mba 669 special topics it enabled organizational forms l.
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MBA 669 Special Topics: IT-enabled organizational Forms Dave Salisbury (email) (web site) Everything old is new again… Revisiting some of the themes from earlier Change in organizational forms Outsourcing

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mba 669 special topics it enabled organizational forms

MBA 669Special Topics: IT-enabled organizational Forms

Dave Salisbury (email) (web site)

everything old is new again
Everything old is new again…
  • Revisiting some of the themes from earlier
    • Change in organizational forms
    • Outsourcing
    • The right mix of bricks and clicks
  • IT and its implications for these organizations
    • Governments
    • Education
  • Finding the balance (or how to work in Friedman tonight)
governments are not like businesses
Governments are not like businesses
  • No competition
  • Monopoly supplier
  • No choice for “customers”
  • Screwed up reward structures
  • Revenue streams by fiat
  • No choice as to whom one serves
  • Digital divide
governments are like businesses
Governments are like businesses
  • Outsourcing
  • Need to reduce costs
  • Eventually the public gets mad
  • Rising expectations of service
  • As Friedman notes (DOSCapital), inefficient government is a detriment to business
  • Supplier relationships
  • Failure rates for IT efforts
e and getting elected
E and getting elected
  • Social networking
    • John McCain in 2000
    • Howard Dean in 2004
  • Means by which choices about what does and doesn’t work can be made rapidly
    • Opinion polling
    • 2-way communication
    • Data mining/data analytics
e and running government
E and running government
  • Portals
  • Fees collections
  • Stages
    • Informational websites
    • Two-way websites
    • Payments of fees, fines, etc.
    • Comprehensive portal
e and education
E and education
  • Education as information transmittal
  • Education as interaction
  • How good are the current technologies at both?
  • Who owns the class?
  • Who owns the knowledge generated by preparing and delivering the class?
the limits of information
The limits of information
  • Satisfaction (lower with mediated)
  • Belonging (lower with mediated)
  • Morale (lower with mediated)
  • Involvement (lower with mediated)
  • Participation (lower with mediated)
  • Overall evaluation (lower with mediated)
  • No difference on instructor engagement and accessibility
another visit to the darkside
Another visit to the darkside
  • What happens to all this information that is now centrally (and readily) available?
  • Does public necessarily mean ubiquitous and immediate?
  • Mason on information ubiquity (Thursday)
mixing those bricks and clicks
Mixing those bricks and clicks
  • Again, back to information intensity
  • Find the informational component of what your company does and leverage it using IT
  • Trying to see “bricks/mortar” and “clicks” as two different things can be a recipe for disaster
  • The continuum of government and educational services and how they can be offered online
getting the mix right
Getting the mix right
  • Internet as complement
  • Range of options
    • Spin off
    • Strategic partnership
    • Joint venture
    • In-House division
revisiting organization form changes
Revisiting organization form changes
  • Outsourcing services
  • Federations (Singapore)
  • Markets rather than hierarchies (electronic procurement)
this week s friedman part 1
This week’s Friedman, part 1

Backlash & groundswell

  • Standard of living goes higher
  • Facts about foreign firms
    • Pay workers more
    • Create jobs faster
    • Spend heavily on R&D
    • Export more
this week s friedman part 2
This week’s Friedman, part 2
  • If you can’t beat them, join them (but change them too)
  • New media (CNN versus the Vietnam Vets)
  • Connectivity and productivity (social networks revisited)