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Ridge Ranch School PowerPoint Presentation
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Ridge Ranch School

Ridge Ranch School

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Ridge Ranch School

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  1. Ridge Ranch School Welcome to Ridge Ranch School A Nationally Recognized Blue Ribbon Award Winning School and a Just 4 Kids Benchmark School

  2. Join us in fulfilling our vision that… “all students will become lifelong learners who pursue their dreams and add value to the world.”

  3. This presentation will outline our school practices and expectations to foster a partnership between the home and school for the benefit of your children.

  4. “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” • Approx. 355 students • 14 general education classrooms and 3 special education classrooms • 1 Administrator • 1 ESL teacher • 4 Resource Room teachers • 1 Reading specialist • 2 Speech teachers • 1 Occupational Therapist • 2 Literacy coaches • Art/Music/Library/Physical Education teachers • 1 Full time nurse

  5. Educational Program • Teachers will review each subject area that will be taught at Back to School Night (September 18, 2014 at 7pm) • Standards based report card and benchmarks • How you can help— • Read with/to your child EVERY DAY. • Communicate regularly with the classroom teacher. • Review your child’s backpack/folders every night.

  6. “Yee Haw! It’s a great day here at the Ranch!” • Before leaving for school in the morning, please make sure that your child has: • A good night’s sleep and breakfast • A packed lunch • All folders and books needed for class • Signed school notices (if applicable) • Review homework pad/assignments • Appropriate dress for the weather • Glasses (if applicable)

  7. Attendance • Regular attendance is a requisite for success in school. According to NJ State law, it is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that their children attend school on the days/hours that public schools are in session. • Four tardies = one absence • 20 absences = possible retention • **Excluded from limits are • Death in the immediate family • Observance of religious holiday School Hours • Full Day • 8:45 AM – 3:00 PM • Half Day • 8:45 AM – 1:10PM Lunch / Recess • 12:00 – 12:45

  8. However…. • Please do NOT send your child to school if he or she has a fever, vomiting, or diarrhea. • The school nurse will contact you if: • Your child is too ill to remain in school • Your child is injured and needs medical attention • The screening process indicated a need for you to obtain further help (i.e. eyeglasses) • She and the teacher think that your child requires attention for other health reasons • Cases of head lice have been detected in the class

  9. Safety First!!Arrival Procedures • Children are permitted to go to their classrooms at 8:45 AM. They should not arrive earlier than 8:45 AM since there is no supervision provided until that time. • If you are driving your child to school, please follow what has become a safe and efficient procedure : • Please enter via Lockwood Drive. Please pull up along the awning at the front of the school. Please pull as far forward along the awning to permit as many cars as possible to unload. Please exit via Sherwood Drive. • If there are buses at the front of the school, please wait until they unload. Do NOT let your children out to walk in front of any bus or car – only let them out directly onto the sidewalk. • Please do not get out of your car while dropping off or picking up children. There will be other vehicles behind you. If you must go into the school, please park your car in one of the parking spots.

  10. Safety First!!Arrival Procedures • Please arrive on time. Tardy students interrupt the classroom routines and interfere with children’s learning. Being late will cause your child to miss transition times, directions and important learning.

  11. Safety FirstDismissal Procedures • Walkers and children attending the School Age Child Care (SACC) program are dismissed first. • Buses usually arrive at 3:00 PM. Children go to their bus lines in the multi-purpose room and are led by a staff member to the bus upon arrival. If a bus arrives at school later than 3:30 PM, the school office will contact you. Cell phone numbers will be called first, so please make sure the school office has updated numbers.

  12. Safety FirstDismissal Procedures continued... • To ensure the safety and smooth dismissal of all students, we cannot accommodate occasional changes for convenience. It is the parents’ responsibility to provide transportation for activities or play dates after school. • In September each family will complete a dismissal declaration indicating your child’s daily dismissal schedule. Please notify the office in writing should your dismissal declaration statement change during the year.

  13. Safety First!!Dismissal Procedures continued… • Early pickups interrupt learning and classroom routines and are strongly discouraged. Please try to schedule all appointments after the school day.

  14. The First Day of School • The school will provide supplies for the students. If your child would like to bring in “special supplies,” please check the district website or check with your child’s teacher. • We encourage you to “kiss and go” outside the school. This helps the students get into a healthy routine of walking into the school. • On the first day of school, classroom teachers will be holding signs indicating the class. There will be ample staff members available to help children find their teacher.

  15. Parent Expectations • Protect the safety and well being of the school community. • Sign in at the office if visiting the building. • Wear your name tag when visiting in the building. Even if you think everyone knows you!  • Report any suspicious persons immediately to the office.

  16. Parent Expectations • Active monitoring of your child’s learning including: • Reviewing folders and school notices • Establishing a homework area and monitoring homework • Talk with your child about his or her school day • Limit TV and computer games during the school week • Learn along with your child • Model life long learning • Participation in school events • Attend parent/teacher conferences

  17. Parent Expectations • Communicate openly and honestly with school staff. Follow appropriate chain of command when discussing concerns regarding your child’s education: (Teacher-Principal-Assistant Superintendent-Superintendent) • Refrain from “parking lot gossip.” This does little to enhance the strength of our school community. Rather address your concern following the above chain of command.

  18. Parent Expectations • READ TO AND WITH YOUR CHILD EVERY NIGHT. (EVEN ON THE WEEKENDS!) _E_ _O_E _O OU_ ___OO_! W _ L C _ M E T_ _ _R SCH_ _ L! • Immerse in language • Focus on meaning: talk and tell • Don’t cover the pictures!!

  19. Parent Expectations • Immerse your child in language • Focus on meaning: talk and tell • Don’t cover the pictures!! • Model good reading habits

  20. Minutes of Reading & Test Scores Where does my child fall in this chart? Tom Marshall, 2010

  21. PTA Happenings • Please attend PTA meetings • PTA functions: • Cultural Assemblies • Fairy Tale Festival • Class parents/Class parties • Family Fun Nights • Fundraisers • …AND MORE

  22. Special Occasions • Birthday parties • Class parties • School wide events