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CRCT Question

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CRCT Question
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CRCT Question

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  1. CRCT Question • What type of erosion best describes why the Dust Bowl in the 1930’s occurred? • Wind erosion • Landslide erosion • Water erosion • Wave erosion

  2. Soil Lab TOMORROW Bring your appetite 

  3. Final Study Guide What parts are due? When are they due?

  4. Candy Toss

  5. What is soil MOSTLY made up of?

  6. What are the horizontal layers in the soil called?

  7. dark, organic material formed in soil from the decayed remains of plants and animals is called what?

  8. Review Which type of rock is made by stratification

  9. Review What type of rock can form into a sedimentary rock during the rock cycle?

  10. Review About how old is the Earth?

  11. Soil Conservation How did it all start?!?!

  12. Soil is one of our most valuable resources. Everything that lives on land depends on soil. We have a limited supply of fertile soil. We must conserve and protect our soil. What are some ways you can think of to protect this resource?

  13. Soil Conservation • Soil conservation – is the method to maintain the fertility of the soil by protecting the soil from erosion and nutrient loss

  14. The importance of soil – soil provides minerals and other nutrients for plants and all animals get their energy from plants • Housing – soil provides a place for animals to live • Water Storage – without soil to hold water, plants would not get the moisture of the nutrients they need. Soil also keeps water from running off

  15. Soil Damage and Loss – can be caused by overuse, poor farming techniques or overgrazing • Soil Erosion – the process by which wind, water, ice, or gravity transport soil and sediment from one location to another

  16. Dust Bowl of 1930’s In the 1930’s, farmers removed all the grasses holding the soil in place. After a drought, the wind blew all the topsoil away. Millions of people were affected. This event was called the “Dust Bowl.”

  17. Contour Plowing and Terracing • Contour Plowing – plowing across the slope of hills • Terracing – changing one steep field into a series of smaller flatter fields

  18. Why was this hillside shaped like this for farming? These are terraces – walls built to prevent erosion by making flat places for farming.

  19. These trees are used as a wind break to stop erosion by wind.

  20. Cover Crop and Crop Rotation • Cover crops – crops that are planted between harvest to replace certain nutrients and prevent erosion • Crop rotation – planting different crops

  21. Contour plowing – following the shape of the land to prevent water erosion.

  22. Review • Why is soil important? • What is the difference between a wind breakandterracing? • What was the Dust Bowl?

  23. Project Part 2 SOIL • Start your rough draft!!!! Part 1 • I will meet with you and discuss some suggestions • Checkpoint out of 5, did you complete everything?! • You can work on your final