international students recruitment retention and employment integration n.
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International Students: Recruitment, Retention and Employment Integration PowerPoint Presentation
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International Students: Recruitment, Retention and Employment Integration

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International Students: Recruitment, Retention and Employment Integration - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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International Students: Recruitment, Retention and Employment Integration . Metropolis 16 th National Conference Gatineau Quebec March 2014. Workshop Presenters. Topics. I nternational students who are pursuing employment and permanent immigration

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international students recruitment retention and employment integration

International Students: Recruitment, Retention and Employment Integration

Metropolis 16th National Conference

Gatineau Quebec

March 2014


International students who are pursuing employment and permanent immigration

Update on recent immigration policies regarding international students,

Strategies in higher education to support international students,

Views of international students and their accompanying partners regarding employment and social integration.

views of international students
Views of International Students

Temporary sojourners

Institutional revenue

Problematic learners

Problematic workers

Problematic immigrants

Homogeneous group

Human capital

Preferred immigrants

international students did you know
International Students: Did you know?

.8 million in 1975; 3.7 million in 2009; 8 million by 2025

USA, UK, Germany, France, Australia are top destinations

China and India are top source countries

Malaysia, Singapore, China are emerging destinations

Recruitment targets 5-25%

>100,000 accepted in Canada in 2012

> 60% since 2004

Future increase of 2X

International Education: A Key Driver of Canada’s Future Prosperity

international students in canada
International Students in Canada

$8 billion to the Canadian economy, increased from $6.5 billion in 2008

2011 - $10 million investment in international education strategy over 2 years

Increase recruitment 2X < 10 years

7% undergraduates; 20% graduates

1 in 5 IS in college or university previously attended a private or public secondary school

iStudentCanadanew website for educational programs

research questions
Research Questions

What helps or hinders international students to be successful in navigating the post-graduation transition to employment and permanent immigration?

How does international student experience translate to a career (dis)advantage?

education to employment
Education to Employment

Research from Australia, Canada, United States, New Zealand

Motivating factors to stay in destination countries

Barriers within educational institutions

Barriers in immigration policies

Barriers in employer practices

Barriers created by international students

motivating factors
Motivating Factors

Employment opportunities

Perceived market conditions

Employment culture

Gender norms in the workplace

Work role opportunities

Comparisons between home and host cultures

what they want
What they want...

Services specific to international student needs

Services specific to needs at graduation

Information on immigration process

Help with job search process

Concrete help to access local labour market

Better understanding of cultural nuances

immigration policies
Immigration Policies

Doors open, doors shut

Access to current information

Help to know options

Employers often not informed or misinformed

employment practices
Employment Practices

Lack of knowledge about international students as a highly educated source of employees

Ethnocentrism in hiring policies and practices

Bias regarding linguistic diversity and accents

Investment in employment integration

Assimilation versus integration of talent

Need to document success stories

what international students can do
What International Students Can Do

School then work

Networking skills

Learn about local cultural practices

Build resources while a student

Engage in work/volunteer experience programs

Begin job search in advance of last semester

Access available formal and informal support systems

educational institutions
Educational Institutions

Increase discourse about career development/employability

Work experience while in academic program

Systematic efforts to engage international students by academic staff, advisors, mentors

Connection with experienced students

Job search skills and workplace norms

Policies focused on recruitment versus employment

Adequate staffing of support services

recruitment retention employment and social integration
Recruitment, Retention, Employment and Social Integration

Increase competition for international students

International students have increasing choices about where to live and learn and where to pursue permanent immigration

Our capacity to support social integration is critical for academic and employment success.