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Online Design Tips

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Online Design Tips - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Online Design Tips
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  1. Online Design Tips

  2. 10-Point Checklist for Web Design • Is there a central eye-catching element? • Is there an overwhelming element on the page that is not the main point? • Is there a visual hierarchy? • Do the size and weight of the graphics vary? • Are the colors complementary?

  3. 10-Point Checklist for Web Design • Are the colors and tones in keeping with the mood and point of the story? • Does each page have texture and depth? • Does the text completely avoid the use of italics? • Is the text limited to 10-15 words across the screen? • Are the links strong, clear teases with words?

  4. Make sure your site follows the guidelines below: Know your audience. Think about the entire "experience" that a new reader/user might have. Who is your audience, and have you "normalized" your writing/design style to embrace the reader? Illustrate. Use a pull quote to help break up long and "gray" runs of text. Avoid "canyons" in text, which are pictures on the left and right with text smashed in the middle.

  5. Make ALT-ernate plans.ALT tags: use them with every image/photograph you use. This will help those who don't have graphics capabilities, or are using devices for the visually impaired. Set up the structure. Dreamweaver automatically uses IMG WIDTH, HEIGHT tags to define the rectangular area for a photo. This makes the page load faster because the browser knows how to layout and space out the page. However, make sure that the images are in fact the defined size. In the properties bar in Dreamweaver, if the "W" and "H" dimensions are BOLD, then hit the Refresh button to get the new dimensions.

  6. Portability Check your site on more than one browser. Color and Type Design Be sure to provide good contrast between background color and foreground text for readability. Choose a font size large enough to ensure 6-10 words per line. Any more than this will make text hard to read. Avoid full-width body text whenever possible. Don't be obnoxious. No flashing. Period. No gratuitous animated GIFs.

  7. Don't put in features just "because I could"... You should be able to justify every element of design. Acts of CO-mission, not O-mission.