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Cultural Leaders From the 2007 iEARN Learning Circle PowerPoint Presentation
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Cultural Leaders From the 2007 iEARN Learning Circle

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Cultural Leaders From the 2007 iEARN Learning Circle - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cultural Leaders From the 2007 iEARN Learning Circle. Trinity Episcopal School Third Grade 2007. Jann Arden. Singer Our important Albertan is Jann Arden. She was born in Calgary Alberta. She was born on March 27 1962. She is important for her singing.

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Cultural Leaders From the 2007 iEARN Learning Circle

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cultural leaders from the 2007 iearn learning circle

Cultural Leaders From the 2007 iEARN Learning Circle

Trinity Episcopal School

Third Grade


jann arden
Jann Arden
  • Singer
  • Our important Albertan is Jann Arden. She was born in Calgary Alberta. She was born on March 27 1962. She is important for her singing.
  • Jann Arden has lots of famous cd’s and
  • loves singing her to hearts content. Most days she focuses most on her singing and, though she never sang when she was a kid.
  • Jann Arden wrote her first song when she was 13. In 1986 to1988 passion kicked in and she wrote every song imaginable.
  • Jann Arden’s other hobbies include reading, watching the cats, cooking, exercising. When Jann Arden was little she wrote in a diary of all her songs.
jon bon jovi
Jon Bon Jovi
  • Singer/Musician
  • Jon Bon Jovi was born in Perth Amboy, New Jersey, and was raised in nearbySayreville. Jon Bon Jovi discovered the band “Cinderella” in 1985, at the The Empire Rock Club in Philadelphia. Bon Jovi's first appearance in any musical production was in the 1980 Star Wars album, “Christmas in the Stars.”
  • Jon Bon Jovi’s current age is 45. He was born on February 3rd, 1962. He has donated more than $25,000 dollars to the Democratic Party. On September 21, 2005, during an appearance on her show, the Bon Jovi and his band donated $1,000,000 to Oprah Winfrey for her Angel Network foundation. Jon Bon Jovi has been named the first Founding Ambassador of the Habitat for Humanity Ambassador program as part of the international-nonprofit organization’s new outreach initiative. Bon Jovi has been raising awareness with Habitat for Humanity since 2005 when he provided the funds to build six homes in Philadelphia and built the homes alongside the homeowner families, as well as with members of his Philadelphia Soul Arena Football Team.
  • Charles and Addison
  • Grade 5
  • Franklin Township School
  • Quakertown, New Jersey, USA
  • April 17, 2007
kurt browning
Kurt Browning
  • Kurt Brownig was a good man.
  • He was a professional men's figure skater and won the Olympics championship four times.
  • His wife’s name is Cassandra Browning. Cassandra Browning has a job as a computer systems engineer. Kurt is our important Albertan and we are proud of his accomplishments. Kurt Browning is our important Albertan, because he won two world crowns.
  • Some of the things figure skaters can do on ice are pair skating, all together ice dancing, synchronized skating, split jumps, and ice dancing. There are many famous figure skaters but this is the one we were given to talk about and we are happy about it. He was born on June eighteenth 1966 and is a son of a cowboy. He lives in Carolina, Alberta and in 1994 he became professional thanks to his coach Louis Strong.
beverly cleary
  • Author
  • Beverly Cleary is one of the most popular writers in Oregon.  She wasborn in McMinnville, Oregon.  Beverly loved to read.  When she wasyoung, there were no libraries nearby.  Beverly's mother knew how muchshe loved to read.  Her mother insisted that they should have alibrary.   Finally, the governor agreed.  Once a week, a little wagonwould come around with books.  Beverly would borrow a lot of books.  When she didn't see the books she wanted to read, she would write herown.  Sometimes, she would share them with the librarian.  The librarianloved them.  She suggested that Beverly should become a writer.  Beverlyloved that idea, and did become a writer!
  • Beverly Cleary is well known for her many books, especially the Ramonaseries.  In her spare time, she likes to read and write.  Beverly Clearyis a great writer.  We suggest that you read some of her books.Haley and Vanessa Fourth GradeCorbett Elementary SchoolCorbett, Oregon, USA
grover cleveland
Grover Cleveland
  • President
  • Stephen Grover Cleveland was born on March 18,1837 in New Jersey, but grew up in upstate New York, and practiced law in Buffalo. Grover Cleveland was the 22nd and the 24th President and the only president to serve two non-consecutive terms. At 44, he rose in his political career and eventually was elected to the White House. The First Democrat elected after the Civil War, Grover Cleveland was the only President to leave the White House and return for a second term four years later. In December 1887 he called on Congress to reduce high protective tariffs. Cleveland won the Presidency with the combined support of Democrats and reform Republicans, who disliked the record of his opponent. Grover Cleveland vetoed many private pension bills to Civil War veterans whose claims were fraudulent. After leaving the White House, Cleveland lived in retirement in Princeton, New Jersey. He died on June 24th, 1908.

Charles and Addison

  • Grade 5
  • Franklin Township School
  • Quakertown, New Jersey, USA
  • April 17, 2007
victoria calihoo
Victoria Calihoo
  • Historian
  • Our important Albertan is Victoria Calihoo.
  • Victoria Calihoo is important because she lived to be 104 years old. She was a buffalo hunter, a Métis woman and a mother of twelve. She was a widow for forty years also she was born in Lac Ste. Anne in 1861 and died on April 21 in 1966.
  • Accomplishments that Victoria made was being a historian as in writing the past down so that the people of the past can know about the past and certain accomplishments.
albert einstein
Albert Einstein
  • Scientist
  • Albert Einstein was born at Ulm, in Württemberg, Germany, on March 14, 1879. Six weeks later the family moved to Munich and he began his schooling there at the Luitpold Gymnasium. Later, they moved to Italy and Albert continued his education at Aarau, Switzerland and in 1896 he entered the Swiss Federal Polytechnic School in Zurich to be trained as a teacher in physics and mathematics. In 1901, the year he gained his diploma, he acquired Swiss citizenship and, as he was unable to find a teaching post, he accepted a position as technical assistant in the Swiss Patent Office. In 1905 he obtained his doctor's degree.
  • After World War II, Albert Einstein became a leader in the Government Movement. In the 1920's, Einstein embarked on the construction of unified field theories, although he continued to work on the interpretation of quantum theory. He persevered with this work at Princeton University in New Jersey.
  • Einstein always appeared to have a clear view of the problems of physics and the determination to solve them. He had a strategy of his own and was able to see in his mind the way to his achieve his goals. He considered his major achievements as just a beginning place for future scientists to advance.
  • Alicea and Matt
  • Grade 5
  • Franklin Township School
  • Quakertown, New Jersey, USA
mircea eliade
Mircea Eliade
  • Philosopher
  • Mircea Eliade was born in Bucharest, Romania on 13 March 1907. Although Romanian records give his date of birth as 28 February, this is according to the Julian calendar, since the Gregorian calendar was not adopted in Romania until 1924. Eliade’s Orthodox Christian family celebrated his birthday on the Day of the Forty Martyrs, which is 9 March by the Julian calendar, and Eliade himself gave that date as his birthday. Despite a childhood interest in entomology and botany (which doubtless first attracted his attention to Goethe, a lifelong role model and inspiration), he developed an interest in world literature and was led from there to philology, philosophy, and comparative religion. As a youth he read extensively in Romanian, French, and German, and around 1924-25 he learned Italian and English to read Raffaele Pettazzoni and James George Frazer in the original.
  • In 1925 Eliade enrolled at the University of Bucharest where he studied in the department of philosophy. The influence of Nae Ionescu (b.1890), then an assistant professor of logic and metaphysics and an active journalist, was keenly felt by the young Eliade and the shadow which fell on the older scholar because of his involvement with the extreme right in inter-war Romania has darkened Eliade's reputation.
  • By Pop and Popa
  • 4th grade
  • International School Cluj, Romania
hazel hutchins
Hazel Hutchins
  • Author
  • Hazel Hutchins was born in a farm in the Southern Alberta. She had two older sisters and one older brother. Her family was kind and loving.
  • She is important because Hazel Hutchtins writes books. She writes magical stories and picture books. She writes them for children because we think that she wants kids imaginations to fly open wide. She lets her imagination go magical. She has written a lot of books and won a lot of awards because she has good thoughts.
  • We should be proud of this Albertan because she takes time to write books for people to read. We are also proud because she is a very good author in Alberta. She writes them more then fifty times to get it right!!!!!! We should be proud of this Albertan because she writes for Alberta.
leavender johnson
Leavender Johnson
  • Boxer
  • Leavender Johnson was a world champion lightweight boxer who died September 22, 2005. He was born in Jersey City, New Jersey and died in Las Vegas, Nevada. He won the International Boxing Federation version of the world title on June 17, 2005 against the Italian boxer Stefano Zoff.
  • Then, 3 months later, he defended his title for the first time. On September 17, 2005. Leavender faced the Mexican fighter Jesus Chåvez. Early in the 11th round the fight was stopped because Leavender took a barrage of punches from Chåvez. He was rushed to the hospital and had emergency surgery to correct a subdural hematoma (swelling and bleeding on the brain). Leavender survived into the next week and was showing some early sings of improvement. Sadly, on September 22, 2005 He stopped improving doctors decided to stop efforts to artificially prolong his life. He was pronounced dead at 4:23 P.M. PDT (Pacific daylight time). Where we live Leavender would have died at 7:23 P.M. EST (Eastern standard time).
  • Leavender Johnson: Statistics
  • Total Fights: 42
  • Wins: 34
  • Wins by KO: 26
  • Loses: 5
  • Draws: 2
  • No Contests: 1
  • Leavender Johnson: Boxing record
  • Hailey and Zachary
  • Grade 5
  • Franklin Township School
  • Quakertown, New Jersey
  • USA
eric kimmel
  • Children’s Author
  • Eric Kimmel is a very famous author.  He was born in Brooklyn, New York,in 1946.  He moved west to Easton, Pennsylvania, and graduated fromLafayette College in 1967.  Eric worked as an elementary teacher inManhattan.  Then he went to the Virgin Islands to work as a librarian. He had wanted to be an author since kindergarten.  His first book cameout in 1974.  He has published over fifty titles; many have won awards. Now, he and his wife, Doris, live in Portland, Oregon.  He is turning 61years old this year.Morgan
  • Third GradeCorbett Elementary SchoolCorbett, Oregon,
  • USA
walt morey
  • Walt Morey wrote lots of adventurous animal books.  He traveled thePacific Northwest, and lived most of his life in Oregon.  Walt Morey wasborn in Hoquiam, Washington.  His date of birth was February 3, 1907. Sadly, he died of a heart attack on January 12, 1992.Walt Morey wrote stories for magazines and two adult books.  Then hetook a break from writing.  He did other jobs like boxing and diving. Walt Morey wrote many children's books.  One of the books was called_Gentle Ben_, about a kodiak bear.  It was published in 1965, and hassold almost a million copies.  It became a movie and a televisionseries. Most of his books were based in the Pacific Northwest.Walt Morey visited many schools and talked about his life.  (He evenvisited our teacher's school when she was in sixth grade!) There is aschool near us that is named after him.Taylor
  • Fourth GradeCorbett Elementary SchoolCorbett, Oregon, USA
eddie murphy
Eddie Murphy
  • Entertainer
  • Childhood: Eddie Murphy was born in Brooklyn, New York April 3, 1961. His Father was stabbed to death when Eddie was only 8 years old. His mother, Lillian Murphy, raised Eddie and his brother, Charlie, and his half-brother Vernon Lynch Jr. Eddie was a very bright child. Even though he tested into a lot of gifted and talented programs, he liked to spend most of his time practicing stand-up comedy routines and impressions. When he was about 15, Eddie began to write and perform his own routines with his partner Mitchell Kyser. Bill Cosby and Richard Pryor heavily influenced these routines. Eddie eventually decided to look for his own comedy work and finally made it to a Manhattan showcase called The Comic Strip Live!
  • Eddie Murphy was voted most popular while attending Roosevelt Junior-Senior High School in Roosevelt, New York. Eddie Murphy then attended Nassau Community College in Long Island, New York before he started his acting career. He is 5’10” full grown.
  • Eddie Murphy started acting at a young age and is still acting today.
  • List of movies staring Eddie Murphy
  • Norbit…2007
  • The Haunted Mansion…2004
  • Daddy Daycare…2003
  • I Spy…2002
  • Dr. Dolittle…2001
  • Shrek 1,2,and 3/voice of Donkey…(Shrek 1) 2001
  • Nutty Professor II: The Klumps…2000
  • Hailey and Zachary
  • Grade 5
  • Franklin Township School
  • Quakertown, New Jersey, USA
  • April 17, 2007
bruce springsteen
Bruce Springsteen
  • Singer/Songwriter/ Musician
  • For our living person we chose Bruce Springsteen. He is a really famous musician who was born in New Jersey. He’s won many awards including several Grammys, an Oscar, and induction into the Rock and Roll hall of fame, plus a very large, devoted, and long- lasting fan base. His most famous albums are Born to Run and Born in the U.S.A.
  • Franklin Township School
  • Quakertown, New Jersey
  • U.S.A.
shaquille o neal
Shaquille O’Neal
  • Pro Basketball Player
  • Shaquille O’Neal is 7 foot 1. He weighs 325 pounds. He averages 17.1 points per game, and 7.3 rebounds per game. He went to Louisiana State College. Shaquille O’Neal was born on March 6, 1972. He prefers to be called “Shaq” and his nickname is SUPERMAN.
  • Shaquille O’Neal is one of the most famous American Professional Basketball players. He is mainly known as one of the most dominant players in the NBA. His number is 32 and his position is center. Shaquille has been a pro for 14 years.
  • He entered the NBA in 1992. Shaq first played for the Magic. From 1992 to 1996 he was also the center for the Lakers. From 96 to 04 Shaq played for the Miami Heat.
  • Blaise and Mike
  • Grade 5
  • Franklin Township School
  • Quakertown, New Jersey, USA
  • April 17, 2007
lillian pitt
  • Lillian Pitt


Lillian Pitt in one of Oregon's unique and talented artists.  Shecreates masks, paints pictures, and makes sculptures.  She is NativeAmerican.  Her Indian name is Wak'amu, which means "strongly rooted". She has shared her art in the U.S., Europe, New Zealand, and Japan.  Shewas born in Warm Springs, Oregon, in 1943, and is still living.Morgan Bucher and Ryan MartinezThird GradeCorbett Elementary SchoolCorbett, Oregon


jerry potts
Jerry Potts
  • Adventurer
  • Our Important Albertan is Jerry Potts. He was born is 1840. He was a Métis. He had started helping the N.W.M.P in 1874. His father is from Scotland and his mother is a Blood Nation. He was a dangerous man and first killed Antoine Primeau, a French Canadian trapper who he killed when he was the age of 22 for picking on him.
  • Jerry Potts is important because he guided the Mounties and if he didn’t guide them they would have died. He was important because he interpreted the Blackfoot for the Government of Canada in Treaty Seven. Jerry Potts showed the Mounties the islands and build Fort Macleod. He had to guide the Mounties through a snowy snowstorm. He had fanatics shot with a rifle and was a great knife fighter. . He could not read or write but he could sign his name. Jerry was born into the Blood Tribe. Jerry later married two members of the Piegan Tribe named Panther Women plus Spotted Killer. He considered himself a Piegan but Jerry kept his Native name Kyi-Yo-Kosi, which means ‘bear child’ that had given to him by the Blood Tribe.
meryl streep
Meryl Streep
  • Actress
  • Meryl Streep was born in Summit, New Jersey, on June 22, 1949. Her first feature film was Julia in 1977, she had a small but pivotal role in a flashback scene. After the first show, Streep did her second movie in which she got her first Academy Award nomination, for Best Supportive Actress.
  • Then many more shows followed after. When that happened, Streep received many more Academy Awards. Some were Best Actress, Best Actress in a Mini-Series, Best Actress-Motion Picture Drama, and Best Leading Actress in a Leading Role.
  • Meredith and Cheyenne
  • Grade 5
  • Franklin Township School
  • Quakertown, New Jersey, USA
  • April 4, 2007
ruth st denis
Ruth St. Denis
  • Dancer
  • Ruth St. Denis was born in Newark New Jersey on January 20, 1875. She was a dancer and opened her own school. Ruth was interested in Egyptian dance, and that was her favorite kind of dance to perform.
  • Ruth was a perfect dancer and influenced many peoples lives. She also was a dancer good enough to do solos around the world. She went on to live a great life dancing and acting in plays. Ruth St. Denis passed away on July 21, 1968.
  • Meredith and Cheyenne
  • Grade 5
  • Franklin Township School
  • Quakertown, New Jersey, USA
  • April 4, 2007
cora taylor
Cora Taylor
  • Author
  • Cora Taylor is well known for her books. Some of her books include Murder in Mexico, Ghost Voyages and The Doll. At the moment she lives in Edmonton, Alberta and her place of birth was Fort Qu’Appelle, Saskatchewan. She lived there until she was 16 years old.
  • Cora Taylor has won many awards such as the Canadian Council Award for Children’s Literature, Book of the Year for Children’s Award (Canadian Library Association) and the R. Ross Annett Juvenile Fiction Award.
  • This Albertan is important for her wonderful way of writing for young adults and children.
  • We should be proud of this Albertan because she has won many awards and made many of us have an enjoyable time while reading her books.
rudy wiebe
Rudy Wiebe
  • Author
  • Our important Albertan is Rudy Wiebe. He is important to Alberta because of his amazing books such as River of Stone, My Lovely Enemy and Far as the I can See. We think we should be proud of this Albertan because we feel that he really does admire Alberta.