Presentation of organizational behavior
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Presentation Of Organizational Behavior. Presented To: Respected Sir Ahmad Tisman Pasha Presented By: Mudassir Abbas BSIT 5 th 07-34. Technology & New work Design.

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Presentation of organizational behavior

Presented To:

Respected Sir Ahmad Tisman Pasha

Presented By:

Mudassir Abbas

BSIT 5th


Presentation of organizational behavior

Continuous improvement process
Continuous Improvement Process machinery in human labor..

  • TQM that’s driven by constant attainment of customer satisfaction through continuous improvement of organizational processes.

  • TQM argues that “good isn’t good enough”!

  • Its easy to assume that 99.9% error-free performance represents the highest standards of excellence…

Presentation of organizational behavior
Cont… machinery in human labor..

  • But it dosn’t look so impressive when u recognize that this standard would result in the U.S post office losing 2000pieces of mail per hour,or U.S DOCTORS performing 500 incorrect surgical operations per week or two plane crashes per day at O’HARE air port in chicago.

Presentation of organizational behavior
Cont.. machinery in human labor..

  • TQM programs seek to achieve continuous process improvement so that variability is constantly reduced.

  • The search for never ending improvement requires a circular approach rather than a linear search.

  • This is illustrated in the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle.

Reengineering work process
Reengineering Work Process machinery in human labor..

  • Reengineering means management should start with a clean sheet of paper-rethinking and redesigned those processes by which the organization creates value and dose work

Key elements
Key Elements machinery in human labor..

  • Three key elements of reengineering are :

  • Identifying an organizations distinctive competencies.

  • Assessing core processes.

  • Reorganizing horizontally by process.

Presentation of organizational behavior

  • Distinctive competencies: machinery in human labor..

    It is that the organization is more superior at delivering than its competition. e.g Dell computer Differentiate itself from its competitors by emphasizing high quality H/W.

    Assess core process:

    That clearly add value to organization’s distinctive competencies..

Presentation of organizational behavior

  • Reorganizing horizontally by process: machinery in human labor..

    This means cross-functional and self-managed teams.

    it means focusing on processes rather then functions.

    A customer never buys a product because of the caliber of management. Mgt is, by definition, Indirect. So if possible, less it better.

Presentation of organizational behavior

Reengineering vs tqm
Reengineering Vs TQM necessary amount of management…

  • TQM seeks incremental improvements while reengineering looks for quantum leaps in performance.. That is, the former is essentially improving something that is basically okay using 2 approaches totally different.

Presentation of organizational behavior
Cont… necessary amount of management…

  • TQM relies on bottom-up, participative decision making in both the planning & execution. Reengineering, on the other hand, is initially driven by top management.