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MI-Access. 2012-2013 Conference Presentations. Common Administration Errors. Common Administration Errors. Answer documents returned without barcode labels Answer documents returned with incorrect barcode labels (name on answer document does not match label)

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Conference Presentations

common administration errors1
Common Administration Errors
  • Answer documents returned without barcode labels
  • Answer documents returned with incorrect barcode labels (name on answer document does not match label)
  • Material returned to the wrong vendor

Common Administration Errors

  • Answer document does not have form number bubbled in and/or written in
  • Answer document placed in test booklet when returned
  • Test booklet returned but no answer document
  • Students taking multiple assessment types (FI,SI or P)
common administration errors2
Common Administration Errors
  • Students taking out-of-level assessments (test form grade does not match pre-ID grade)
  • Student answer documents returned under wrong School Header sheets
  • No final counts on the header sheets
  • No header sheets at all
common administration errors3
Common Administration Errors
  • Administering accommodated version of Functional Independence assessments when NOT documented in the student’s IEP and/or used in daily instruction
  • Answer documents not completed correctly
common administration errors4
Common Administration Errors
  • Answer documents completed by students rather than by assessment administrators
  • Bubbles not filled in with #2 pencil correctly (Scanning equipment only captures #2 lead markings)
  • Not completing the MEAP-Access bubble
common administration errors5
Common Administration Errors
  • Primary and Shadow Assessment Administrator scores not recorded for each student for each item for P/SI assessments
  • Orders for AMO/first-time orders not entered by appropriate district level personnel
common administration errors6
Common Administration Errors
  • Student NOT flagged as Special Education in MSDS. (Failure to do this yields no valid scores).
  • Tested Roster not being reviewed by districts after testing.
  • Picture Cards not used during P/SI testing.
  • Reading items marked in the “Do Not Read Aloud” table. This changes the construct of the item.
misadministration process
Misadministration Process
  • Any misadministration or incident during the assessment window may be self-reported by going to the BAA secure site and select the document at the lower section of the announcement page titled:
  • “BAA Test Administration Incident Report”
important communications
Important Communications
  • BAA sends important emails to District MI-Access Coordinators throughout the administration cycle.
  • Ensure your contact information, particularly email address, is updated and accurate in EEM (Educational Entity Master).
important communications1
Important Communications
  • Ensure your district’s IT professional confirms you can receive these emails and attachments.
  • Student answer documents returned without a Pre-ID label will have a label affixed by the contractor at a cost of $10 per document.
  • If a label cannot be affixed by the contractor, the document will not be scored.
  • Outstanding fees suppresses both present and future reports to districts.


  • Fall Late Shipment fee is $250 per school beyond November 14, 2012 (Spring 2013 is April 5).
  • An additional $25 fee per Answer Document will be assessed for schools returning beyond November 21, 2012 (Spring 2013 is April 12). (see chart on next slide for fee charges)

Contact Information

  • Call 877-560-8378 option 4
  • baa@michigan.gov