Valuegenesis reports reading guidelines
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Valuegenesis reports: reading guidelines. Dear Reader,

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Valuegenesis reports reading guidelines
Valuegenesis reports: reading guidelines

Dear Reader,

the Valuegenesis Report was organized to get a first overview about the beliefs and behaviours of young people in the Seventh-day Adventist church. Young people entrusted us with a lot of information and we want to use the data as carefully as possible.

Before you read the report, please, be reminded of the following guidelines:

  • The nature of this report is purely descriptive. Please, be very cautious to draw quick conclusions or to combine specific data for interpretation. Too quick conclusions might create rumours which finally cannot be sustained by the data. Only specific statistical methods will be able to detect correlations (… what is linked to what). Therefore, future research will be conducted, encouraged or permitted by the research committee.

Valuegenesis reports reading guidelines1
Valuegenesis reports: reading guidelines

  • This report only provides you with the information concerning your Union. Detailed information about the European results are available from the European Valuegenesis Research Committee.

  • If you have questions or would like this report to be presented and explained by a member of the European Valuegenesis Research Committee, please contact the project leader, Manuela Casti (see details below). The research has been developed by an international network involving: the EUD-TED Centre for Youth Ministry (Collonges), Newbold College, Friedensau Adventist University.

  • Since this preliminary report is purely descriptive, it should not be used for scientific publications.

    For any query, please contact

    Manuela Casti, project leader

    EUD-TED Centre for Youth Ministry

    Tel. +33 450 876 819


European valuegenesis research committee
European Valuegenesis Research Committee

  • The European Valuegenesis Research Committee is made of the following members:

    Manuela Casti, project leader (EUD-TED Centre for Youth Ministry)

    Johann Gerhardt (Friedensau Adventist University)

    Edgar Machel (Friedensau Adventist University)

    Steve Currow (Newbold College)

    Jean-Claude Verrecchia (Newbold College)

    Bert Smit (British Union)

    Roland Meyer (French Adventist University)

    Claude Villeneuve (French Adventist University)

British union report
British Union report

  • Target population: it gives you the total number of potential respondents (age target: 14-25 years old) in your Union. In your Union the target population was 2845 young people.

  • Sample size: it is the percentage of respondents, those who actually answered the questionnaire on the total target population. In your Union it reached 11.7%.

  • Answer rate: above each question or set of questions you will find a percentage, usually very high (with one exception: the items 105-110, concerning the attendance of Adventist schools, which involves a very limited number of young people). This percentage indicates how many respondents answered that question on your total youth sample.