digital watermarking l.
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Digital Watermarking

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Digital Watermarking. Rob Farraher Ken Pickering Lim Vu. Big Brother Industries © 1984. Joe Wahoo decides to be a law abiding citizen and purchase music online from Big Brother Industries. Joe Wahoo. Big Brother Industries © 1984.

I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described.
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digital watermarking

Digital Watermarking

Rob Farraher

Ken Pickering

Lim Vu

big brother industries 1984
Big Brother Industries © 1984
  • Joe Wahoo decides to be a law abiding citizen and purchase music online from Big Brother Industries

Joe Wahoo

big brother industries 19843
Big Brother Industries © 1984
  • He purchases licenses to listen the mp3s he has downloaded
  • He also owns the latest SDMI mp3 player
  • Secure Digital Music Initiative
  • Who: Conglomerate of world-wide recording, consumer electronic, and information technology corporations
  • Purpose: To design and implement a copyright protection scheme for music
  • How: Digital Watermarking
mp3 nirvana
MP3 Nirvana?
  • Joe’s friend, Dave, sends him a new NSync mp3
  • Joe loves the song and wants to listen to it on his new mp3 player
  • But a slight problem arises
  • Dave’s mp3 turns out to be watermarked only for his use
  • Joe’s mp3 player rejects Dave’s NSync mp3 because it detects the mp3 watermark registered to Dave
breakin the law
Breakin’ the Law
  • Joe decides to hack and remove the watermark on Dave’s mp3 so his mp3 player will play the song
  • He uses the attacks described in a research paper released by Princeton’s professor Felton
what is watermarking
What Is Watermarking?
  • Digital information embedded within any digital media that can later be detected and extracted
  • Characteristics
    • Perceptible or Imperceptible
    • Robust or Fragile
watermarking applications
Watermarking Applications
  • Applications include
    • Authentication and verification
    • Fingerprinting
    • Ownership Assertion
    • Content labeling
    • Usage Control
authentication and verification
Authentication and Verification
  • Use of any type of watermark to authenticate files and digital media
  • Verification allow users to download files in an insecure channel
  • Similar to a cryptographic hash sent with a file but much more difficult for an attacker to forge and insert a correct watermark
  • Imperceptible watermarks used to label content for identification purposes
  • If content is copied and improperly used, the watermark can be viewed and the source of the copying can be found
  • If Joe Wahoo distributes music with his watermark embedded, any authority with the watermark directory can track him down
ownership assertion
Ownership Assertion
  • A watermark can be placed in a music document to declare who owns/ produces the music
  • This is basically used to remove the “value” of the data, in a lot of circumstances since it asserts it as the owners intellectual property or copyright
content labeling
Content Labeling
  • Involves using watermarks to carry and deliver data on the media they are embedded within
  • Uses within databases and search engines
  • Advantage in that description of data is internally stored within file
usage control
Usage Control
  • A proposed use for watermarking could be to control accessing and copying music.
  • The theory is that when a copy is made, some counter in the file is decremented.
  • This requires a monopoly on copying.
problems with watermarking
Problems with Watermarking
  • Must not be audible and change little content of MP3 file
  • Plain text to “message” will always be available
  • Must be universally accepted by software developers that make encoding software and players
plaintext ciphertext attacks
Plaintext/Ciphertext Attacks
  • The plaintext is always available for the MP3 file so, therefore, any attackers can see the additions the watermark makes (and remove them)
  • Ease of removal is variable, depending on the algorithm used
universal acceptance
Universal Acceptance
  • As long as users can rip MP3’s without watermarks, piracy will always proliferate
  • If the MP3 players and portable devices play unwatermarked MP3’s, there’s no point in having the system in place at all
  • Watermarking is useful in a lot of circumstances. Digital music isn’t one of them.
  • If someone wants to remove music watermarking, with all current algorithms, they will be able to.
  • RIP Napster. We’ll miss you.