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NASA Property

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NASA Property. Michael (Mike) Showers Manager, NASA Contract Property Program. Agenda. Expectations NFS Update Space Shuttle Closeout To Do List Financial Reporting Internal NASA Reviews. EXPECTATIONS. Expectations. Outcomes, Standards of Practice Performance Standards VCS

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Presentation Transcript
nasa property

NASA Property

Michael (Mike) Showers

Manager, NASA Contract Property Program

  • Expectations
  • NFS Update
  • Space Shuttle Closeout
  • To Do List
  • Financial Reporting
  • Internal NASA Reviews
  • Outcomes,
  • Standards of Practice
  • Performance Standards
  • VCS
  • Industry Practices
  • ILPs
  • FAR 52.245-1

“(f) Contractor plans and systems. (1) Contractors shall establish and implement property management plans, systems, and procedures at the contract, program, site or entity level to enable the following outcomes:”

standards of practice
Standards of Practice
  • How to……
  • Procedures
  • Process Oriented
  • Old FAR 45.5
performance standards
Performance Standards
  • "Performance standard" is a standard as defined above that states requirements in terms of required results with criteria for verifying compliance but without stating the methods for achieving required results.

OMB Circular A-119

  • Voluntary Consensus Standards
    • "voluntary consensus standards" are standards developed or adopted by voluntary consensus standards bodies, both domestic and international.
    • A voluntary consensus standards body is defined by the following attributes: (i) Openness. (ii) Balance of interest. (iii) Due process. (vi) An appeals process. (v) Consensus.
not vcs
  • Non-consensus standards
    • Industry Standards
    • Company Standards
    • De facto Standards
  • Government – unique standards
  • Legally mandated
industry standards
Industry Standards
  • Common Industry Practice or Standard
    • A documented practice or standard accepted across an industry through a consensus process limited to that industry.
industry leading practices and standards
Industry Leading Practices and Standards



Practices and Standards

  • Better than accepted industry practice
    • More cost effective
    • Improved practices
    • Higher standards
  • Proven
    • Claims insufficient
    • Publication and repetition
industry leading practice or standard
Industry Leading Practice or Standard
  • Industry Leading Practice or Standard is a documented, proven, practice or standard that exceeds common industry practice or standard in performance or effectiveness and in cost control. Industry leading practices or standards prove increased performance, or effectiveness, in addition to decreased or constant cost, through their acceptance and publication in refereed, professional journals and through the process of repetition.
bottom line
Bottom Line

Less How

More How Well!

nfs update1
NFS Update
  • Clauses and Solicitation Procedures
    • Final rule published January 12, 2011
    • Implements 2007 FAR Changes
  • Procurement Notice (PN) 04-56
    • Implements remaining NFS internal changes
    • Consolidates internal and external changes
    • Expected April/May release and publication
    • Obviates PIC 07-09 and PIC 05-07
solicitation provision changes
Solicitation Provision Changes
  • 1852.245-80 Government Property Management Information
    • Changes default condition from As-Is, Where-Is to FAR 52.245-1 standard
    • Adds an alternate
      • Used when Contracting Officers are able to provide access to existing property for contractor review prior to bid submission
      • Returns As-Is, Where-Is conditions
solicitation provision changes1
Solicitation Provision Changes
  • 1852.245-81, List of Available Government Property
    • Section for property offered under standard FAR Government Property Clause
    • Section for property offered under FAR 52.245-2 clause
      • AS-IS, Where Is
clause changes from pic 07 09
Clause Changes from PIC 07-09
  • 1852.245-70 Contractor Requests for Government Provided Equipment
    • Limited to equipment acquisition only
    • Alternate allows self screening of approved requests
    • Ties to financials
  • 1852.245-74 Identification and Marking of Government Equipment
    • Items may be marked using commercial techniques if they are durable enough to survive the item
  • 1852.245-75 Property Management Changes
    • Requires submission of reports to the PA rather than the IPO
clause changes from 07 09 continued
Clause Changes from 07-09(Continued)
  • 1852.245-78 Physical Inventory of Capital Personal Property
    • Requires submission of reports to the PA rather than the IPO
other clauses
Other Clauses
  • 1852.245-71 Installation Accountable Government Property
    • Used for contracts where place of performance is on a NASA Center or Installation
    • Requires use of NASA Internal Guidance for property management and use of NASA recordkeeping systems when available
other clauses1
Other Clauses
  • 1852.245-72 Liability for Government Property Furnished for Repair or Other Services
    • Limited to property which will be repaird or serviced and returned
    • Retains accountability and recordkeeping
    • Obviates FAR 52.245-1
    • Different liability
other clauses2
Other Clauses
  • 1852.245-73 Financial Reporting of NASA Property in the Custody of Contractors
    • No change other than citation to FAR 52.245-1
  • 1852.245-76 List of GFP
    • Used with FAR 52.245-1
  • 1852.245-77 List of GFP
    • Used with FAR 52.245-2
other clauses3
Other Clauses
  • 1852.245-79 Records and Disposition Reports for Government Property with Potential Historic or Significant Real Value
    • Requires additional recordkeeping for property when added by the CO
    • CO consults with Center Historic Preservation Officer to determine use
other clauses4
Other Clauses
  • 1852.245-82 Occupancy Management Requirements
  • 1852.245-83 Real Property Management Requirements
    • Restrict improvements or changes to NASA Real Property
    • Require some levels of real property reporting
nfs internal instructions
NFS Internal Instructions
  • Provided clause prescriptions
  • 1845.3 limited FAR 45.3 to commercial use of GP
  • 1845.302 discussed contracts with foreign entities
  • 1845.5 Sets NASA requirements for delegations
  • 1845.501-70 Requires the CO to obtain updated property management plans (during solicitation phase) when the IPO or PA determines them to be inadequate
nfs internal instructions1
NFS Internal Instructions
  • 1845.503-70 Requires delegation of PA whenever property segments are managed under FAR GP clause
  • 1845.505-70 Defines general duties of NASA PA
  • 1845.506-70 Defines general duties of NASA PLCO
  • 1845.606-70 Requires scrap reporting on inventory schedules (or electronic equivalent) lacking approved scrap procedure
  • 1845.7101 Requires the CO to direct contractor to provide additional information on transfer documents when incomplete
space shuttle closeout1
Space Shuttle Closeout
  • Shuttle Placement Announcement
    • Discovery – National Air and Space Museum
    • Endeavor – California Science Center
    • Atlantis – Kennedy Space Center
    • Enterprise – Intrepid Sea Air and Space Museum
  • Remaining shuttle property to be dispositioned after last wheel stop
    • STS 135 scheduled for June 28
    • 12 Day Mission
    • Final Flight of Atlantis and Shuttle
    • Approximately 1.2 million line items of property
space shuttle closeout2
Space Shuttle Closeout
  • Artifact Placement
    • Restricted to
      • Federal Agencies
      • Schools
      • Non-profit museums via SASPs
    • +29000 Potential Artifacts Screened
      • (Individual Items)
    • +3000 Allocated, most shipped
    • 6 Screening Periods Complete, 7th underway
    • Shuttle Tiles
      • Schools only
      • +7000 originally available
      • +4000 requested
to do list1
To-Do List
  • NASA Procedural Requirements for Property Administration
    • Internal NASA Guidance for NASA IPOs, PAs, and COs
    • Supplements NFS
      • 8 Chapters covering all aspects of PA
      • Includes information on performance of property management system audits
      • Incorporates risk based scheduling
      • Addresses specific NASA requirements
to do list2
To Do List
  • Delegation Instruction Update
    • Last update just before FAR change
    • Need to incorporate FAR and NFS changes
    • Back Burner at present but getting hotter
  • Vehicle Management and Reporting
    • Needed to implement new Executive Orders
    • Support the NASA MVA/DMV requirements
    • Look for
      • Increased requirements for acquisition approval
      • Increased requirements for reporting and recordkeeping
  • Improvement
    • Material Weakness to Qualified Opinion
  • New Auditor This Year
    • PWC replaces E&Y
  • Will be looking specifically at Contractor Held Property
    • Cause for Qualified Opinion
  • Property Management Objectives
    • Bottom Line

Obtain “Clean Opinion”

    • Leverage property management audits to the greatest extent possible to limit repetitive processes and reduce cost to the Government and the contractor
      • Must be able to depend on findings of another audit activity (Yellow Book)
      • May require additional oversight of PMSA process
internal nasa reviews1
Internal NASA Reviews
  • Compensating Control Reviews
    • Internal Reviews of all NASA property programs
      • Seven Centers Complete
      • Three Remaining
    • Performed by HQ Subject Matter Experts
    • Current Contract Property Concentration On:
      • Assuring reviews of solicitations for correct language
      • Assuring reviews of contractor’s proposed systems
      • Assuring proper delegations of authority
      • Assuring completion of PMSAs
    • Future Reviews Concentrate On
      • Quality of PMSAs
      • Reporting and Internal Metrics