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English For Hospitality. Topic 5 Bell Service. Ⅰ. Task presenting Ⅱ. Task preparing Ⅲ. Task completing Ⅳ. Further development Ⅴ. Assignment. Brief introduction of bell service

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topic 5 bell service
Topic 5 Bell Service

Ⅰ. Task presenting

Ⅱ. Task preparing

Ⅲ. Task completing

Ⅳ. Further development

Ⅴ. Assignment

task presenting
Brief introduction of bell service

The bell service has the most frequent contact with the guests. Its staff is very important part of the reception process. The bellman usually works next to the front desk. In some hotels, the bellman does take care of the guest's luggage. He uses a cart when moving luggage.

The duty of bellman

  • Greet incoming guests and escort(护送) them to their rooms.
  • Provide guests with baggage handling and transport service upon arrival and checkout.
Ⅰ. Task Presenting
Orient(为…指示) guest to all hotel features and facilities upon check-in.
  • Deliver items such as flowers, sundries(杂物), messages to guest rooms upon request.
  • Maintain clean lobbies or entrance areas for travelers or guests. Assist in other front services areas including valet(仆从) and doorman (看门人 ) services.
  • May include additional duties such as delivering newspapers to guest rooms, parking vehicles arriving during third shift hours.
  • Maintain current knowledge of local area, attractions and events.
  • Perform other duties as assigned(指定的).
task preparing
Ⅱ. Task Preparing


bellman (bellhop, bellboy) doorman (door boy)

n. 行李员,

n. 守门人,(门童)

pull up 

n. (汽车)停下来,


n. (汽车)行李箱




express elevator

n. (行李)件

n. 纪念品

n. 走廊

n. 快速电梯


Situational Conversation 1:

(A car pulls up in front of Sheraton Hotel and Dgoes forward to meet the guests Mr. and Mrs. Bell, opening the door of the car for them.)

D (doorman): Good evening, sir and madam. Welcome to our Sheraton Hotel.

B (Mr. Bell):Thanks. Good evening.

D: (Opening the trunk, taking out the baggage and looking at the name on the baggage tags) I'm the doorman, sir. So you have got altogether four pieces of baggage?

B: Er. Maybe five, Susan (S)?

D: Five? Oh, sorry.Let me have a check again.

S (Mrs. Bell): Oh, no, Henry. Always poor memory! We've got only four.

B: I see. (To the doorman)Sorry, boy.You're right.Four pieces.

D:Never mind, sir.The Reception Desk is straight ahead. After you, please.

B: Yes, thank you.

situational conversation 2
B: Bellman G: Guest

B: Good evening, madam! I'll show you to your room. You have two suitcases and one briefcase. Is that correct?

G: Yes, that's right.

B: Your room is on the 12th floor. Let's take the elevator over there.

G: OK. By the way, where is the bar?

B: It's on the third floor. It opens around the clock. Our breakfast hours are 6:30 to 10 a.m. Lunch is severed between 11:30 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Dinner is from 7:00 p.m. to 10 p.m. You can get a light meal or a snack anytime in our 24-hour coffee shop. And you can call room service between 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. Here is a copy of the menu.

Situational Conversation 2:

G: Thank you!

B: You are welcome. The elevators on the right are the express ones to the tenth and above. The elevators on the left go and stop at every floor. Here is the elevator. Please, madam.


B: Is this your first time in Guilin?

G: Yes, it's.

B: I hope you'll have time to look around. There is a lot to see.

G: I’m sure, I'll.

(The elevator stops.)

B: Watch your step, madam. And come this way, please.

situational conversation 3

A: Excuse me. Where can I buy some cigarettes?

B: There is a shop on the ground floor. It sells both Chinese and foreign cigarettes.

A: Can I also get some souvenirs there?

B: Yes, sir. There is a counter selling all kinds of souvenirs.

A: By the way, where is the men's room?

B: There is one at the end of the corridor.

A: Thank you.

B:You are welcome.

Situational Conversation 3:
useful sentence pattern
You have got altogether … pieces of baggage?
  • Let me have a check again.
  • Let me show you to your room
  • I can (mail the postcards) for you if you like.
  • The elevators on the right are the express ones to the tenth and above. The elevators on the left go and stop at every floor.
  • Here is the elevator. After you, sir.
  • Watch your step, sir. And come this way, please.
Useful sentence pattern
If you require anything, you can call the Front Desk.
  • Is there anything else I can do for you?
  • (Knock at the door.) Did you call for service?
  • G: Would you get me some cigarettes please, if that were not too much trouble?

B: That's no trouble at all, sir. Which brand would you prefer?

  • Always at your service.

Ⅲ. Task Completing

Pair work:

Student A is a guest who is at the hall of a hotel and wants to know where he can have a meal. Student B is a bell boy and showing the way to the restaurant.

There are Chinese and Western-style restaurant in the hotel on the second and ground floor.

The information provided include the service hour.


Suggested answer:

A: Excuse me,where is the restaurant?

B: We have Chinese restaurant and a western-style restaurant. Which one do you prefer?

A: I'd like to try some Chinese food today.

B:The Chinese restaurant is on the second floor.

A: What are the hours at the restaurant?

B: Breakfast 6:30 to 9:00 a.m.; Lunch 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.; Dinner 5:30 to 9:00 p.m..

A: Thank you.

B:You're welcome.

further development

1. Watch the movie clip of Heartbreak Hotel. Pay attention to the behavior of the bellman.

2. Discuss with your partner what you think of the hotel.

Heartbreak Hotel. wmv

Ⅳ. Further Development

Discuss with your classmates after the class: If you are a guest in Guilin Waterfall Hotel. What do you do if your clients want to know how to get to Guilin International Convention Center.

Finish the exercises on line.

Ⅴ. Assignment