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  1. GEORGIAN BULLETIN Monthly Issue N° 6 October-November 2010 Embassy of Georgia to the Kingdom of Belgium and Grand Duchy of LuxembourgMission of Georgia to the European Union • The President of Georgia delivered a speech at the session of the Foreign Relations Committee of the European Parliament; • President Mikheil Saakashvili and President Barack Obama held an official meeting in Lisbon; • The President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili met the President of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy; • Agreement on ''The Readmission of Persons Residing without Authorization'' between Georgia and the EU was signed in Brussels AGENDA 23/11/10 The President of Georgia delivered a speech at the session of the Foreign Relations Committee of the European Parliament 23/11/10 Jerzy Buzek: “Georgia can become a brilliant model of how you moved forward to democratic system” 22/11/10 President Mikheil Saakashvili of Georgia and President Barack Obama of the United States held an official meeting in Lisbon 18/11/10 The President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili met the President of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy 4-5/11/10 The Prime Minister of Georgia Mr. Nika Gilauri visited Brussels 22/11/10 Agreement on ''The Readmission of Persons Residing without Authorization'' between Georgia and the EU was signed in Brussels 24-25/10/10 The working visit of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and to the Kingdom of Belgium The President of Georgia delivered a speech at the session of the Foreign Relations Committee of the European Parliament The President of Georgia spoke about Georgia's territorial integrity, peace initiative, Russia-Georgian relations, carried out reforms and constitutional amendments at the session of the Foreign Relations Committee of the European Parliament. Mikheil Saakashvili was answering the questions asked by the members of the European Parliament. "We hope to get close to European Parliament. Of course we know that we need your help in those reforms that we are carrying out. Regarding Russian leaders - we expect them to understand that Georgia exists and it has democratically elected government. We must be as flexible, open-minded and ready for the compromise that will be based on the major principles of relations between the governments", Mikheil Saakasvhili stated. The President of Georgia spoke about the importance of peace initiative as well.   "We have presented this initiative envisaging the fact that the territorial integrity of Georgia is violated. It is obvious that it should be restored. We must develop a legal status for those territories that are considered occupied under International Law. We don't need this legalization only to get morally satisfied but for creating sufficient situation in order to restart negotiations and establish personal ties", he stated. PAGE 1

  2. GEORGIAN BULLETIN October-November 2010 "Before the war has started I wrote a letter to President Medvedev, because the provocations were growing. I have even tried to call him couple of times, but Prime Minister Putin answered the phone. I was thinking what could I do to avoid a war. I told them to withdraw their forces from 100 km line that was empty from the population and gave people chance to return to their own houses. We weren't saying anything about the status, international administration and free economic zone that we wanted to develop there. Their answer was that the return of IDPs wasn't subject to be discussed", the President of Georgia noted.  The members of the European Parliament got interested in outcomes of NATO Lisbon Summit and in details of meeting with President Obama. The President of Georgia positively evaluated outcomes of NATO Lisbon Summit and negotiations held with his US counterpart.  "Issue of Georgia's integration is still on agenda and Ukraine's decision had no influence on us. It is also important that they supported our reforms in Lisbon. I met with President Obama that expressed his support towards Georgia. President Medvedev stated during the press conference that there is disagreement on Georgia and that Georgia's issue is on top among those subjects that needs to be discussed", the President of Georgia noted. He once again spoke about the will of Georgian people on NATO integration. "More than 70 percent of Georgians support Georgia's integration to NATO and it means that Georgian people have no other alternative. We are the biggest contributors to Afghan operations per capita, Georgians serve in Helmand province and I promise we will increase the number of our troops in this operation. We are going to send our instructors and police officers in Afghanistan as well", Mikheil Saakashvili stated. One of the major issues at the session of Foreign Relations Committee was constitutional amendments. President Saakashvili believes that increase of Parliament authority is an important step forward. "This changes will even strengthen our Parliament. Venice Commission, after so many years of cooperation, stated very clearly that this reform responds to all European norms. The only remark they made was that we had to decrease President's authority. We will have a government subordinated to the Parliament that will report to the Parliament on the daily bases. More or less it will be Parliamentary government that is a huge achievement for our region. I can tell you that this Constitution couldn't be tailored on someone, especially on me personally. We have huge reforms ahead, like for example moving Parliament to the second biggest city of Georgia. At the same time we carry out reforms in educational and social spheres. Regarding media - the Parliament has already presented a draft on the media ownership transparency. BBC was monitoring the local elections and it is noted in their report that elections were covered in a fair way both in case of opposition and for the government", the President of Georgia stated.  23.11.10 Jerzy Buzek: “Georgia can become a brilliant model of how you moved forward to democratic system” "We wish stable Georgia that effectively develops. We wish stability in all Southern Caucasus and Georgia can become a brilliant model of how you moved forward to democratic system, free market and how you defend and respect human rights, the rule of law", - by this statement the President of European Parliament Jerzy Buzek introduced the President of Georgia to the members of the European Parliament. Before Mikheil Saakashvili's 25-minute address Jerzy Buzek spoke extensively about successful reforms that were carried out after the Rose Revolution and ongoing democratic changes. As he pointed out EU and European Parliament consider very important the process of democratization, which includes constitutional, election code, judiciary system reforms and the superiority of human rights. This was the President of European Parliament expressed hope of effective cooperation. In his speech the special attention was paid to the problem of our country's territorial integrity. He underlined that in May the European Parliament received a special resolution, by which the Members of the Parliament called on Russia to withdraw their forces from the Georgian territories and to fulfill ceasefire agreement. After Mikheil Saakashvili's speech the President of European Parliament once again noted that before OSCE Summit the messages delivered by the President of Georgia were very important. PAGE 2

  3. GEORGIAN BULLETIN October-November 2010 As Jerzy Buzek stated these messages were important not only for Georgia, but for the whole region.   During his visit to Strasbourg, President Saakashvili had bilateral meeting with the President of European Parliament where Jerzy Buzek once again expressed his support to Georgia.   23.11.10 Statement by EU High representative Catherine Ashton on the non-use of force commitment announced by Georgian President Saakashvili Catherine Ashton, the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice-President of the Commission, made the following statement: `I welcome the non-use of force commitment announced by the Georgian President Saakashvili during his speech made on 23 November before the European Parliament in Strasbourg. I see it as a constructive step and positive contribution to ongoing efforts towards a peaceful and lasting solution to the conflict. In this regard, I underline the importance of the Geneva International Discussions, where the issue of non-use of force is at the centre of the agenda. We are looking forward to further steps, as announced by President Saakashvili in his speech, and stand ready to continue the active engagement of the EU in the conflict resolution efforts in Georgia. 25.11.10 NATO Parliamentary Assembly adopted a resolution on the Situation in Georgia At the plenary session held in Warsaw on 16 November, a few days before the Lisbon Summit, NATO Parliamentary Assembly adopted a Resolution on the Situation in Georgia. The Resolution assesses the presence of Russian troops on the territory of Georgia as a violation of the EU-brokered Ceasefire Agreement of 12 August 2008 and an occupation of the territory of the sovereign country. NATO parliamentarians urge Russia "to reverse the results of ethnic cleansing“ and allow the safe and dignified return of all internally displaced persons to their homes. During the review of the Resolution by the respective committee, Russian representatives strongly objected to the use of the term "occupation" and in particular to "ethnic cleansing", which, in their opinion, make Russia the politically and legally responsible party for ethnic cleansing. The adopted Resolution commends the recent reforms in Georgia and especially welcomes the conduct of competitive and democratic local elections on 30 May 2010. The Resolution condemns the ongoing tightening by Russian FSB Border Troops of procedures for crossing the "Administrative Border Line", enhancement of Russia's military presence on the occupied territories as well as Russia's blocking of the extension of the OSCE and UN missions in Georgia and urges Russia to allow EUMM unimpeded access to the entire territory of Georgia. The Assembly urged the European Union to put the implementation of the Ceasefire Agreement on the agenda of the coming EU-Russia summit. 16.11.10 Information on the Declaration of the NATO Lisbon Summit On 19-20 November, 2010 the NATO Summit was held in Lisbon, Portugal. During the Summit the Heads of State and Government of the NATO countries adopted Declaration, in which Allies reaffirmed the 2008 Bucharest Summit decision and reiterated that "Georgia will become a member of NATO". NATO members also reiterated their support to Georgia's sovereignty and territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders. The Allies called on Russia to reverse its recognition of independence of Georgia's regions and comply with the commitments under the EU-mediated ceasefire agreement. The Allied nations welcomed Georgia's important contribution to NATO operations, in particular to ISAF. At the same time, the NATO countries emphasized their active support of the wide-range reforms and welcomed the opening of the NATO Liaison Office, which would facilitate the implementation of the reform process. 20.11.10 President Mikheil Saakashvili of Georgia and President Barack Obama of the United States held an official meeting in Lisbon President Mikheil Saakashvili of Georgia and President Barack Obama of the United States held an official meeting this evening on the sidelines of the NATO Summit in Lisbon. The leaders focused on the strong and growing partnership between their two countries, PAGE 3

  4. GEORGIAN BULLETIN October-November 2010 based on their shared democratic values and strategic goals. They discussed regional security, stressing the importance of dialogue and cooperation. Both leaders underscored that they look forward to deepening their cooperation under the auspices of the US-Georgia Charter on Strategic Partnership, which covers four broad areas:democratic reform; defense and security cooperation; economic cooperation; and people-to-people contacts. President Saakashvili thanked President Obama and his Administration for their steadfast support of Georgia's sovereignty and territorial integrity, and for affirming Georgia's path toward eventual NATO membership. President Saakashvili also expressed the gratitude of the Georgian people to the Obama administration, the US Congress, and the American people for their generous financial aid package that helped Georgia in the last two years. He also stressed the importance of US assistance in Georgia's continued pursuit of democratic and economic reforms. President Obama praised Georgia's contributions to NATO's ISAF mission in Afghanistan, where almost a thousand Georgian troops are serving, and expressed his sincere appreciation for the sacrifices made by the Georgian people. He also commended Georgia's reforms and urged the Georgian leadership to continue them. President Obama said the United States supports Georgia's Euro-Atlantic and NATO aspirations. 22.11.10 President of Georgia holds meetings within the bounds of the NATO Summit in Lisbon President of Georgia continues to have bilateral meetings within the bounds of the NATO Summit in Lisbon. Mikheil Saakashvili held tête-à-tête meetings with his Polish and Romanian counterparts Traian Basescu and Bronislaw Komorowski. The leaders once again stated that they support Georgia in the process of European integration. Bronislaw Komorowski stated that Poland still maintains traditional relationships that were established during the years between two countries. Mikheil Saakashvili met the UK Prime Minister David Cameron and the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Mark  Rutte. During these meetings, the leaders expressed their full support of our country's territorial integrity and sovereignty and noted that they welcome Georgia's North-Atlantic Alliance aspiration. The President of Georgia met with the President of Turkey Abdullah Gul. The main topic of discussion was the support of peace and security in the region and deepening of partnership relations. Georgian leader met Czech Prime Minister Petr Nečas. Mikheil Saakashvili expressed his gratitude towards Czech side for their active support that was expressed in NATO strategic document regarding Georgian issue. Czech Prime Minister reaffirmed his support to Georgia on its way to European integration. 22.11.10 The President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili met the President of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy The President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili met the President of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy today. The President of the European Council made a statement in which he expressed his support to Georgia and pointed out that EU continues its full support to Georgia's security, stability, sovereignty and territorial integrity. Herman Van Rompuy stressed his attention to the progress that Georgia has reached in respect of Eastern Partnership and in regards of agreement on associated membership. He noted that EU still continues support on peacefully resolving the conflict and named those activities that will be carried out in this direction.   “I welcome the progress of strengthening EU - Georgian relations after the launch of the association agreement negotiations in July. I expressed my appreciation to the President of Georgia on preparedness and pragmatic approach. We agreed on the need to further advance the necessary forms that would bring Georgia to the legislation line of the EU in key areas. We also agreed that both - visa facilitation and readmission agreements should enter into force soon. The strengthening of EU- Georgia relationship would be a further stimulus to Georgia to continue on reforms. PAGE 4

  5. GEORGIAN BULLETIN October-November 2010 European Union has always been consistent on emphasizing the importance of shared values, as referred to Eastern partnership and for the conclusion of the association agreement. Georgia has achieved substantial progress in this field and this must be recognized. Our expectation is that the process of consolidation democratic institutes should continue. In this framework a new constitution elector reform will be important benchmark. I underline the European Union's full support for the security, the stability and territorial integrity of Georgia, to expect in tight international community to do so as well. I confirm to the President the commitment of the European Union to continue to be fully engaged in conflict resolution efforts. We have already mobilized several EU instruments for this purpose: the Geneva discussions, the EU monitoring mission, assistance to IDPs, just to name a few. We also discussed questions of regional stability particularly in light of the upcoming summit of the OSCE in December and Eastern Partnership Summit next May. We agreed that the only way to ensure lasting stability in the Southern Caucasus is by peaceful means and by the full mobilization of diplomatic and political efforts. This is an important message I to intend to take in the Summit in Astana as well. Finally the question of energy and energy security. You would recall that European council intends to devote significant time to this issue early next year,  future of the EU's energy supply and energy security is of course linked with this neighborhood as well. Including the countries of Eastern Partnership and beyond.  In this context I recognize the constructive role Georgia plays in development of energy transit route", Herman Van Rompuy stated. According to the statement made by the President of Georgia Europe must not forget that Georgian territory still remains under occupation and that Russia is not fulfilling ceasefire agreement. The President of Georgia touched the issue of Georgia's dialogue to Russia in his speech.  „We still remember your visit in Georgia as the President of the lower chamber of the Belgian Parliament in the aftermarket world. And strong statements supporting European values at very crucial moment. And obviously we greatly value the cooperation we have, the refreshment we have and the integration process we have with European Union, because that is actually the only way Georgia can take, of course there are alternatives for Georgia, but for Europe Georgia is an ancient European country and we are looking forward to going back to its native house. On the one hand, the problem of Georgia faces now is of course the occupation of 20% of its territory and obviously European Union has been brokering  the ceasefire agreement, we will never forget the role European Union played on obtaining  the ceasefire, but we also hope that European Union will never forget that Ceasefire Agreement has never been implemented and is being violated on daily bases. Obviously we welcome also any dialogue that European Union has with Russia, provided also that this dialogue is not used by Russia to divert away from the existing issue. People mustn't forget that Russia keeps occupying territory of the sovereign European country. Certainly we hope that European Union will have more permissions locally as well as your engagement will help gradually to solve this issue peacefully. On the other front we are working on preparing to open negotiations on the free trade agreement and I think we will be looking at, say, how our neighboring country Turkey is flourishing within European Union, and I think Georgia and Georgian case will have miraculous results once this thing is started, negotiated and then decided. We hope to arrange that very soon. I am really pleased that already in January European Parliament will ratify hopefully the visa facilitation, that would make Georgians much easier to move around and hopefully one day we will get a vise free  access as well. In any case, this is our way; Georgia's way is European way. The great honor to meet you first time in this official capacity and we‘ll have good success", - Mikheil Saakashvili stated.  18.11.10 On November 4-5 2010, the Prime Minister of Georgia Mr. Nika Gilauri visited Brussels Within the visit, Nika Gilauri delivered his speech at the conference dedicated to the energy issues of Georgia and talked about implemented reforms in the energy sector of Georgia. "Today, it has already been emphasized that Georgia is the strategic partner for the European Union and two directions have also been highlighted: the first direction is in connection with hydro-resources and in fact, Mr. Oettinger and I in our speech called on European businesspersons to be more active with regard to Georgia, to arrive and build a large quantity of hydroelectric power stations to export electricity through Turkey to the EU, and the second direction is to utilize Georgia's potential as gas transit country. The information which we have been aware of today and it has been confirmed by the Minister of Energy of Georgia that on Tuesday the government of Georgia will sign the memorandum with Turkish consortium about building the cascade of hydroelectric power stations in Samegrelo after 18 months. PAGE 5

  6. GEORGIAN BULLETIN October-November 2010 Information on the signing of the Agreement on ''The Readmission of Persons Residing without Authorization'' between Georgia and the EU in Brussels On 22 November 2010, Agreement on "The Readmission of Persons Residing without Authorisation" was signed between Georgia and the EU, in Brussels. On the Georgian side, the Agreement was signed by Mr. Gregory Vashadze, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, and on the EU side - by Mr. Melchior Wathelet, State Secretary for the Budget, Migration and Asylum Policy, Family Policy and Federal Cultural Institutions of the Kingdom of Belgium, representing the current Presidency of the Council of the EU, and Ms. Cecilia Malmström, Commissioner for Home Affairs. The mentioned fact is of particular importance, as following the signature, the respective procedures will be launched necessary for the simultaneous entry into force of the Visa facilitation Agreement, signed in June 2010, and the Readmission Agreement. Based on the current information, the Agreements are expected to entre into force in Spring 2011. 22.11.10 The working visit of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and to the Kingdom of Belgium. On 25-26 October 2010,  Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia Grigol Vashadze had a working visit to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and to the Kingdom of Belgium. In the frames of his visit, at the initiative of Czech side, Mr. Gregory Vashadze, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, met his colleagues within the format of the New Group of Friends of Georgia (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Sweden, Poland, Czech, Bulgaria, Romania). The aim of the meeting was to discuss, inter alia, current issues on the EU-Georgia agenda, priority areas of cooperation and future prospects, as well as EU's role in strengthening stability and security in Georgia. These discussions preceded the EU Foreign Affairs Council meeting scheduled on the same day. During his visit to Luxembourg and Brussels the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia held meetings The Minister of Energy of Georgia explained to us the importance of this memorandum and possibilities to be given to Georgia with regard to electricity export. The growth almost in all sectors is apparent; electricity export has reached the record indicator. The growth in tourism sector has been fixed; the number of visitors in Georgia has been increased in 42-43 % during 9 months. As for the financial sector, deposits have reached the record figure this year. These are the main parameters of 2010. When we analyze about the reasons of growth we point out three main factors, namely: International Financial Institutions, reforms carried out in Georgia and diversification in commerce, tourism and energy sectors,“ - the Prime Minister noted. Alexandre Khetaguri - Georgia's Minister of Energy , the Euro-commissioner in energy affairs Mr.Gunhter Oettinger, Rumanian Minister of Economy, trade and Business Environment Mr. Ion Ariton, Bulgaria's Minister of Energy, Economy and Tourism Mr. Traicho Traikov and Hovard Chase,- the Director of BP European affairs Department participated at the conference dedicated to energy issues of Georgia. As the Prime Minister of Georgia, Nika Gilauri noted after the confe- rence, it was very constructive visit. “ Energy conference was convened in Brussels at our request. It's worth noting that the conference was headed by Mr. Oettinger – the Euro-commissioner in energy affairs. At his invitation state officers and private sector representatives of Europe were participated at the conference. We talked about the relations in energy sector between Georgia and Europe. It's important that Georgia has been considered as potential partner for European Union so far. Today Mr. Oettinger has underlined that Georgia is the strategic partner in energy sector for EU. During the viit the Prime Minister met with Shtephan Fulle, the European Commissioner for Expansion of the European Council and Neighbor Policy as well. 05.11.10 For the full coverage visit: PAGE 6

  7. GEORGIAN BULLETIN October-November 2010 with EU Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy Štefan Füle and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Belgium Steven Vanackere. During the meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Belgium, the sides have discussed number of issues of bilateral cooperation existing between Georgia and the Kingdom of Belgium. The sides have emphasized the importance of further enhancement of economic relations between the two countries and focused on progress of democratic and economic reforms in Georgia, main directions of Georgia-EU and Georgia-NATO relations, as well as current situation in the occupied territories of Georgia. The sides touched upon the State Strategy on the Occupied Territories of Georgia and issues of regional cooperation. 24-25.10.10 Information on the negotiations for the elaboration of the text of the Agreement on Association between Georgia and the European Union Second plenary session of talks for the elaboration of the text of the Agreement on Association between Georgia and the European Union was held in Brussels on 11 October 2010 (first plenary session was held in Batumi, on 15 July 2010, which officially marked the opening of talks regarding the aforesaid Agreement by President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili and High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Catherine Ashton. The Georgian delegation including representatives of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Justice, Internal Affairs and the Office of the State Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration was led by Deputy Foreign Minister Tornike Gordadze. The European side was headed by Deputy Director General in the European Commission Directorate General for External Relations Hugues Mingareli. This round of negotiations was focused on such issues as political dialogue and cooperation in the frames of common foreign and security policy as well as legal and internal policy issues. Negotiations for the elaboration of the text of the Agreement on Association between Georgia and the European Union will deal with the issues of sectoral cooperation. 11.10.10 2015 European Youth Olympic Festival to be Held in Tbilisi 2015 European Youth Olympic Festival will be held in Tbilisi, the decision to hold the festival in Tbilisi was taken by European Olympic Committees’ General Assembly . Georgian delegation was in Belgrade, where European Olympic Committees’ General Assembly was held. Head of the Olympic committees, Georgian Olympic champions and art representatives enter the delegation. Tbilisi mayor Gigi Ugulava was also in Belgrade. President of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili addressed the assembly participants in the video greeting. 27.11.10 PAGE 7