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Generating Ideas for Writing for Publication PowerPoint Presentation
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Generating Ideas for Writing for Publication

Generating Ideas for Writing for Publication

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Generating Ideas for Writing for Publication

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  1. Generating Ideas for Writing for Publication Narrowing the Focus Adapted from the work of Dr. Charles Whitaker, Professor of English, EKU

  2. Unit of Study:Ancient Greece Major Focus: A Window to the Distant Past -- Making Connections to the Present

  3. Brainstorming topics from content covered, for example:

  4. Narrowing the Focus to help writers choose a topic

  5. Identifying an Audience and Establishing a Purpose… • Who wants to know this information? • What is its relevance today? • Why is it still important today?

  6. Angles and Titles… Helpful Questions: • What’s an angle that can make your writing unusual? • What’s your controlling idea? • What might appeal to readers?

  7. Sample Angles/Ideas for Writing… • Here’s an interesting fact (or two) that readers may not know about and why it’s/they’re important. • How did all this come about? Here’s how it happened and why it’s important. • Not sure about such and such? Let me help you. • Have you ever thought about such and such? I have and here are my conclusions. • My own experience confirms a key idea that is important for readers to know about.

  8. Narrowing the FocusEstablishing a Purpose… A two part title helps identify a topic, narrow the focus, and reveal a writer’s purpose: • Greek Mythology: Modern Lessons

  9. Deciding on a FormWhat Best Suits Your Audience? • Letter • Feature Article • Editorial • Speech

  10. Sample TitlesFocused Purpose and Controlling Ideas… Ancient Myths: Why Are They So Fascinating For Us Today? Do you know anyone who doesn’t enjoy a good story?

  11. The Mystery of Myths: What They Mean and Why They Are Still Important Read on to learn some important moral lessons that can help us today…

  12. “Ye Gods:” Where Did That Come From? Legacies from Greek mythology that are common in our culture…

  13. Greek Heroes: Role Models for Today? Many legendary heroes were celebrated for their bold exploits and favored by the gods, but some were not!

  14. Science Unit Major Focus: Relationships Among Populations and Ecosystems

  15. Brainstorming Topics/Ideas

  16. Narrowing the Focus…

  17. Angles/Ideas for Writing… • Here is a problem readers may not know about and why they should be aware of it. • Although some may agree with such and such, I do not. Let me explain and support my view so that others will accept my ideas. • I wanted to find answers to these important questions, and this is what I have found and why it is important to others.

  18. Sample TitlesFocused Purpose and Controlling Ideas… Too Hot For Comfort: Some Cool Solutions (Here’s what I found out about the change in the earth’s climate caused by greenhouse gases released by cars… and some solutions that can help)

  19. Saving Our Planet: How Green is Our Town? (Here’s what I’ve discovered about our environmental efforts… and some suggestions for making improvements)

  20. Global Warming: Fact or Fiction? (Here’s what I found out about the two sides of the debate … and here’s my opinion too)

  21. Hybrids are Hot: Just Ask Leonardo DiCaprio! (Here’s some information about the popularity of hybrid cars … and some reasons for driving them)

  22. Baked Alaska: Not Exactly A Frozen Treat! (Here’s what I found out about the disappearance of Alaska’s glaciers… and why that is important to us)

  23. Many Countries Endorse The Kyoto Treaty: Should We Too? (Here’s my opinion about endorsing the Kyoto Treaty… and I’m hoping you will agree!)

  24. Personal Finance Unit Major Focus: Money Management… and other Money Matters

  25. Brainstorming Topics/Ideas

  26. Narrowing the Focus…

  27. Sample TitlesFocused Purpose and Controlling Ideas… The Stock Market: Who in the World is Dow Jones? (Here’s some information to solve this mystery…)

  28. Investing Wisely: Financial Security (Here are some important tips that can help us make wise investment decisions…)

  29. Personal Finance: How Big is Your Pig? (Some important facts about saving early…)

  30. Cash or Credit: What do you have in your wallet? (The importance of establishing a good credit history)

  31. Investing Wisely: Saving for a Rainy Day (Here some facts about the importance of saving for the future)

  32. KEEs to the Future: Investing in Yourself! (Here’s some important information about scholarships and reasons for academic investment…)

  33. Debit or Credit: Got Plastic? (Important information about credit or debit)

  34. Purpose Statement… As a (personal connection to writing), I am writing a (form: letter, article, editorial, other) for (reader: school newspaper, etc.) to develop my idea that (main idea, specific purpose in writing)

  35. For more information… Contact: Jennifer Bernhard Reading/Writing Specialist Clark County Schools (859) 744-4545 Ext 232