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iProcurement Features & Functions PowerPoint Presentation
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iProcurement Features & Functions

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iProcurement Features & Functions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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iProcurement Features & Functions The Department of Procurement & Contracts Objectives Review the Internet Procurement (IP) application. Look at the components of IP Home Page, Requisition Creation, Requisition Research, Approvals, Receiving, & Profile setting.

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iProcurement Features & Functions

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Features & Functions

The Department of Procurement & Contracts\purchasing

  • Review the Internet Procurement (IP) application.
  • Look at the components of IP
    • Home Page, Requisition Creation, Requisition Research, Approvals, Receiving, & Profile setting.
  • Take a quick glance at Item Catalogs\purchasing

what is iprocurement
What is iProcurement?
  • iProcurement provides a web based method for requestors to create requisitions, research the status of requisitions, and receive (PODUP) delivered orders into the system.\purchasing

benefits of iprocurement
Benefits of iProcurement
  • IP brings together all of the aspects of creating, manipulating, and researching requisitions into a single user friendly system.
  • The screens are clearly labeled, laid out, and easy to understand.
  • Screens guide the requestor through the entire process from start to finish.
  • Checkout options are easy to understand and the design keeps you out of trouble.
  • Real Time information.\purchasing

benefits of iprocurement5
Benefits of iProcurement
  • Receiving and making corrections to receipts has never been easier.
  • IP is web based for ease of access and resembles many internet shopping sites.
  • Navigating through the IP system is done by clicking buttons and links as opposed to opening and closing forms.\purchasing

the home page
The Home Page\purchasing

parts of the home page
Parts of the Home Page
  • Page Tabs and Buttons
  • Links\purchasing

parts of the home page8
Parts of the Home Page
  • Greeting and General Information
  • Purchasing News\purchasing

parts of the home page9
Parts of the Home Page
  • To Do List
    • See requisitions pending your approval
    • Reassign this responsibility when you’re gone\purchasing

parts of the home page10
Parts of the Home Page
  • Requisitions at a Glance\purchasing

parts of the home page11
Parts of the Home Page
  • Categories and Lists for browsing.\purchasing

the home page12
The Home Page\purchasing

my profile
My Profile
  • Accessed with the My Profile tab
  • Allows us to enter default information to be applied to requisitions created\purchasing

it s time to shop
It’s time to Shop
  • Access the shopping page from the home page.
    • Shopping Tab
    • Shopping Link\purchasing

shopping page
Shopping Page\purchasing


the results page
The Results Page\purchasing

selecting items
Selecting Items

Items can be selected one or several at a time by clicking the check box to the left of the desired items.

  • Checked items can be unchecked if necessary by clicking them again.\purchasing

acting on selected items
Acting on Selected Items
  • Once items are selected, you can:
    • Compare them, if two or more items are selected
    • Add them to your favorites list
    • Add them to your cart\purchasing

the results page compare
The Results Page - Compare

Selecting multiple items and clicking the Compare button will display the items for side-by-side comparison.\purchasing

add to favorites
Add to Favorites
  • Select the items to be added and then click the Add to Favorites button.\purchasing

add to favorites22
Add to Favorites
  • The items will be here for future use\purchasing

add to cart
Add to Cart
  • Select and click the Add to Cart button.\purchasing

the shopping cart
The Shopping Cart\purchasing

the shopping cart25
The Shopping Cart\purchasing

checking out
Checking Out
  • When you have everything in your cart that you want, proceed to checkout.\purchasing

delivery information
Delivery Information
  • Need by date
  • Who it’s going to
  • Where it’s going\purchasing

enter billing information
Enter Billing Information\purchasing

review charge accounts
Review Charge Accounts
  • Charge Accounts are built by the account generator
  • Charge Accounts can be manually changed\purchasing

final review of charge accounts
Final Review of Charge Accounts
  • Multiple distributions are indicated by a “Multiple” link in the Charge Account field.\purchasing

enter notes attachments
Enter Notes & Attachments\purchasing

review approver list
Review Approver List
  • Multiple factors can be used to determine if further approval is needed for the requisition. If not, you can choose to continue or add additional approvers.\purchasing

review list enter justifications
Review List & Enter Justifications
  • Add approvers as desired\purchasing

review and submit
Review and Submit\purchasing

confirmation page
Confirmation Page\purchasing

requisition status
Requisition Status
  • Find information about a requisition from either the “Requisitions at a Glance” region or by clicking the “Check Requisition Statue” button on the Home Page.\purchasing

requisition status37
Requisition Status
  • From the Requisitions at a Glance
    • Click link under Status
    • Click link under Requisition\purchasing

action buttons
Action Buttons
  • Copy to Cart
    • This creates a new shopping cart using the selected requisition as a template. Use this to create a duplicate requisition.
  • Cancel
    • This will cancel the requisition. This only works on a requisition that has no part of it placed on a purchase order.\purchasing

action buttons39
Action Buttons
  • Withdraw
    • This will withdraw an approved requisition as long as no part of it has been placed on a purchase order.
  • Resubmit
    • Use this to make modifications and resubmit a Returned or Rejected requisition.\purchasing



  • Add your quantities
  • Click the Receive button\purchasing

  • Add info about the receipt
    • Either for the entire receipt
    • Or for each line separately\purchasing

  • Click Submit when done and your receipt is made.\purchasing

catalogs lists
Catalogs & Lists
  • The purchasing department can maintain Public Lists of their choosing.\purchasing

catalogs lists46
Catalogs & Lists
  • Requestors see what you want them to see.\purchasing

  • Oracle’s self service iProcurement application is designed to make it easier for a requestor to create requisitions.
  • There is a very informative home page that acts as the starting point for the requestor’s processes.
  • Both shopping and receiving have been made easier for the requestor.\purchasing

  • Core users typically find it easier to understand and to use since the IP application takes you step-by-step through each process with simple steps.
  • Instructions are often given on each page.
  • People new to Oracle will find it easy to understand and seasoned core users will find it easy to transition to.\purchasing


thank you
Thank You\purchasing