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Smarter Systems for a Smarter Planet PowerPoint Presentation
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Smarter Systems for a Smarter Planet

Smarter Systems for a Smarter Planet

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Smarter Systems for a Smarter Planet

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  1. Presenter Name – Presenter Title MM/DD/Year Smarter Systems for a Smarter Planet

  2. Welcome to the decade of smart Data is changing everything

  3. The world is getting smarterMore instrumented, interconnected, intelligent

  4. Smarter cities … • 60 million people moving to cities each year • 59 cities with 5 million+ citizens by 2015 • 70% world population living in cities by 2050 • India’s urbanization rate at 50% by 2030 • Equivalent of US population to join urban population in China by 2025 • $40+ trillion investment in urbanization in China (2005-2025)

  5. Today’s data center is not built for what’s coming A smarter planet requires real-time data analytics and security for unprecedented scale and complexity Petabytes of unstructured data including real-time streams Terabytes of structured online data Data Complex transactions integrated with real time analytics Simple online transactions with back end processing Transactions Security analytics for intrusion prediction and prevention Online data security and intrusion detection Security

  6. Welcome to the decade of smart New workloads bring new challenges

  7. Anatomy of a smarter system Faster Deployments… Lower Costs, Reduced Risk… Simple! Fast!! They Just Work!!! Storage Efficiency Server Optimizations Scale Up, Scale Out, Scale Within Price/performance Solid State, Scale Out Integrated, Optimized… by Workload System Software Middleware Optimization Simplify operations, maximize flexibility Application & System Optimized

  8. What’s now possible with smarter systems … …predict and treat infection in premature newborns 24 hours earlier? …adjust credit lines as transactions are occurring to account for risk fluctuations? …determine who to offer discounts at time of sale instead of offering to all? …apply inferred social relationships of customers to prevent churn? Retail Sales Associate Telco Call Center Rep Loan Officer Physician … optimize every transaction, process and decision at the point of impact, based on the current situation, without requiring that everyone be an analytical expert

  9. IBM is building Smarter Systems for a Smarter Planet • Intentionally designing integrated systems that redefine performance and optimizeresources to deliver the highestpossible value.

  10. IBM Smarter Systems System x The 5th generation of Enterprise X-Architecture with unparalleled memory capacity Power Systems Highly scalable system delivering 5X performance and 7X power efficiency at a lower cost zEnterprise Most significant new systems architecture in nearly 20 years … Systems Storage Extensive block, file and tape capabilities for smart movement and management of data Integrated value with software optimized for Smarter Systems zEnterprise, fourth smarter systems announcement this year

  11. Reinventing the mainframe through bold innovations … Four innovations that reinvented the mainframe System/360 Centralized computing for back-office System/390 Bipolar to CMOS A chip-level change that provided system-level benefits, extending the mainframe’s architecture System/390 Parallel Sysplex Multiple mainframes acting as one for high availability eServer z900 Linux on Mainframe Specialty processor to bring mainframe qualities of service to Linux applications Today the tradition continues ...

  12. zEnterprise A smarter “system of systems” for a Smarter Planet optimized for individual needs and workloads, based on: Deep understanding of client needs Massive investment in technology leadership Robust IBM integration