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Smarter WiFi for Hospitality PowerPoint Presentation
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Smarter WiFi for Hospitality

Smarter WiFi for Hospitality

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Smarter WiFi for Hospitality

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  1. Smarter WiFi for Hospitality Building Better andMore Cost Effective WiFi Environments NO CONNECTION A “Big Dog” Partner

  2. Hospitality Customers • Holiday Inn Express (Altanta) • Comfort Suites (Altanta) • Marines Memorial Hotel (SF) • Courtyard Marriott Buckhead (Atlanta) • Lakeside Inn and Casino (Lake Tahoe) • Holiday Inn Select (Strongsville, Ohio) • Doubletree Club Hotel (Philadelphia) • Fairfield Inn (Merrimack, NH) • Residence Inn (Dedham, MA) • Crowne Plaza (Albany, NY) • Crowne Plaza Hotel (Phoeniz,AZ) • Holiday Inn West (Phoenix, AZ) • Radisson Phoenix Airport • Courtyard by Marriott (Bentonville, AK) • Residence Inn (Little Rock, AR) • Marines Hotel (San Francisco, CA) • Marriot Denver Airport • And Many More……

  3. WiFi. What’s going on?

  4. Where is the ‘puck going’ with WiFi?

  5. Reliability Cost Security Easy integration Management Scalability n/a Don't know 0 10 20 30 40 Wireless LANs: What Matters Most?

  6. So What’s Wrong with WiFi? WiFi signals are flaky Performance is erratic Coverage isn’t ubiquitous Cumbersome to configure Time-consuming to deploy Expensive

  7. 802.11n • Wi­Fion Steroids (300 Mbps) • Combines multiple WiFiradios within a single system • 5Ghz radio for 802.11n & 802.11a (300 Mbps) • 2.4Ghz radio for 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n (300 Mbps) • 5Ghz = MUCH cleaner airspace, 23 non-overlapping channels (vs. 3 non-overlapping channels with 802.11b/g) • Leverages “spatial multiplexing”, channel bonding and other advanced techniques to boost performance

  8. Ruckus WiFi Innovations

  9. Innovation #1 Dynamic Beamforming

  10. BeamFlex provides Adaptive WiFi Control Directional, high-gain smart antenna Continually picks the best signal path to clients Adaptive beam forming and steering

  11. The Ultimate Benefit Source: Ruckus Customer Test Location: Commercial high rise building in Canada More Consistent Performance, Better Range Top-Tier Enterprise AP Ruckus AP 200 ft 200 ft Upper Floor 125 ft 125 ft AP 200 ft 200 ft Lower Floor 125 ft 125 ft 20-22 Mbps 15-20 Mbps 10-15 Mbps 5-10 Mbps AP on upper floor

  12. Twice the Performance (for dual-band 802.11n) Independent “Open Air” Wireless Testing Tells a Complete Story 2.4GHz 2.4GHz Data Grade Video Grade 5GHz 5GHz Data Grade Video Grade

  13. Innovation #2 Mesh WiFi that Works

  14. Introducing SmartMesh™ First Intelligent, Centralized WLAN Mesh Solution for 802.11n and 802.11g • Eliminates Ethernetcable to every AP • Uses RF signal routingto determine best paths to client and between mesh nodes • Only mesh system that avoids interference • Uses high-gain, long-rangesmart antennas to minimize hops, improve performance • Deploys in half the time, half the costof conventional WLANs • Simple, simple, simple to configure & manage Half the Cost Half the Time 3X the Performance

  15. Innovation #3 Dynamic PSK (easy AD authentication)

  16. How Dynamic PSK™ Works 1. First time user connects to Ethernet port ZoneFlex 2942 2. User specifies URL to be automatically configured for WLAN access 3. Once authenticated, ZoneDirector auto-provisions the requisite WLAN settings and a unique, dynamic PSK in user’s wireless settings RADIUS/AD ZoneDirector 4. Key is bound to both user and device until invalidated Router • User can now connect securely to the WLAN IDS Internet

  17. Ruckus ZoneFlex Solution

  18. ZoneFlex Simple-to-Use, Industrial-Strength WLANs ZoneFlex 2942 802.11g AP • Best WiFi on the planet • WLAN-wide optimum signal path selection • WLAN-wide interference avoidance • WLAN-wide automatic RF coordination • Effortless everything • Pluggable, meshable, easy to install/expand • Wizard-based configuration • Automatic client administration • Advanced security simplified • Unmatched price/value • Unprecedented CAPEX savings • Lowest OPEX • Breakthrough feature/functionality • “Triple-Play” over WiFi • Date/Voice/Video over WiFi ZoneFlex 7762 Outdoor dual band 802.11n ZoneDirector 1000 and 3000 Smart/OS FlexMaster

  19. Smart Wireless LAN Products Smart WiFi Controllers Smart WiFi Centralized Management Smart WiFi 802.11b/g/nAccess Points ZoneFlex™ ZoneDirector™ FlexMaster™ Smart WiFimultimedia routers and receivers forbroadband providers Smart WLANmanaged systems for enterprises Remote WiFimanagement for service providers and enterprises

  20. ZoneFlex Smart APs Indoor Outdoor

  21. 802.11n for the Triple Play in Hospitality Introducing the ZoneFlex™ 7962 802.11n • Dual Band 802.11n • 2.4 GHz – data and voice • 5 GHz – video • 8 SSID’s per each band • Centrally managed • Integrated smart antenna array • Availability: Now • MPEG 2 Stream = up to 3 HD TVs • MPEG 4 Stream = up to 6 HD TV’s

  22. Triple Play Deployment in Hospitality Demonstrate Flawless Video Delivery Common Data SSID (2.4G) Floor 3 Video SSID (5 G) Floor 2 Video SSID (5 G) Floor 1 Video SSID (5 G) • Guaranteed video/voice priority over data • Centrally manageable by FlexMaster or ZoneDirector • One 7111 adapter per room Internet

  23. Ease of Use • “intuitive and simple to configure thanks to its interactive and modern Web-based interface” • “Ruckus excels in simplicity with simple • navigation” • Range and Performance • “the best 802.11b/g coverage range we've tested” • “the only product to deliver astonishing speeds at extreme ranges where all others failed to even connect” • Simple Deployment • “ZoneFlex's key attraction for many businesses will be its ease of installation and management….a system that can be installed and configured in minutes” What’s Others Say About ZoneFlex

  24. Hospitality

  25. H O S P I T A L I T Y WiFi Solves Wired Problem • 802 guest rooms • 15 floors (12 guest) • 550,000 square feet • Located near LAX • Hotel designed to withhold direct hit from 747 • Poor wired network main driver for new WiFi network • Cat 5 backbone to closets, old-Cat 3 to rooms • Limited capacity to rooms (10-15 Mbps) • Recabling rooms a non starter (est. $480,000) • Low Guest Service Index scores hurting business • Building construction an RF challenge • Signal attenuation a concern • Huge coverage area • Three-wing configuration with long runs to guest rooms meant coverage challenges • WiFi solutions for entire hotel from Xirrus, Cisco, Colubris and TeleAdapt$120K and higher

  26. H O S P I T A L I T Y What was Done… Four ZoneFlex 2942s for each of the 12 guest room floors One at end of each wing one “meshed” in the middle 48 total aps, cost equals $35 per room. Redundant ZoneDirector1050 controllers Entire WLAN configuration in under 30 minutes Deployment in 18 hours (with 2 people)

  27. H O S P I T A L I T Y And the Results? Higher GSI scores Better performance than wired everywhere Overall WLAN less than ½ the cost of any other alternative Better reliability, “rock-solid WiFi connections” Video and voice ready, can now focus on rev-gen apps)

  28. Contact ATM Systems Today! A “Big Dog” Partner 19650 Club House Road, Suite 102 Montgomery Village, MD 20886 800-417-3201 Steve Myers: