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MI-Access Accommodations . Conference Presentations. Assessment Accommodations.

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Mi access accommodations

MI-Access Accommodations

Conference Presentations

Mi access accommodations

Assessment Accommodations

The MI-Access assessments were developed using universal design principles, which are based on the premise that every child deserves to participate in assessment, and that assessment results should not be affected by disability, gender, ethnicity, or English language ability.

Mi access accommodations

Assessment Accommodations

Despite every effort to ensure that the MI-Access assessments are accessible, it is understood that some students may still need accommodations in order to participate fully and meaningfully in this assessment.

Assessment accommodation summary table
Assessment Accommodation Summary Table

  • Revised Accommodations Summary Table (August 2011)

    • Displays accommodations for MEAP, MEAP-Access, MI-Access, ELPA, and NAEP

    • Revised table located at www.mi.gov/mi-access

Assessment accommodation summary table1
Assessment Accommodation Summary Table

  • Accommodation Types:

    • Standard (S)

      Does not change the construct of what’s being measured

Assessment accommodation summary table2
Assessment Accommodation Summary Table

  • Accommodation Types:

    • Universal

      • Any student can utilize, regardless of eligibility, without changing what is being measured by the assessment

Assessment accommodation summary table3
Assessment Accommodation Summary Table

  • Accommodation Types:

    • Non-standard (NS)

      • Changes construct of test

      • Does NOT count toward

        • Valid assessment scores

        • School accountability

        • Must be communicated to parents and students

Assessment accommodations iep team decision making
Assessment Accommodations IEP Team Decision Making

The IEP Team has two responsibilities by law:

  • Choose which state assessment

  • Choose accommodations (if any)

Iep team decision making
IEP Team Decision Making

Special IEP Team consideration for high school students:

  • Determine if the student is in grade 11

  • Remember, same grade as reported enrolled in MSDS

  • If student in ungraded program, is the students age 17 on or before 12/01/12?

Iep team decision making 11 th grade cont d
IEP Team Decision Making—11th grade (cont’d)

Grade 11 Assessment Continuum

Iep team decision making 11 th grade cont d1
IEP Team Decision Making—11th grade (cont’d)

Students in grade 11 take:

  • MME in its entirety, or

  • MI-Access Functional Independence*, or

  • MI-Access Supported Independence*, or

  • MI-Access Participation*

    *No mixing and matching

Iep team decision making1
IEP Team Decision Making

Decision Making Worksheet

  • What content standards?

  • What does instruction look like?

  • Level of independence?

  • Assessment?

  • Accommodations?

Iep team decision making2
IEP Team Decision Making

The IEP team may designate ANY accommodation it deems necessary.

  • Student needs

  • Routinely used in instruction

  • Must be documented in IEP

  • Decision must be made for each content area

Read sections
Read Sections:

  • “MI-Access Assessment Accommodations” in the manual

  • “Assessment Accommodation Summary Table” on the MI-Access web site

Accommodated formats fi
Accommodated Formats (FI)

  • Braille

  • Audio CDs

  • Enlarged Print Kits were developed from Form 1 test booklets.

  • Answer documents are included in kits.

Accommodated formats
Accommodated Formats

Braille Kit includes

  • Braille Form-9 test booklet

  • Assessment Administrator Booklet for Braille (AABB)

  • Braille ruler, if applicable

  • Answer document

Accommodated formats1
Accommodated Formats

Braille version

  • Print-to-Braille correspondence available at www.mi.gov/mi-access

  • Student answers must be transferred onto scannable answer document

Accommodated formats2
Accommodated Formats

Braille version

  • Braille material can only be ordered by telephone at 877-560-8378 option 4

  • Student name, grade level, UIC, and school required to place Braille orders

Accommodated formats3
Accommodated Formats

Enlarged Print Kit includes

  • Enlarged print test booklet

    • Enlarged print is approximately 15-point font size

  • Regular print Form 1 test booklet

  • Enlarged print ruler (if applicable)

  • Answer document

Accommodated formats4
Accommodated Formats

Audio CD kit includes

  • CD

  • Form 1 test booklet

  • Answer document

  • Ruler (if applicable)

Accommodated formats5
Accommodated Formats

Audio CD version

  • Administered individually, or in small groups when each student has a headset and control over the CD player

  • CD track listings posted to www.mi.gov/mi-access

Common accommodations
Common Accommodations


  • Make sure it is transcribed exactly how student dictates onto student answer document

  • Scribe must initial and date answer document

  • Fill in Scribe bubble on answer document

Common accommodations1
Common Accommodations

Word Processing of Expressing Ideas response

  • Each page must be labeled

  • Insert word-processed response into student’s answer document

  • Fill in the bubble on the student answer document

  • Follow special handling instructions in Test Administrator Manual

Assessment accommodations resources
Assessment Accommodations Resources

  • OSE-EIS New State Model IEP Material

  • Statewide Assessment Selection Guidelines

    • Sample assessment items

    • Assessment selection flowchart

    • Case studies


  • Online Learning Program

  • Assessment Plans

  • Assessment accommodations resources1
    Assessment Accommodations Resources

    • Web resources

      • www.mi.gov/baa

      • www.mi.gov/mi-access

      • www.mi.gov/ose-eis

    Contact information
    Contact Information

    Call 877-560-8378, Select Option 4