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Exporting to Canada TFO Canada

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Exporting to Canada TFO Canada - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Exporting to Canada TFO Canada. @ Trade Facilitation Office Canada 2012. TFO Canada services. TFO Canada confronts the challenge of global poverty by promoting sustainable economic development through export information, advice and contact.

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Exporting to Canada TFO Canada

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exporting to canada tfo canada

Exporting to CanadaTFO Canada

@ Trade Facilitation Office Canada 2012

tfo canada mandate
TFO Canada confronts the challenge of global poverty by promoting sustainable economic development through export information, advice and contact.

We facilitate access to the Canadian marketplace and share Canadian trade expertise for the benefit of smaller exporters in developing countries.

TFO Canada mandate
tfo canada background

Created by Canadian government in 1980

Since 1985 operating as a non-profit NGO

Private sector oriented Board of Directors


Developing country exporters, especially SMEs

Trade support institutions in partner countries

Canadian Importers


Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada

Partner governments and other donors(World Bank, IDB)

Cost sharing by participants, partners, Canadian corp.

TFO Canada: Background
tfo canada services information
Content rich web based service on how to access the Canadian market: www.tfocanada.ca

Exporting to Canada Handbook

Over 20 sector-specific market studies

Used by over 6,000 registered exporters from over 100 countries

Content served in English, French and Spanish

Approximately 3,000 visitors per month

Quarterly Export to Canada e-Newsletter

TFO Canada services: Information
tfo canada information promotion
TFO Canada: Information/Promotion

Once Jordanian companies register on TFO web site:


will benefit from (at no cost):

Information: Handbook on Exporting to Canada, market report by sector, links, TFO Export News newsletter

Promotional Match-Making Services:

Export offfer published en ImportInfo ( sent to aprox. 1400 registered Can importers)

Registration in the Supplier Database

tfo canada services advice
Trade Capacity Building Projects

Exporter Training and Coaching

Export Packaging/Product Design/Adaptation

Foreign Service Officer Training (Trade & Investment)

Trade Missions and Trade Shows

MBA Market Entry Studies: University of Concordia,Wilfrid Laurier University and the University of Ottawa

Market Intelligence Reports

TFO Canada Services: Advice
recent projects
Home décor: SIDIM and Canadian Gift and Tableware Association CGTA Show - Haiti

Food Sector: SIAL and CPMA Trade Shows

Canadian Buyer Missions and Exporter Mission– Peru

CATRTA Trade Information, Advisory and Market Contact Activities: Peru, Colombia and Honduras (FTA benefits awareness)

Jordan – no current program but Priority Country with possibilities for future projects

Recent projects:

The Canadian Market

Introduction to Canada

  • Second largest
  • country in the world
  • Small, concentrated population
  • Six market regions
  • 10% size of U.S. market

The North




The Prairies




Total population (Census 2011): 33.4 millions


The Canadian Market





Atlantic Provinces:



Prairies Provinces:

British Columbia:

The Territories







Canadian Population

  • 60% of Canadians live in Ontario and Quebec
  • 80% Urban
  • 90% of Canadians live within 160 Kms of the United States border

The North




The Prairies




Low Population Density (3.5 per Sq. Km) but:

80% urban

50 % concentrated in 4 major urban areas:

Toronto y área (6.7 M)

Montreal y área (3.7 M)

Vancouver (2.7 M)

Calgary – (2.2 M)

Canadian Market

Market Concentration

Source: Statistics Canada – census population 2006

Can economy highly dependent on foreign trade-45%of GDP

Imports makes 30% of Canada’s GDP

11th largest importer in absolute $ value ($ 475 B in 2012)

Per capita imports double US value

Import market open, growing and diversified, but competitive

$CDN close to parity with $US

High Share(20%) & Growing Immigration-impact on the import market trends=Increasing Ethnic Market=Ethnic/Mainstream

Mature/Aging Population = important segment

Growing demand for Natural, Organic, Health & Wellness products (consumers increasingly concerned about health and environment)

4 Season Market

The Canadian Market

Economic Indicators and Canadian Import Market- 2012

Source: Statistics Canada 2013; CIA World Factbook 2013

opportunities for jordanian exporters
FTA benefits (tariffs removed for most products)

Most of Jordanian exports to Canada in clothing, but potential for wider range of products:

Packaged, value-added, specialty food & beverage products (e.g. premium olive oil, olives) dried fruits,confectionery, herbal teas, spices; strong demand for organic certified

Cosmetics/Bath products particularly Natural/Organic ingredients(Dead Sea products)

Building materials

Opportunities for Jordanian exporters

Accessing the

Canadian Market


Accessing the Canadian Market

Locating Buyers

How to Approach the Market

  • Alliances with Industry associations, Chambers of commerce
  • TFO Canada
  • Adequate Trade shows and Trade Missions
  • Embassy Trade Representatives
  • Publicity
  • Promotion
  • Specialized Trade Publications (Grocery Business..)
Open but competitive market

Information is important - do your homework

Canada market –unique (import requirements)

Managing relations with importers-buyers interested in long term rel.

efficient and committed supplier

Price is not always a key factor

Right distribution channels

Define your USP

Branding strategy (own brand vs priv label)

Investing in creative marketing

Accessing the Canadian Market

Accessing the Market

Summary of Key Considerations:

Import Requirements

  • Strict packaging and labelling regulations
  • Labels in English and French
  • Different to the USA!
sources of information
Sources of Information

Standards Council of Canada www.scc.ca

Canadian Food Inspection Agency


Competition Bureau of Canada


  • Industry Canada
    • www.ic.gc.ca
  • Foreign Affairs,Trade and Development Canada
    • www.international.gc.ca
  • Canada Border Services Agency (custom duties)
    • www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca


canada jordan fta in force 2012
Canada Jordan FTA in force 2012

No tariffs for most of products:

Provided they meet with rules of origin and documentation requirements

Most frequent and costly errors: origin and documentation (audits)

Ex:Textiles - 18% duty if not eligible