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Dear Friends

Dear Friends You are about to see a great business opportunity which can change your life completely if you take this opportunity with positive mind set and seriousness…. Please note that this business has the potential of earning minimum

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Dear Friends

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  1. Dear Friends You are about to see a great business opportunity which can change your life completely if you take this opportunity with positive mind set and seriousness… Please note that this business has the potential of earning minimum $ 100,000 in 2-3 years time if worked part time after your regular job and without affecting much your social lifestyle! To proceed, press your mouse left ear… Kindly note you need to make yourself free for one hour and complete this presentation. To Exit, press your mouse right ear and choose “End Show”, it will close the door of opportunity in your life….

  2. If you see around the world, you will find 4 categories of people contributing in any economy, these are – Employee Businessmen Self Employee Investors Employee:works 6 days/8-10 Hrs and then gets a fixed salary at the end of month, if he don’t come for work his salary is being cut. Moreover his Vacation, Increments, promotion, working hours and fate is being decided by his “Boss” or the management. Self Employee: like Doctors, Lawyer, small shop owners, plumbers, masons etc. are skilled workers and earn their livelihood by working even more than any employee (10-12 Hrs/day) just to keep their bread & butter in line. These people have to be present on their work area no matter what the situation is, because they are the only ones who knows to do their skilled job perfectly. Businessmen: are those who build a setup or organization to ease their work, they imply money, hire people & give a momentum to their business. They work hard initially to make organization workable as per their demand of business and once the setup starts generating money/profit from their activities, they expand their business in terms of more productivity of goods and services. After giving a momentum to their business, they are free to move anywhere they want for more business or personal leisure, because they don’t need to be present physically at their work place, their employees and their money is working for them. Investors: are those who are either born with golden spoon or worked hard to build their business, then they invest their profit returns buying other business, real estates and other company’s stocks.

  3. Parable of Pipeline:- To understand the characteristic of the business, here is a small explanation. Suppose you build a house in your native place. There is no water facility available in the house. However you are forced to occupy the house for some reason. There is a lake at a distance of 250 m from the house. What will you do for daily water requirement? Carry in Bucket or Vessel! But what will you do as a long term solution? Lay pipeline and fix motor. We can equate this to our real life situation. The jobs we are doing presently are like bucket carrying, For immediate requirement of money we work in a company. When you stop working (stop carrying bucket) there is no money (no water). While carrying bucket we should consider laying pipeline in the spare time we have. Once you construct the pipeline there is a continuous flow of water. (You can stop carrying buckets) Initially there is no water when you build pipe line. Similarly in the business opportunity there will be little or no returns in the beginning. Once you build the business you will enjoy the passive income. The business we are about to discuss is also like building a pipeline.

  4. Does this business require investing money?? Any business will need some funds. Isn’t it? Suppose you like what you are going to see, you have to invest little amount of money. And it will benefit you if you invest immediately! Be aware that it is required to purchase a product or service to start the business. TIME How many hours in a week can you spare? No time, Busy? Based on what you are going to see and if you feel it is really worth investing time. You must spare 4—6 hrs / week. CONTACTS How many people are there in your circle of influence (will value your opinion)? How many friends do you have around the world? You need only two people to start with.

  5. What do you do if you watch a good movie? Obviously, tell few friends. If those friends watch that movie upon your reference, who gets benefit? Certainly,Movie Maker Likewise, if you buy some cloths on discounted rates, you would prefer your relatives and friends should also get benefit of discounted sale, and you will call them to rush to particular showroom to buy… Will that showroom owner give you any commission upon sales he made just because of your reference? NO..! You do this kind of referral as part of your day to day activities. However you are not compensated. If you do the same thing in our business. You will be compensated. Have you heard of Network Marketing? The business we are going to discuss is also Network marketing.

  6. How a Network Marketing is different from Traditional Marketing/Sales? TRADITIONAL MARKETING NETWORK MARKETING Manufacturer Manufacturer You buy a product from NWM company and you recommend it to your friends & relatives If they buy through your reference, the company shares the profit with you… From the money saved on advertisements and distribution expenses since no marketing or agency is involved If the process continues, it creates a passive income in the period of 2-3 years. If you buy any product and you like it, you recommend the same to your “friends & relatives.” In case any one buys the product because of the trust in you Sales Happens, BUT you will not get benefit Company incurs huge amount of expense on payment to Cine stars or Sports person on advertisements, wholesalers, retailers etc. All above is paid by customers like US… Overheads & Profit NWM Company Advertisements Customer# 1 National Distributors Customer# 2 Customer# 3 Regional Distributors Your Friend or Relative Wholesalers & Retailer YOU YOU

  7. What is network marketing?NWM is a marketing concept or a way of selling products. It combines two of the most powerful forces at work in the world today: Networking and Marketing or simply saying, NWM is marketing a product through a network (of people or customers). It started in the United States in the 1930s but it achieved its real growth in the 60s after the inception of Amway Corporation (American Way) in to the US market in 1959. Unfortunately, because of the explosive success of this young industry, a lot of dishonest and unscrupulous individuals and entities have used Network Marketing for illegal and fast moneymaking schemes. That's why one can find a lot of people who have negative opinions of Network Marketing There are those who have had an unfortunate experience of one kind or another. Others, because of what they have heard, think it's an "illegal pyramid." But as Dr. Dean Black, author of "The MLM Simple Success Guide" says, "There's nothing wrong with the principle, just with the way some people work with it."

  8. Is network marketing a profitable mode of business? These companies say so:US SPRINT long distance started as a NETWORK MARKETING CO. 1984 MCI Communications became involved with NETWORK MARKETING in 1987. COCA COLA & PANASONIC got involved with NETWORK MARKETING in 1988 (through AMWAY.) ELYSEE COSMETICS founded in 1926 converted to a NETWORK MARKETING COMPANY in 1997. FULLER BRUSH founded in 1906 converted to s NETWORK MARKETING COMPANY in 1992.REXALL (pharmaceuticals) founded in 1903, formed Recall Showcase as a NETWORK MARKETING CO. in 1990. WATKINS founded in 1868 converted to a NETWORK MARKETING CO. in 1977. GILLETTE became involved in NETWORK MARKETING in 1973 with its purchase of JAFRA COSMETICS (founded in 1956 as a NETWORK MARKETING COMPANY.)The University of Illinois at Chicago teaches network marketing in its marketing curriculum. The university also offers the UIC Certificate Seminar in network marketing for network marketing practitioners, the only program in the industry, with approximately 2700 graduates to date.According to the Indian Direct Selling Association (IDSA), the total turnover through direct selling in India in 1998-99 was $140 million. As against the expected growth of anywhere between 30 and 50 per cent, it registered a growth of 38.5 per cent for a turnover of $200 million in 1999-2000. In 2001-05, the growth is at 60 to 65 per cent. 

  9. About Company – Quest Net International • Started in 1998 • Headquartered in Hong Kong • Offices in over 22 countries including Singapore, Malaysia, India (5 offices), Iran , UAE (2 offices), Philippines, etc. • Has 21 subsidiaries • Over 1.5 Million Customers Worldwide • 1.2 Billion USD Company • Company preparing to get listed in NASDAQ • Group MD Mr. Vijay Eswaran was selected as one of the top 200 Indians to have contributed globally. (Courtesy: World Education Foundation, INDIA)



  12. In honour of the faith of the Islamic people, GOLDQUEST presents the Ka’abah Gold Medallion which features two of the most revered landmarks of the Islamic world – the Ka’abah

  13. Another milestone in networking! Enjoy ride with Quest Bike On Indian roads India being a two wheeler country, You can get maximum sales when it Comes with income plan!!!

  14. For more products and their price tags You can logon to www.quest.net www.goldquest-india.com And now Business… how you will develop your business & make millions

  15. When you register with Quest Net Ltd., you will be given tracking number (its just like employee no. or social security number) and you are eligible to recommend company’s products to others Your responsibility is to introduce only 2 members under you, one in your left hand and second in your right hand side Once you get your registration number, you become Independent Representative (IR) of Quest Net Ltd. And you can use your IR No. to introduce others under your organization. YOU A B Likewise A & B also need to introduce at least 2-2 members under them… A.1 A.2 B.1 B.2 Note: on every one new member introduced by you or your down liner the company will give USD 41.60 (this is for international, for India; commission shall come in INR equivalent) Now if you see your organization above, you have got total 6 members under you – 3 in your left hand side & 3 in your right hand side. The commission you shall get 6 x 41.60 = $250; the commissions are calculated on weekly basis so we are talking about weekly commission and not monthly… You can multiply your commission by introducing many members under your organization in just one week, keep in mind the Quest Net system picks 3 from your left and 3 from your right. If you have 6 in left & 6 in right at the time of commission calculation, your weekly income will be 6+6 x 41.60 = $500 And if in case you have 4 in left & 3 in right, the system will pick 3+3 and the balance 1 in left shall be taken in next week calculation.

  16. YOU A B A.1 A.2 B.1 B.2 From Up line From A.1 From you From A.2 From You From B.1 From B From B.2 Mr. X Mrs. Z Sudan Ms. Y From A From B India XYZ Malaysia From B From USA Australia From You Mr. Y Remember you are not alone in this business, you have active members in your up line and down line, we all are working together towards one goal – to achieve financial freedom… We all are active and introducing new members every day, your up liner shall place his new member under you or your any of down line to grow his income and in return it will grow your organization resulting more money in your pocket… See how your organization grows in team work….

  17. POWER OF POSITION IN NETWORK But for some reason you took time to make up your mind and didn’t join early, And someone else took this place YOUR FRIEND For example here is your friend who sent you this opportunity, he wants you to place at “A” position. And when you decide to join the team you shall be placed here A B A.1 A.2 B.1 B.2 From Up line From A.1 From you From A.2 From You From B.1 From B From B.2 Mr. X Mrs. Z Sudan Ms. Y From A From B India XYZ Malaysia From B From USA Australia From You Mr. Y By joining late your placement gets down to A.1 and you can see the right hand side of “A” you are loosing because your business will start from “A.1” So my dear its always good to be early bird, no delays no loss…

  18. HOW WILL NETWORK MARKETING IMPACT YOUR LIFE? THE PROBLEM: More and more complex World … Rapid Economic Changes … Airline Shutdowns … Company Lay-offs … Bank Mergers …. Factory Closings and Downsizing …. TWO Income Families almost a necessity, Today. THE REMEDY:Network Marketing (NWM)! WHY IS NWM THE REMEDY? World is downsizing. Network Marketing is upsizing! NM combines two powerful business forces - NETWORKING and MARKETING … which drive the production, distribution and sale of Billions of Dollars of Products and Services throughout the world every year. WHAT DOES NWM DO FOR YOU? Opportunity to take control of your life …You choose the destination and direction of your life … You decide how fast you are going to get there. Unlimited income potential … Freedom of Action … Enjoy Life with Friends and Family while earning residual income. Quest Net Ltd. has created an amazing opportunity that will allow you the possibility of experiencing both the Time Freedom and Financial Security that will enhance your quality of life for you and your family.

  19. Why Will Quest Net Be Your Best Partner In The Network Marketing Industry? After understanding the validity and the power of Network Marketing, your questions will change from, "Should I get involved in network marketing?" to "Which network marketing company should I choose?“ Network Marketing by itself can't bring success to a company that offers inferior products, poor distributor support or corporate mismanagement. On the other hand, with Quest Net, you get a company built on the principles of integrity, quality, stability, sound leadership and longevity. Simply put, Quest Net is the right company with the right products and the right opportunity for you to succeed.

  20. "I  believe  that  the  network  marketing  industry  is misunderstood and misinterpreted  to  be  a  money-making,  short-term  business. However, I believe  that  this industry is largely based on the power and strength of relationship  building.  It  is people-business and, in my experience, all the  success  stories in this business are people who believe in the power of  building  relationships, caring for their people and most importantly, the power of LOVE.“ - Theodore Roosevelt, American President

  21. Most people see the profit potential in this business concept, but your biggest concern may be, “Will this work for me?” You are not alone. Most successful people felt the same way when they were getting started. We’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions to help you answer yours. • This makes sense, but I’m extremely busy. I don’t see how I could incorporate this into my hectic schedule. • You’re in good company. This is a perfect business for busy people. That is one of the reasons why our Business Development Program was created. Time-Leverage allows busy people to turn limited time into income. • Team support also makes it possible to leverage time. You will be in this business for yourself, but not by yourself. With team support, one hour can be leveraged into many hours. Ask a team leader for more information. • The Business Support Materials consisting of audio tapes, CD’s, books, and literature are time-leveraging tools. Right now you are proving the validity of this statement. The person who introduced you to this concept is leveraging his or her time as you are reading this brochure. • If more time is what you want, what are you doing right now that will give you more time freedom a year from now? This business has been the solution for busy people who wanted to change their hectic lifestyle.

  22. Is this a Pyramid / Money Circulation Scheme? No. All these schemes are illegal; Hundreds of well known companies participate in MLM concept as told in earlier session – what is network marketing? I’m not a salesperson. I can’t see myself succeeding in something like this. Most of the people who are making money with this are not salespeople. They have simply learned how to work with the support team and the Business Development Program. • I know people who tried things like this and they weren’t successful. • Nearly 20% of all successful people who reached a significant level are quoted as saying that they have tried something like this before. Just because a person doesn’t succeed once doesn’t mean he or she can’t succeed the next time. What is it we tell our children? “If at first you don’t succeed…” • This project has two distinct advantages over a traditional business: the Support Team and the Business Development Program. Get to know your support team, listen to the tapes/CD’s and study the written materials. Very few businesses offer the extensive mentoring that is available here.

  23. I don’t know very many people. With team support, you only need to help TWO people succeed in order to develop a significant income. When you help six people succeed, you can become wealthy • What are the benefits of owning a business like this? • Own your business and be your own Boss. • No large capital investment and low overhead. • Unlimited income potential without risk. • Multiple income streams of ongoing income.  • Time-leveraging for the busy lifestyle. • Quality support from people who desire your success. • Success education through training materials and events. • Recognition for accomplishments. • Opportunity to be mentored and to mentor others. • No quotas or territories. • Direct delivery of purchases. • Significant financial rewards and the time to enjoy them. • Opportunity to travel worldwide. • Ability to choose the amount of time to invest in building a business, while continuing with your traditional occupation. • Participation in a business which is the wave of the future.

  24. How do I start my business? • Meet / call the person who forwarded this opportunity to review this Business • Register with Quest Net Ltd. and get affiliation as an Independent Representative (IR) • Develop your list of names - Friends, Relatives and Colleagues. • Share the opportunity. • Use the help of your team members and the techniques learned in the Business Development Program.


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