Impulse control disorders (ICDs) are common

psychiatric conditions in which affected individuals

typically report significant impairment in social and

occupational functioning, and may incur legal and

financial difficulties as well.

Sleep disorders are a group of conditions that

affect the ability to sleep well on a regular

basis.Depending on the type of sleep disorder, people

may have a difficult time falling asleep and may feel

extremely tired throughout the day.

eating disorder

Eating Disorder

There is a commonly held view that eating disorders

are a lifestyle choice. Eating disorders are actually serious

and often fatal illnesses that cause severe disturbances to a

person’s eating behaviors.

People with anorexia nervosa may see themselves as

overweight, even when they are dangerously underweight.

People withbulimia nervosa have recurrent and frequent

episodes of eating unusually large amounts of food and

feeling a lack of control over these episodes.

parkmed healthcare is the best multispeciality

Parkmed Healthcare is the Best

Multispeciality Hospital in Pritech Park,

Ecospace, Bellandur, Bangalore.

Thank You!