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Early English Books Online (EEBO) Dr Peter White

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Early English Books Online (EEBO) Dr Peter White - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Early English Books Online (EEBO) Dr Peter White. Bibliothèque nationale de France 15 March 2006. Early English Books Online. ‘The existence of Early English Books Online has completely transformed my teaching as well as my own scholarly life – both entirely for the better’

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early english books online eebo dr peter white

Early English Books Online (EEBO)Dr Peter White

Bibliothèque nationale de France

15 March 2006

early english books online
Early English Books Online

‘The existence of Early English Books Online has completely transformed my teaching as well as my own scholarly life – both entirely for the better’

– Regius Professor Quentin Skinner

University of Cambridge

(source: JISC, The Joint Information Systems Committee <http://www.jisc.ac.uk/index.cfm?name=wakingup>)

early english books online1
Early English Books Online

‘Access to Early English Books Online (EEBO) provides a classic example of how new technology can rejuvenate traditional research. Extending access to the resource has fundamentally changed the way all of us can manage and maintain first-class scholarly research.’

– Justin Champion,Professor of the History of Ideas

Royal Holloway, University of London

(source: JISC, The Joint Information Systems Committee <http://www.jisc.ac.uk/index.cfm?name=pub_inform8#dtpo>)

eebo in europe
EEBO in Europe

Germany – 143 institutions

United Kingdom – 70 institutions

Finland – 35 institutions

France – 13 institutions (CURA consortium)

Spain - 11 institutions

Republic of Ireland – 7 institutions

Italy – 2 institutions

Belgium – 1 institution

bibliographic sources
Bibliographic Sources
  • A short-title catalogue of books printed in England, Scotland, & Ireland and of English books printed abroad, 1475-1640 (compiled by A.W. Pollard & G.R. Redgrave)
  • Short-title catalogue of books printed in England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and British America, and of English books printed in other countries, 1641-1700 (compiled by Donald Wing)
  • The Thomason Tracts collection

- c.135,000 titles

comprehensive coverage instant access
Comprehensive Coverage, Instant Access
  • Facsimile page images of virtually every work printed in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and British North America and works in English printed elsewhere from 1473–1700
  • Variant editions and multiple copies
  • c.135,000 titles comprising approximately 20 million scanned pages
diverse coverage
Diverse Coverage
  • Books in 33 languages, from Algonquin to Welsh
  • Volumes published in 15 different countries, from Belgium to the United States
  • 200 contributing libraries worldwide, from the Aberdeen Central Library to the Zentralbibliothek, Zürich

The Origins of English Printing

  • William Caxton(1421-1491)

“here begynneth the volume intituled and named the recuyell of the historyes of Troy,…”

Printed by William Caxton, 1473

Bib Name / Number:STC (2nd ed.) / 15375Copy from: Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery



The works of F. Rabelais, M.D., or, The lives, heroic deeds and sayings of Gargantua and Pantagruel … done out of French by Sir Tho. Urchard, Kt., and others.London : Printed for Richard Baldwin, 1694

Bib Number: Wing / R104

Copy from: University of Illinois



Micrographia, or, Some physiological descriptions of minute bodies made by magnifying glasses by Robert Hooke, 1635-1703. London : Printed for James Allestry ... and are to be sold at his shop ..., 1667 Bib Number:Wing / H2620 Copy from: Library of Congress



[The New Testament] by William Tyndale, d. 1536. [Cologne : H. Fuchs?, 1525]Bib Name / Number:STC (2nd ed.) / 2823Copy from: British Library


Geography & Exploration

Historia mundi, or, Mercator's atlas by Gerhard Mercato, 1512-1594. London : Printed by T. Cotes, for Michael Sparke, 1635Bib Number:STC (2nd ed.) / 17824.5Copy from: Folger Shakespeare Library



The essayes or morall, politike and millitarie discourses of Lo: Michaell de Montaigne…done into English by... Iohn Florio Printed at London : By Val. Sims for Edward Blount dwelling in Paules churchyard, 1603

Bib Number: STC / 18041; Copy from: British Library

[Portrait from Essays of Michael, seigneur de Montaigne in three books … London, 1685

Bib Number: Wing / M2479; Copy from: Huntington Library]



Nicholas Machiavel's Prince by Niccolò Machiavelli, 1469-1527. London : Printed by R. Bishop, for Wil: Hils, and are to be sold by Daniel Pakeman at the signe of the Rainebow neare the Inner Temple gate, 1640Bib Name / Number:STC (2nd ed.) / 17168Copy from: British Library



Littleton's tenures in French and English. by Littleton, Thomas, Sir, d. 1481. London : printed by John Streater, James Flesher, and Henry Twyford, assigns of Richard Atkins, and Edward Atkins, Esquires. And are to be sold by George Sawbridge, John Place, John Bellinger, William Place, Thomas Basset, Robert Pawlet, Christopher Wilkinson, Thomas Dring, William Jacob, Allan Banks, Ch. Harper, John Amery, John Pool, John Leigh, 1671Bib Name / Number:Wing (2nd ed.) / L2588Copy from: National Library of Wales


Medical Science

Compendiosa totius anatomie delineatio, aere exarata: per Thomam Geminum. by Andreas Vesalius, 1514-1564. Londini : [In officina Ioanni Herfordie, 1545Bib Name / Number:STC (2nd ed.) / 11714Copy from: British Library


Art and Architecture

A booke of portraicture by Giovanni Francesco Barbieri, 1591-1666. [London] : Sold by Godfrey Richards ... neere the Royall Exchange, London, 1665Bib Number:Wing / B702Copy from: Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery

The whole body of antient and modern architecture by Roland Fréart, sieur de Chambray, 1606-1676. London : Printed for J.P., sold by C. Wilkinson [etc.], 1680Bib Number:Wing / C1924Copy from: British Library



Orpheus Britannicus, A collection of all the choicest songs for one, two, and three voices by Henry Purcell, 1659-1695. London : Printed by J. Heptinstall for Henry Playford ..., 1698Bib Name / Number:Wing / P4218Copy from: Harvard University Library



The elements of geometrie of the most auncient philosopher Euclide of Megara. Faithfully (now first) translated into the Englishe toung, by H. Billingsley, citizen of London... Imprinted at London : By Iohn Daye, 1570Bib Name / Number:STC (2nd ed.) / 10560Bib Name / Number:Thomas-Stanford, C. Early eds. of Euclid's Elements, 41. / Copy from: Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery



A methode or comfortable beginning for all vnlearned, whereby they may be taught to read English, by John Hart, d. 1574. Imprinted at London : By Henrie Denham, 1570Bib Number: STC / 12889Copy from: Folger Shakespeare Library


Non-Anglophone Works / Translations

François Cassandre, d. 1695

La rhetorique D'Aristote traduite en Francois par seu M. Cassandre. Nouvelle edition. Suivant la copie de ParisA Londres : chez Pierre de Varrennes, demeurant dans le Strand proche la Savoye à la Teste se Seneque, 1698

Bib Number: Wing (CD-ROM, 1996) / A3696B

Copy from: University of Illinois

  • Fully searchable Bibliographic Records for all works
  • Search according to Author, Title, Imprint, Subject, Bibliographic Number, Source Library, Language etc
  • All illustrations indexed and searchable
  • Keyboarded full text available from the TCP for 25,000 EEBO texts out of 135,000
bibliographic records
Bibliographic Records
  • Works in EEBO are catalogued from the microfilm in-house by four rare book cataloguers
  • EEBO Bibliographic Records are based upon the AACR2 format EEBO MARC records, with Library of Congress subject headings recently reviewed and updated
  • Many records incorporate data supplied by ESTC
  • Over 90% of the records have subject headings (though some types of works, such as Bibles, belles lettres, fiction, and plays are not assigned subject headings)

Subject Keyword: France

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Searching EEBO:

Bibliographic Metadata

a unique collection development opportunity
A Unique Collection Development Opportunity
  • The complete printed record of the English-speaking world from its very beginnings to 1700
  • Rare or unique texts from 200 of the world’s leading research collections – most available for purchase only in EEBO and on the EEB microfilm
other features
Other Features
  • More than 400 periodicals from before 1700 – unavailable elsewhere
  • Download complete volumes in PDF format as a single file - (there is no limit on the number of images allowed with each PDF download in EEBO)
  • Local-hosting option and MARC records
further information
Further Information
  • Early English Books Online User Guide
  • EEBO Webmaster service
  • Contact Jo-Anne.Hogan@il.proquest.com or Peter.White@proquest.co.uk for further information
early english books online eebo dr peter white1

Early English Books Online (EEBO)Dr Peter White

Bibliothèque nationale de France

15 March 2006