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After the Index

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After the Index
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  1. After the Index By Cheryl Lenser Senior Indexer, Pearson Education

  2. After the Index • Embedded indexing workflow • Dynamic indexing workflow • Composition workflow • Manufacturing • Electronic initiatives • Marketing/Sales

  3. Embedded Indexing Workflow Project EditorIndexerProject EditorCompositorIndexerProject Editor

  4. Embedded Indexing Workflow • Files sent to indexer, 1-2 at a time • Indexer inserts embedded indexing codes in files • Indexed files sent back to project editor, 1-2 at a time • Indexed files sent to compositor for layout • Index compiled from laid-out, folioed files • Indexer edits compiled index • Compositor (or in-house contact) lays out index • Project editor reads and marks index • Compositor makes corrections to index

  5. Embedded Indexing WorkflowEditor Responsibilities • Send clean (query-free) chapters to indexer • Send table of contents and conventions when sending initial chapters • Keep indexer informed of any elements that do not need indexing • Do not make any changes to files while they are with the indexer

  6. Embedded Indexing WorkflowEditor Responsibilities cont. • Always make any needed changes to indexed files, not non-indexed files • Let indexer know if any files will be sent after to-indexing date and when you expect to be able to send files • Keep indexer informed of any schedule changes

  7. Embedded Indexing WorkflowIndexer Responsibilities • Insert appropriate indexing codes in files • Do not make any changes to content or formatting of files, other than the indexing codes themselves • Send files back in a timely manner • Edit compiled index

  8. Dynamic Indexing Workflow Project Editor Tagging VendorProject EditorIndexerProject EditorCompositorProject Editor

  9. Dynamic Indexing Workflow • Project editor sends files to tagging vendor • Tagging vendor runs script to create HTML files with paragraph reference numbers inserted • Project editor sends HTML files to indexer • Indexer writes index using paragraph numbers and sends final index to project editor • Project editor proofreads index and sends it to composition • Compositor runs script on index file to convert paragraph numbers to page numbers • Project editor proofreads index again • Compositor makes any needed corrections to index

  10. Dynamic Indexing WorkflowEditor Responsibilities • Send HTML files of chapters to indexer • Send table of contents and conventions when sending initial chapters • Keep indexer informed of any elements that do not need indexing • Let indexer know if any files will be sent after to-indexing date and when you expect to be able to send files • Keep indexer informed of any schedule changes

  11. Dynamic Indexing WorkflowIndexer Responsibilities • Write index using paragraph reference numbers instead of page numbers • Send final index to project editor by due date

  12. Project Editor CompositorProofreaderProject EditorCompositor Author Project Editor CompositorProject EditorCompositorPrinter Composition Workflow

  13. Composition Workflow • Project editor sends text and figure files to compositor • Compositor does first-pass layout of files and prints each chapter • Project editor sends pages to proofreader • Proofreader marks any errors on pages and sends them back to project editor • Compositor enters second-pass corrections in files and creates PDFs to send to author • Author marks errors on PDFs and sends back to project editor

  14. Composition Workflow • Compositor corrects files (third pass) and prints corrected pages for project editor • When files are relatively clean, compositor folios the book and compiles the table of contents • Project editor checks the folio and releases the index to be compiled • When book is clean, compositor creates PDFs in both full-color and grayscale • Compositor sends PDFs to printer and to in-house online conversion team

  15. Composition WorkflowProject Editor Responsibilities • Get properly formatted files to compositor in timely manner • Answer any proofreader or author queries before sending files back to compositor • Check folio of book before releasing index to be compiled • Check table of contents • Do flip-check of book before releasing for ship-to-printer

  16. Composition WorkflowProofreader Responsibilities • Do full read of text • Do hard-copy/design check • Return pages (or PDFs) to project editor in a timely manner

  17. Composition WorkflowAuthor Responsibilities • Check laid-out files for errors, especially in figures, computer code, mathematical equations, and any other special elements • Return PDFs to project editor in a timely manner

  18. Composition WorkflowCompositor Responsibilities • Lay out book, including text, figures, tables, computer code, etc. • Input corrections from proofreader and author • Folio book, compile TOC and index • For dynamic indexing books, run XML scripts for index conversion • Make PDFs for printer and online usage • Ship book to printer

  19. Manufacturing Prepress Plates Binding Finished book

  20. ManufacturingPlates • Web press: rolls of paper, printed as signatures and then folded, cut, bound, and finished • Sheet-fed press: single signature-size sheets printed and then folded, cut, bound, and finished • Digital printing press: no signatures, end product comes out as finished book

  21. ManufacturingPlates

  22. Perfectbound books (paperback) Four color with gloss or matte finish Interior glued to cover Casebound books (hard cover) Case with foil lettering on spine with jacket OR four-color layer on case, no jacket Interior glued to cover (not sewn) ManufacturingBinding

  23. ManufacturingFinished Books • Extra elements added during binding: CDs, DVDs, etc. • Books packed in boxes and shipped to distribution centers (warehouses) for delivery to bookstores

  24. Electronic Initiatives • Sample book: Charts and Graphs: Microsoft Excel 2010 by Bill Jelen (9780789743121)

  25. Electronic Initiatives • Rough Cuts ( electronic access to manuscript before copyediting and composition • Safari ( on-demand digital library; publishers include Pearson, O’Reilly, Wiley, Microsoft Press, and many others

  26. Electronic Initiatives • Watermarked ebook ( PDF file sold directly from Pearson’s InformIT website (not available from Amazon)

  27. Business imprints (FT Press/Wharton School Publishing) Review copies of books sent out approximately two months before ship date (no index included) Praise quotes added to cover/interior of book shortly before ship date Computer imprints (AW/PH/Que/Sams/Cisco Press) Catalogs of upcoming titles printed several months in advance Book information available on Amazon, B&, Borders in advance of printing Marketing/Sales

  28. Marketing/Sales • Promotions at Amazon, Borders, Barnes & Noble after book printed • e.g., endcaps, table promos, “Featured Titles” • Industry conferences • e.g., Cisco Live!, SXSW, Voices That Matter, Interop, Tech Ed

  29. Marketing/SalesPearson imprint websites • • • • • • • • •