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SEO: Important Things You Need to Know PowerPoint Presentation
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SEO: Important Things You Need to Know

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SEO: Important Things You Need to Know - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Read about what's important in SEO

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SEO: Important Things You Need to Know

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seo important things you need to know




search engine optimization or commonly referred

Search Engine Optimization or commonly referred to as SEO is a very common term that all website

users usually encounter. But despite its popularity, only a few individuals know all of the

fundamental aspects of the term by heart particularly the crucial role that SEO plays in every

website’s revenue. So if you are interested in learning about SEO, try to read on the essential things

that you need to know about search engine optimization provided below.

Common SEO Definition

SEO per se has no single definition. This is because the term is so broad that trying to define it is quite

impossible given that the description provided usually depends on the person who is trying explain.

But to give you an idea how SEO is usually defined, here are some of the most popular definitions

available online.

the process of optimizing a website as well

The process of optimizing a website – as well as all the content on that website – so it will appear in

prominent positions in the organic results of search engines. SEO requires an understanding of

how search engines work, what people search for, and why and how people search. Successful SEO

makes a site appealing to users and search engines. It is a combination of technical and marketing.

SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” It is the process of getting traffic from the “free,”

“organic,”“editorial” or “natural” search results on search engines.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to

your website through organic search engine results.

Effective SEO Techniques to Boost Website Traffic

Using the best SEO techniques is also an important aspect that you need to master so that your

website to get the best outcome and this is usually in the form of “more organic traffic.” To obtain

such goal, there are a lot of best practices that must be conducted. However, the ones provided below

are proven to be among the most effective.

1 boost your website s speed

1. Boost your website’s speed

Majority of website users don’t like sites that load slowly. This is because most of them think that

dealing with slower sites is just a waste of time. Due to this, you need to make sure that your site loads

faster and visitors can easily view the content which is in store for them.

2. Always consider your audience when creating content.

Always consider when creating content. Bear in mind that they are the ones who will avail of the

services that you are offering or purchase the products that are offered on sale on your site. However,

this doesn’t mean that you should not think of how the search engines would treat the content you

publish. Make sure that what you publish will gain a positive impact on the search engines and will

also boost your page rankings’ status.

3.  Subject your site to a complete SEO Audit

Another effective technique that website owners and digital marketers should do to improve their

sites’ traffic is conducting a full SEO audit. This is because doing such enables them to discover the

main reasons why their sites are not getting enough traffic and sales.

although this particular task

Although this particular task can be can be conveniently accomplished by hiring the service of

reputable SEO companies, experts strongly recommend that this is best conducted by site owners on

their own since the audit can be achieved using the following steps.

Check all the site’s pages if they have the correct title tags and meta descriptions

Check if all the site’s pages have optimised SEO keywords and keyword stuffing is avoided

Check the structure of the site’s URL and make sure that this is optimised for search engines. It is quite

helpful if the URLs of pages are simple, short and easy to search

Check the blogs on the site and make sure that they are well-formatted

4.  Use social media to post valuable content

Posting valuable content on social media is an excellent strategy to boost traffic to your site especially

when it is new and ranking in Google search result is quite difficult. This technique, however, is not

only limited to posting contents to commonly-used social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook

and Pinterest. A lot of SEO experts strongly recommend that site owners should post contents on

other social media platforms like Quora, Blogger, Slideshare and Docstoc.

5.  Link content to external sites with higher domain authority

Boosting your site’s traffic can also be accomplished by linking your content to external sites that

were able to establish higher domain authority. This is because such links will greatly help your pass

the best link juice to your site’s content.