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iEARN. A “How To” Manual. Implementation. Three easy steps to Implementation Pick a Project Use your imagination Go to it!. Standards Grades Computer Use Security on net Legal Responsibilities. DSTP Netiquette Assessment Scheduling. Areas of Concern. Easy? Show Me. Pick a Project.

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A “How To” Manual


Three easy steps to Implementation

  • Pick a Project
  • Use your imagination
  • Go to it!
areas of concern


Computer Use

Security on net

Legal Responsibilities





Areas of Concern
pick a project
Pick a Project
  • Visit iEARN site and preview projects
  • Survey students on available projects
  • Make sure project meets curriculum requirements
  • Contact project facilitator - requirements
  • Log on
use your imagination
Use Your Imagination
  • Research Paper
  • Interview
  • Abstract
  • Cyber Pals
  • Power Point
  • Culture Gram Book
  • Culture Gram Memories Book
  • Quilt

Let`s Begin

  • Take care of the paperwork:
  • Letter home to parents
  • Permission slip for pictures on net
  • Netiquette (“Ugly American”)
  • Explanation of use of class time
  • Permission slip to correspond at home
  • Schedule for visits
  • Set Goals

Student Handouts

  • Outline of items required for project
  • Timeline for project
  • Assigned a research topic, with requirements
  • Interview policies and format
  • Abstract format
  • Interest inventory of themselves
  • Copy of netiquette policy

Goal Setting

Teacher Goals:

1.      Learn the intricacies of an online course

2. Develop an innovative way to teach the culture requirement at our grade level

3..      Develop a greater base of technology skills

Student Goals:

1.      Develop technology skills that will allow them to participate in a forum project

2.      Identify and use Netiquette skills

3.      Introduce and analyze different cultures as required by State Standards

4.      Identify and analyze characteristics of their own culture

5.      Compare and contrast US culture with international cultures


Specific Lessons

  • Interest inventory for an online profile
  • Research Paper with Primary, Secondary Resources
  • Develop and conduct Interview
  • Develop abstract from paper to post on web
  • Design anticipatory questions with a focus for correspondence
  • Prepare a World Map to mark correspondence
  • Design a Culture Gram of Wilmington to be sent to project facilitator
  • Design a Culture Gram memories Book for class
standards completed
Geography 1b

Geography 2b

Geography 3b

Geography 4b

Geography 2c

Geography 4c

Geography 3a

Geography 4a

Economics 3a

Economics 3c

Civics 3a

Civics 3b

History 2b

Standards Completed
memories culture gram
“Memories” Culture Gram
  • Debriefing tool for students
  • Reinforcement of learning material
  • Grades
  • Assessment
  • Develop technology skills
    • Cut and paste images and files
    • File management (folders)
    • Photos---scan, crop, use of digital camera
    • Power points
    • Post messages and follow message threads, search, maintain message center, use passwords within iEARN site.

Culture Gram of Home

  • Debriefing tool for students
  • Provides cohesiveness
  • Gift for Ahmed our facilitator
  • Learn Power Point
  • Grades
  • Assessment
Interdisciplinary ?

Language Arts –Weekly journal, letter writing to AC Moore,

abstracts, research, citing, post messages.

Standard 1- oral & written communication

Standard 3- access, organize, and evaluate information

Standard 4- connect self to society through print and visual


Math – Computation of quilt squares, yards of fabric

Standard 1-Problem Solving

Standard 2-Communicate Mathematically

Standard 5-Computation

Standard 6-Number Sense

Standard 9-Statistics & Probability

Art –Design cover of Culture Grams