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Exporting To Canada

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Exporting To Canada

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  1. Exporting To Canada

  2. Program • Pre-amble • Canadian Facts and Figures • British Columbia Facts and Figures • Info About Orca Creative • Our Business in Canada • How We Achieved it. • Some Barriers to Success

  3. Some Facts and Figures What do you really know about CANADA?

  4. 2nd largest Land Mass • 49th Parallel to North Pole • Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean • 3 territories • 10 Provinces • 2 Official Lanquages • Most Diverse Culturally in the World

  5. Provinces and Territories • Alberta • Saskatchewan • British Columbia • Yukon Territory • Northwest Territories • Nunavut Newfoundland and Labrador Prince Edward Island Nova Scotia New Brunswick Quebec Ontario Manitoba

  6. British Columbia • Gateway to the Pacific • Washington States Closest Canadian Trading Partner • British Columbia is the westernmost of Canada's 10 provinces. • Washington State, Idaho and Montana border B.C. to the south, Alberta to the east, the Northwest and Yukon territories to the north, and Alaska to the northwest.

  7. British Columbia

  8. British Columbia People of British Columbia population 4.31 million people as of July 2006. Home to people of many different origins, cultural traditions, languages, ethnicities, and religions. B.C.'s aboriginal people are known as First Nations. There are 197 First Nations bands in the province, such as the Gitxsan, Haida, Nisga'a and Squamish. The top 10 languages spoken are now (according to the 2001 Census): English, Chinese (including Cantonese and Mandarin), Punjabi, German, French, Tagalog, Spanish, Italian, Korean, and Dutch. Each year, over 40,000 immigrants from around the world arrive in B.C

  9. British Columbia One Big Province B.C.'s total land and freshwater area is 95 million hectares, larger than France and Germany combined. Only 30 countries are larger. British Columbia only occupies about 10 per cent of Canada's land surface. B.C. has more than 850 provincial parks attracting about 24 million visits every year. Since 2001over 1.8 million protected hectares in the Central Coast and North Coast of B.C. preserve some of the world’s largest intact temperate rainforests. This includes 200,000 hectares of habitat for the world-famous Spirit Bear, B.C. official mammal.

  10. British Columbia More Than Beautiful Scenery Natural resources and related manufacturing industry B.C.’s top employers. British Columbia’s fastest growing sectors are:  Tourism, hospitality and entertainment; Information technology, Engineering and scientific services; Advanced manufacturing; and Financial, business and information services.

  11. British Columbia • More Than Beautiful Scenery • B.C. is the third largest film production centre in North America after New York and Los Angeles • The six leading technology clusters in B.C. are: • Biotechnology/life sciences, • Energy technologies, • Information and communications technology, • New media, • Sustainability technologies • Wireless technologies

  12. Established 1980 A Global Design Firm

  13. A Global Design Firm North American Offices Affliate Offices Vancouver, British Columbia Woodinville WA, U.S.A. China (3) Europe (3) Czechoslovakia (1) Poland (1)

  14. GlobalServices Include the followng Design Engineering Production Project Management Storage Deployment Installation Logistics Management Document Management

  15. GLOBAL PRODUCTS Turn Key Full Architectural Design and Engineering Interior Design Sales Centers Visitor Centers Museums Mall Kiosks Custom Trade Show Exhibits Pavilions Custom Displays Point of Purchase Programs Graphic Design / Production Environmental Signage Branding Logistics Management and Transportation

  16. Clients Served Partial List: U.S. and Canada B.C. Olympic / Paralympic Winter Games Secretariat Weyerhaeuser Canada / U.S. Starbucks Canada / U.S.A. AT&T Cingular Wireless Washington Mutual Bank Trans-link Boeing Aircraft Canada / U.S. Seattle Art Museum Outdoor Sculpture Park Spacelabs Healthcare Swiss Water Canada Fox Sports Network, Canada / U.S. Japan Radio Mfg

  17. Clients Served Partial List: Europe Mercedes Benz SAP AG Vies Mann Werke Messe Frankfurt Services Loewe Opta Dt. Messe AG MB-Capital Staatskanzlei Rheinland Pfalz Michelin Boeing Aircraft. Spacelabs Healthcare Swiss Water Canada Fox Sports Network

  18. Clients Served Partial List: Asia BJinn Pin Electronic Corp MEK Technologies BiWin Manufacturing Hai Po Systems Government of Hong Kong Shanghai General Motors

  19. Projects Delivered To Many Exotic Places Beijing Shanghai Tokyo Dubai Monte Carlo Paris Frankfurt London Kuwait Amsterdam Kent WA

  20. January 1st 2005 Orca CreativeGroup Inc.Virtually Unknown In British Columbia

  21. By March 2007

  22. Delivering two million In 2010 Related Projects

  23. Bidding on almost 10 million more

  24. How Hard Was It?

  25. Really ?Not that hard at all But it did require work, lots of it

  26. Established 1980 Research Awareness Positioning Strategic and Tactical Planning

  27. Research Orca Deliverables Who was doing similar things in B.C. and how were they selling it What was the best means of becoming aware of opportunities What did Orca need to do to be both qualified and acceptable to B.C. Organizations Established 1980

  28. Awareness Increase the awareness of local (WA) influencers as to Orca’s existence and credibility Increase Orca visibility in our target market Increase Orca awareness of pending opportunities in our target market. Established 1980

  29. Positioning We involved our clients We opened offices in B.C. We associated Orca with credible WA organizations and got involved. We networked very seriously in B.C. and the U.S. Established 1980

  30. Strategic and Tactical Planning We planned our marketing/ sales strategy in advance and stayed consistent We intentionally did not oversell our capabilities. We are selective in what business we go after and we are careful to deliver as promised We looked for and found opportunities created by the games but not related directly to the games. We forged alliances and developed in country partnerships. Established 1980 We educated ourselves as to what sustainability and “legacy” really meant to those responsible for the 2010 winter games

  31. What We Found A Welcoming Audience Helpful Agencies (U.S. and Canada) Open and Fair approach to awarding contracts Minimal barriers to market entry (the border not withstanding) Solid opportunities which will continue beyond the 2010 games themselves

  32. Barriers to Success • Lack of Commitment • Impatience with process • Lack of Planning and Follow up • Failure to understand the culture • Failure to understand the market • Waiting for the “Big Deal” • Inconsistent or Confusing messages

  33. Established 1980 A Global Design Firm Thanks You