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Startup Consulting Services

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Startup Consulting Services - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Looking for a affordable startup consulting services? Contact us today and get small business startup consulting.

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Startup Consulting Services

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with our vast experience the apps team is also
With our vast experience, the &Apps team is also qualified to provide startup consulting services.
  • We know it can be difficult to get your business off the ground regardless of the funding or the validity of your idea.
  • There is a steep trajectory of learning in the first few months of starting your business that cat stump even the intelligent business owner.
  • There are a lot of moving parts associated with running a successful start up. Besides design and development, you also have to take care of the financial and legal aspects of your enterprise.
  • From identifying a target market to budget allocation to getting investors, we are intimately aware of all the trade secrets for succeeding within the startup circuit.
our consulting services for startups
Our consulting services for startups are particularly useful for small business owners who don’t know which direction to take with their product marketing.
  • Think of your &Apps liaison as your coach, mentor and technical expert who will not only give you the expertise to get your product out in front of your customers in the best possible light, but also motivate you to take your company to heights you have only dreamed of!
if you are a startup or a small to medium sized
If you are a startup or a small to medium sized company, we can help you with everything from design and development consultations to market research to viral growth hacking.
  • Having a talented group of advisors at the right time can mean the difference between convincing an investor and losing the trust of your investors or worse – the customers.
  • With &Apps, you get to join hands with some of the most talented minds that have walked in your shoes not very long ago. Minds that will take the time to understand your problem and solve it as their own!
when people start their own venture there
When people start their own venture, there is a tendency to try and do everything yourself.
  • However, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel! Our small business consulting services will help you focus on the right things and ask the right questions in order to make savvy business decisions.
  • Whether you are sitting in with us at a strategy session or wrestling internally about how to get more customers, convince an interested investor or about how to stay above water financially, &Apps will offer you a sensible, sympathetic and experienced professional team to help solve your one of a kind problem.
our consulting services are wide ranging but just
Our consulting services are wide-ranging, but just to give you a glimpse into the kind of work we do, here is a list of things we have helped clients with:
  • Identifying a pain-point in user experience and fixing the problem
  • Making first contact with a potential investor
  • Training your team on how to effectively close and on-board a customer
  • Providing technical expertise when exploring the feasibility of your digital product idea
  • Ensuring the product is properly validated in early stages to prevent problems
  • Helping a small business create and execute a strong business plan
  • Researching competitors and market demand before building a prototype
  • Helping an existing small business venture and expand into a new market