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Western Carolina University Office of Human Resources presents

Western Carolina University Office of Human Resources presents. EPA-PAF’s Personnel Action Forms. What is an EPA PAF.

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Western Carolina University Office of Human Resources presents

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  1. Western Carolina UniversityOffice of Human Resources presents EPA-PAF’s Personnel Action Forms

  2. What is an EPA PAF A PAF (Personnel Action Form) is a human resources form that is completed by the employee’s department when you hire or separate an EPA employee or change your EPA employee’s employment in some way* New permanent hires resulting from a search do not require a PAF. These searched positions are handled in the on-line employment system via the hiring proposal. There is more information on this at the end of this presentation. *Note: There are similar action forms for SPA personnel actions, but this discussion is for EPA actions only. You can contact the Office of Human Resources at X7218 for additional information on SPA actions.

  3. PAF’s/EPAF’s • Western Carolina University began producing its own Payroll out of Banner in January 2010 • PAF’s in hard copy mirror EPAF’s – EPAF’s are electronic forms that will be Phase II of the Banner payroll implementation - training on EPAF’s will be forthcoming • For now, the hard copy PAF’s mirror that process with a goal of a smooth transition when EPAF’s are fully implemented.

  4. PAF’s The PAF’s and corresponding use guide can be found on the HR web site PAF’s are filled out on line Printed Sent through signature approval process – Dept head/Dean Dean’s office prepares contracts when appropriate Forwarded to HR office in complete and correct format HR reviews and forwards to budget office for approval Final approved PAF is processed to payroll

  5. Overview of Available PAF’s • Adjunct • Temporary Employment (formerly TMPT) • Intermittent Employment (formerly TLPT) • Change • Overload - for faculty who do additional teaching • Extra Compensation - for permanent EPA employees doing extra non-teaching EPA duties

  6. Overview of Available PAF’s Extra Compensation for SPA employees teaching a class Extra Compensation for EPA permanent non-faculty employees teaching a class Separation Phased retiree appointment Summer Session PAF

  7. Adjunct PAF • This form is used for Adjunct: • New hire • Reappointment • Model Clinical actions • Distance Learning TEACHING actions

  8. Adjunct process • Adjuncts do not require a search and therefore require a PAF and contract • Be advised that there are prerequisites to offering a position including a background screening – details can be found on the HR web page under Permanent and Adjunct Contract Templates and Processes • Once prerequisite AA21, background screening and compliance paperwork are completed and an offer is extended and accepted, the hiring PAF is prepared in Dept or Dean’s office • The contract is generated in the Dean’s office (mirroring the information on the PAF), it is sent out for signature to the adjunct, returned to Dean’s office who attaches it to PAF and forwards to HR NOTE: Adjunct PAF’s and contracts need Dean’s signature approval

  9. Temporary Employment PAFTMPT • Use for short term, temporary EPA non-teaching employment • Employment that lasts for a semester or more • May involve working with or supervising WCU students NOTE: 1. Use only for positions that do not qualify as Adjunct 2. Remember all new hires must have prerequisite background check and all new hire compliance paperwork completed in HR before first day of work.

  10. Intermittent Employment PAF TLPT Use for temporary, part time EPA work that • Lasts less than a semester • Does not involve teaching or supervising WCU students • One time events – presentations, workshops, etc. Note: 1. Sometimes these types of actions can be handled as independent contractor’s – when that is the case, it is processed through the controller’s office as Accounts Payable. Go to Controller’s web site for information on independent contractors: http://www.wcu.edu/12381.asp 2. Remember new hires must have background check and compliance paperwork completed before first day of work

  11. Change PAF Use for all types of changes to an EPA employee position, for example: Change in funding source Change in funding amount Change in months per year working For fixed term reappointments Change in status (from EPA to SPA)

  12. Overload PAF • Use for any PERMANENT full time faculty member that teaches more than assigned load – look at APR 12 on Provost Office web site for information on overloads http://www.wcu.edu/10132.asp

  13. Extra Compensation PAF • Use for PERMANENT full time or part time EPA employees that do extra non teaching duties for pay • This includes EPA faculty and EPA non-faculty – full and part time* • Requires Policy 22 form attached to PAF – see Chancellor’s web page for University policies including Policy 22 explanation and form *Note: Does Not include adjuncts as they are part time BUT they are not Permanent employees

  14. Extra Compensation for SPA or EPA non-faculty who teach PAF’s Sometimes you will have a permanent SPA or EPA non-faculty employee who will teach credit courses for WCU There are separate PAF’s for each of these situations ; AA21 credentialing is required; and an adjunct contract and Policy 22 form should be attached to the PAF.

  15. Separation PAF Use for all EPA employment separations including resignations, end of contract, retirements, Phased retirement*, etc. – these require copy of resignation letter and leave information attached *Note: Phased retirement separation PAF’s also require a Phased Retirement Appointment PAF to appoint the individual to the Phased retiree position. Please contact HR at X7218 for information on Phased and regular retirement

  16. Summer Session PAF • Summer Session resident and distance learning courses including travel courses taught during the summer are handled through the Summer Session Office • Summer session PAF’s are required for all summer session teaching. • New hires for summer teaching or those on a fixed term contract that are not under an active fixed term contract in the summer (not reappointed for the upcoming Fall) require not only the SS PAF, but also an executed SS contract. • Please review APR 19 on the Provost’s web page and direct questions to Ann Green at X3016

  17. New Searched Hires • New hires resulting from a search do not require a PAF. These searched positions are handled in the on-line employment system via the hiring proposal. The hiring proposal (HP) is the “PAF” and the Dean’s office prepares the contract to reflect information on the hiring proposal. For additional information on searched positions, contact Alicia Estes in Human Resources at X2565

  18. HP to filled position Point at which search results in a final candidate, Search Chair or hiring official- • Makes verbal offer – when accepted • Converts applicant status to “recommend for hire”; initiates the Hiring Proposal on line • Hiring proposal is electronically routed for approvals (dept. head and dean/director) • Dean/Director submits to HR • HR does background check and confirms AA21 • HR “approves for supervisor to offer position” • Dean issues contract

  19. HP to filled position When contract is issued and when it is received back in Dean’s office, it is documented inside the online employment system. HR intake holds Hiring Proposal for fully executed contract from Dean’s office* Dept/Dean/Search Chair works with HR to close search and seat position. HR intake sets up appointment to do compliance paperwork with new hire *Note – new permanent faculty contracts and/or fixed term reappointments greater than one year, require Provost approval signature

  20. Final notes • Forms, templates and guides are updated regularly and so the most up to date HR items can be found on the HR Web site • http://www.wcu.edu/24147.asp • Call Vicki Knaack at X2776 anytime with questions concerning EPA actions • Call Alicia Estes at X2565 anytime with questions concerning recruitment/online employment system

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