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dear friends n.
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Dear friends !

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Dear friends !
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Dear friends !

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  1. Dear friends ! Welcome to our quiz English-Speaking Countries

  2. This yearthe quiz is devoted to the UK.So ,test your knowledge'How much do you know about the UK?'School students of all ages can take part in our quiz.There`re 50 questions in the quiz.You`ll get 2 scores for the right answer.Total- 100 scores.Diplomas for winners are waiting for you!Pleasesend your answers before February GOOD LUCK !

  3. Britain Quiz time

  4. 1. What is the official name of this country? a) Britain b) The United Kingdom of Great Britain c) England

  5. 2.What is the population of this country? a) 56,878,000 b) 300,000,000 c) 100,000,000

  6. 3.Which sea separates England from Ireland? a) The North Sea b) The Atlantic Ocean c) The Irish Sea

  7. 4.How many countries make up Great Britain? a) Four b) Three c) Five

  8. 5.What is the national flag of the UK? 1 6 2 5 3 4

  9. 6.The Union Jack is… a) The flag of the UK b) The flag of Scotland c) The flag of Wales d) The flag of England

  10. 7.What is the capital of the UK? a) London b) Belfast c) Glasgow

  11. 8.A fictional character who is supposed to personify Englishness is… a) John Bull b) Guy Fawkes c) Robin Hood

  12. 9.What is the climate in Britain like? a) Tropical b) Changeable c) Arctic

  13. 10.Money in the UK is… a) Dollars b) Pounds c) Euro

  14. 11.On the reverse side of many British coins you can see… a) King Henry VIII b) Queen Elizabeth I c) Britannia

  15. 12.The Patron saint of Northern Ireland is… a) St. George b) St. Andrew c) St. Patrick

  16. 13.What’s the busiest London airport? a) Heathrow b) Gatwick c) Stansted

  17. 14.What’s the most popular kind of food? a) Chinese b) British c) Indian

  18. 15.Which is the biggest city (after London)? a) Edinburgh b) Manchester c) Birmingham

  19. 16.Where’s the highest mountain? a) England b) Scotland c) Wales

  20. 17.Which part of Britain is the sunniest? a) South West b) South East c) North East

  21. 18.Which is the most popular tourist town (after London)? a) Cambridge b) Edinburgh c) Oxford

  22. 19.What is the most popular free time activity? a) Watching TV b) Gardening c) Reading

  23. 20.What is the most popular sport? a) Fishing b) Darts c) Football

  24. 21.Which is the oldest university? a) Cambridge b) Oxford c) London

  25. 22.What is the most common religion? (in the UK) a) Protestantism b) Roman Catholicism c) Islam

  26. 23.What nationality are the people of Northern Ireland? a) English b) Irish c) British

  27. 24.In which country is the Lake District? a) Scotland b) England c) Wales

  28. 25.The British Prime Minister lives at… a) 12 Whitehall b) 10 Downing Street c) 7 Russel Street d) 15 Oxford Street

  29. 26.Oliver Cromwell lived _____and was an____ a)1599-1658, English general and politician b)1700-1760, English general and philosopher c)1700-1760, British general and politician d)1599-1659, British general and politician

  30. 27.Scotland was joined to England in… a) 1707 b) 1282 c) 1822 d) 1600

  31. 28.The Cabinet of Ministers is… a) Elected by the Parliamentary party and appointed by the Queen b) Formed and appointed by the Queen herself c) Formed by Prime Minister appointed by the Queen d) Appointed by the Prime Minister

  32. 29.Queen Victoria is a British Queen who ruled from a) 1837-1907 b) 1770-1834 c) 1800-1890 d) 1600-1680

  33. 30.650 Members of the House of Commons are elected every ….. years. a) 2 b) 3 c) 4 d) 5

  34. 31.The head of State in Britain is… a) The Prime Minister b) The President c) The speaker d) The Queen

  35. 32.There are many farmlands in Britain, especially in the … of the country. a) North b) South c) West d) East

  36. 33.Whitehall is… a) A street leading from Trafalgar Square to the House of Parliament b) A big hall in the centre of London c) A white palace near Trafalgar Square d) The palace where the Queen lived in summer

  37. 34.The Great Fire of London broke out in… a) 1066 b) 1766 c) 1106 d) 1666

  38. 35.Sir Christopher Wren built… a) Buckingham Palace b) The Tower of London c) Trafalgar Square d) St. Paul’s Cathedral

  39. 36.Great Britain is separated from the continent by… a) The Pacific Ocean b) The Irish Sea c) The Bristol Channel d) The English Channel

  40. 37.Admiral Nelson is an England admiral who became famous for … a) Winning a number of sea battles against the French n the 1790s b) Winning a number of battles against the Italians un the 1800s c) His speech in the Parliament d) Losing the sea battles

  41. 38.Big Ben is… a) A palace b) A bell c) A square

  42. 39.The Queen lives in… a) The Tower of London b) Buckingham Palace c) Windsor Palace

  43. 40.Speaker’s Corner is in… a) Hyde Park b) Green Park c) Regent’s Park

  44. 41.The oldest London park is… a) St. James’s Park b) Green Park c) Regent’s Park

  45. 42.The famous waxworks museum is… a) Ermitage b) Madam Tussaud’s museum c) The British museum

  46. 43.Joseph Turner is … a) A writer b) A scientist c) An artist

  47. 44.The author of the poem “My Heart’s In The Highlands” is… a) Daniel Defoe b) William Shakespare c) Robert Burns

  48. 45.This is … a) Westminster Abbey b) The Houses of Parliament c) The Bloody Tower

  49. 46.When is Halloween celebrated? a) December 25th b) February 14th c) October 31th

  50. 47.In Britain, if a black cat crosses your path it’s considered… a) Good luck b) A sing of bad weather to come c) Bad luck