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Dear friends,

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Dear friends, - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Dear friends,
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  1. Dear friends, I am pleased to introduce to you Medicina Clinic JSC, a clinic where over a dozen years of activities, development and ongoing improvement we have managed to create the unique conditions allowing our patients to obtain first rate medical services, akin to the highest European and world standards. With kind regards, President of Medicina JSC RAMS AcademicianG.E. Roytberg

  2. About the Clinic

  3. Our Vision We establish a clinic of international acclaimwhich retains its leadership positionsin the Russian health care market. In response to the changing demands of society, we are constantly mastering all the aspects of our activities in order to ensure the maximum level of customer satisfaction and the ideal quality of medical services. By achieving the highest results we set new criteria for evaluation of the quality of medical assistance and customer satisfaction level. The quest for excellence has no boundaries in time or space and is viewed as the eternal impetus for development.

  4. Our activities • Clinical services, incl. general practice and pediatrics • Diagnostic services, incl. laboratory, functional, ultrasound and radiation diagnostics and endoscopy • Family medicine services, incl. VIP services • Medical rehabilitation • Dental services • Polyclinic services, incl. domiciliary care • Inpatient services • Ambulance services • High tech medical care, incl. a new cancer center

  5. Russian Government Quality Award The Government of the Russian Federation hereby orders that the Russian Government Quality Award for 2009 be given to Medicina (Open Joint Stock Company), Moscow V.Putin Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation

  6. Russian Government Quality Awards Presentation Ceremony

  7. JCI International Standards Accreditation Medicina JSC is the only Russian clinic accredited in accordance with the most reliable Joint Commission International (JCI) international standards of medical care

  8. Our patients Over 65 thousand people entrust the most valuable asset they have, their health, to our experts Our patients: Clients of >90 leading insurance companies Employees of Russian companies Individuals Employees of embassies and foreign companies Russian artists, businessmen, politicians

  9. Inpatient facility • 28 single occupancy wards • 1 double occupancy ward • 2 suite wards • 4 ICU (Intensive Care Unit) beds

  10. Polyclinic Reception Family Medicine Department

  11. Polyclinic Dental Services Urology Department

  12. Polyclinic Children’s Department

  13. Polyclinic Gynecologist exam room Embryology laboratory

  14. Polyclinic CT room Otolaryngology exam room

  15. Medicina JSC. Benefits (1) • First-rate medical care is ensured with the help of a highly efficient quality management system as confirmed by ISO 9001:2000 and EFQM (Five Star “Recognized for Excellence” Level) • Range of services • Professional medical assistance is rendered to adults and children in practically all medical fields. • The Clinic has a Polyclinic, an Inpatient Section, an Emergency Unit and the best diagnostic facility in Moscow. • Our specialists share their experience and technologies with foreign colleagues. The Clinic is a member of “The Swiss Leading Hospitals” Association.

  16. Medicina JSC. Benefits (2) • Most comprehensive medical care programs, including health screening. • Hi-tech equipment supplied by the world’s leading manufacturers, including state-of-the-art MRI and CT units. • Our specialists’ qualifications are maintained by numerous internships and training courses abroad. • Our patients are given guarantees of the highest quality of services provided.

  17. Medicina JSC. Benefits (3) The Clinic has over 20 Medical Units and Centers. It employs 6 Doctors of Science and 50 Candidates of Science. Our specialists frequently undergo training and study abroad to sustain their qualifications.Medicina JSC is used as a clinical base for the for the Chair of Therapy and Family Medicine of the Doctors Improvement Faculty of the N.I.Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University (RNIMU).

  18. Medicina JSC. Benefits (4) Our annual health care programs offer the widest range of medical services in Moscow and incorporate CT, MRI and 3D/4D ultrasound diagnostics.The Clinic’s patients can undergo a diagnostic examination with the use of 2 Dual computer scanner SIEMENS SOMATOM DEFINITION 64, which is the best solution for diagnostics of cardio-vascular diseases, examination of brain vessels and early diagnostics of cerebral infarction.

  19. Medicina JSC. Benefits (5) • Our health care programs include health screening. • We have worked out uniform health screening programs for men and women: - for individuals allowing them to undergo a medical examination at both outpatient and inpatient facilities of the Clinic; - for patients subscribed to the Clinic’s services via insurance companies

  20. Medicina JSC. Benefits (6) • An ailing physician is assigned to each patient, which allows us to follow the principle of succession. The ailing physician acts as a Family doctor, GP or Pediatrician. It both coordinates treatment assigned by other physicians and takes part in the treatment process when its patients undergo treatment at the Inpatient facility. • Each doctor should conform to medical and economic standards for healthcare services that are applicable in the Russian Federation.

  21. Medicina JSC. Benefits (7) • Consultations provided to patients are recorded in a reliable electronic health care record system and the results of diagnostic examinations carried out with the use of the most advanced equipment are recorded on a CD. As a result, our patients can provide both medical certificates based on the results of conducted examinations and recordings of such examinations when visiting another clinic. • If a patient is delivered to the Inpatient facility by the ambulance, a scan image made inside the ambulance vehicle shall be sent to an Inpatient physician so that he/she could get prepared for the patient’s arrival.

  22. Medicina JSC. Benefits (8) The experts of our clinical laboratory can take samples for blood and other testing at a patient’s home or offices and our Functional Diagnostics specialists can perform an ultrasound examination outside the Clinic.

  23. Medicina JSC. Benefits (9) A number of services are provided in our Clinic 24 hours a day: MRI, ultrasonic and X-ray diagnostics, clinical and diagnostic laboratory, ambulance. Opening hours: Mon-Sun 08.00 – 21.00; Sat. – 09.00 – 19.00; Sun. – 09.00 – 15.00

  24. Medicina JSC. Benefits (10) Patients of JSC “Medicina” have an opportunity to undergo all diagnostic and laboratory examinations on the day of their first appointment and can find out their diagnosis and get necessary treatment and rehabilitation recommendations during the 2nd meeting with their doctor on the same day, if necessary.

  25. Additional services (1) • We can send you an SMS reminder about an appointment with the doctor or an examination at our Clinic or a notice re. the readiness of your examination results. • We can let you know your examination results by phone or provide you with a hard copy. • The ailing doctor of a patient can look through his/her medical history in the patient’s “Personal Cabinet” Section at the Clinic’s site (if agreed with the patient).

  26. Additional services (2) • Skype address of your ailing doctor so that you could contact him/her via the Internet. • Opportunity to make an appointment with the doctor over the Internet, by phone or directly at the Clinic. • Our call center specialists remind patients about their doctor’s appointments over the phone

  27. Additional services (3) Pharmacy A pharmacy is located on the 1st floor of the Clinic and enables our patients an to buy medications subscribed by their doctors. A pharmacist can contact any doctor directly and ask for some specifications with regard to any subscribed medication, if required.

  28. Additional services (4) OpticiansWelcome to our optical store where you can put an order for glasses. We have our own optical laboratory and can process your order within 2 hours.

  29. Additional services (5) A restaurant and 2 cafes on the first floor of the Clinic are open for all visitors.

  30. Additional services (6) On-line services at