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Microsoft Publisher - Introduction PowerPoint Presentation
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Microsoft Publisher - Introduction

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Microsoft Publisher - Introduction
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Microsoft Publisher - Introduction

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  1. Microsoft Publisher - Introduction Lesson 1

  2. What Is It? Microsoft Publisher is defined as a Desktop Publishing Program.  Desktop publishing programs take word processing to the next level.

  3. It Takes on a Form These types of programs allow the user to have greater control over the "objects" that appear in the document.  Objects are the elements that make up the document.  Elements may be Text, Pictures, Clipart, or Graphical Drawings.

  4. Why Desktop Publishing Desktop Publishing Programs allow the user to manage complex or lengthy documents.  Examples of these are:  Newspapers, Books, Programs, and Posters.  Any document that requires the use of many types of elements would be a good candidate for a desktop publishing program.

  5. The Competition Other common desktop publishing programs are:  • Adobe PageMaker • Quark Express.

  6. Let’s Get Started! Lesson 1 This lesson will help you get started with Microsoft Publisher and may solve some of your problems, but it is a very good idea to use the Help Files that come with Microsoft Publisher, or go to Microsoft's web site located at for further assistance.

  7. My Website Address • You will be able to view this PowerPoint at a later time via my website at the above address. Write this down now, as you will need this to continue on to the other practice exercises for this 5 lesson unit. • After each class meeting, you will practice each lesson on your own. • Finally, after each lesson practice session, you will email me a reflection regarding your task at hand with Microsoft Publisher.

  8. Starting Microsoft Publisher Two Ways • Double click on the Microsoft Publisher icon on the desktop. OR • Click on Start --> Programs --> Microsoft Publisher

  9. Creating a Publication Using a Wizard • On the File menu, click New • Click the Publications by Wizard tab

  10. Creating a Publication Using A Wizard Continued 3. In the Wizards pane, click the type of publication you want 4. In the right pane, click the design you want 5. Click Start Wizard 6. To make changes to the publication's color scheme, layout, or personal information now, click Next and step through the wizard's questions to make the desired changes. 7. When you finish making changes, click Finish 8. In your publication replace the placeholder text and pictures with your own or with other objects. 9. On the File menu, click Save 10. In the Save In box, select the folder where you want to save the new publication 11. In the File name box, type a name for your publication 12. Click Save

  11. Practice Makes Perfect • Time to practice – Practice starting up Microsoft Publisher and creating a publication with a wizard. • Remember, review this PowerPoint if you have forgotten the steps. • To conclude this lesson and to receive credit, you must email (via link at the bottom of my Home Page) me a reflection about your experience with this introductory lesson to Microsoft Publisher. Next lesson (2): Quick Publication Wizard with a blank publication. Back to Susan Tischer’s Home Page