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YouTube to Roll Out New Features PowerPoint Presentation
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YouTube to Roll Out New Features

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YouTube to Roll Out New Features - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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YouTube to Roll Out New Features

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. TO ROLL OUT New Features

    2. It was recently confirmed that YouTube is currently preparing to come up with a new feature intended to improve its users’ experience while using the site. Furthermore, the said move aims to help users to become more accurately aware of the actual amount of time that that they are spending for watching video content. Some articles posted online revealed that a new “time watched profile” which will soon become accessible in every YouTube account menu. This feature was designed to display every user’s actual video-watching time per day along with their daily watch time average, the previous day’s watch time and the time spent watching video over the past 7 days.

    3. It was also known that YouTube’s move to add the time watched profile to the site’s set of functioning profiles is a major part of the company’s goal of further improving its users’ the digital. In addition, this feature aims to make users more aware of the amount video that they are consuming. Aside from that, YouTube is also set to roll out some features provided below as part of another campaign dubbed as the “digital wellbeing” initiative.

    4. Aside from the functions included on the time watched profile, the new set features were designed to be turned off by default. The users can only make use any of these by manually turning them on when they decide to use such. 1. Take a break reminder This feature is designed to allow users to set a reminder that will remind them to take a break while watching videos. 2. Notification digest This feature is programmed to group the daily push notifications that users receive and come up with a single combined notification which is set to be delivered at a uniform time on a daily basis. Finally, YouTube hinted that users can expect that some of these features will be available in the next few days. However, the time watched profile is believed to be rolling out in another few months. 3. Disable notification sounds and vibrations This feature enables YouTube to send notifications silently during a particular time period.

    5. SOURCE: /blog/youtube-to-roll-out-new-features