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Leadership Qualities PowerPoint Presentation
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Leadership Qualities

Leadership Qualities

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Leadership Qualities

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  1. Leadership Qualities

  2. Qualities of a Leader Becoming the Person Others Will Want to Follow Effective leadership skills are needed more than ever to stay ahead of the competition

  3. “If you can become the leader you ought to be on the inside, you will be able to become the person you want on the outside. People will want to follow you. And when that happens, you’ll be able to tackle anything in this world.”

  4. The essence of leadership is service to others As a leader, you exist to: • Inspire others to strive for excellence • Ensure the work environment is safe, challenging, and fair • Teach, mentor, provide guidance

  5. True leaders put the welfare of the group ahead of their own self-interest

  6. Great leaders enhance institutional capability by driving the actions of others to achieve greatness

  7. Create and establish strategies • Ensure effectiveness and efficiency • Communicate openly and often • Build solid relationships • Act with integrity and fairness • Provide counsel and direction • Motivate, coach and develop others • Produce results, meet objectives and exceed goals

  8. Charisma “How can you have charisma? Be more concerned about making others feel good about themselves than you are making them feel good about you.”

  9. Any leader can get work done by barking orders…

  10. Communication: Simplify your Message- It’s not what you say, but also how you say it. Really Care about your Audience Show the Truth- Believe what you say, Live what you say Seek a Response- the goal of all communication is action

  11. Qualities Leaders Posses To Make Things Happen: They Know What They Want They Push Themselves to Act They Take More Risks They Make More Mistakes

  12. Remember “If you can dream it, you can do it.”